Saturday, July 17, 2010

Roll over $1k....

Just back from lunch with Step A and she was delighted with her early birthday present of Play Station Network vouchers.( means she can buy the new COD map packs)
She's still in limbo over her move down South, but her Gran is taking her to the Careers Office next week and hopefully they can point her in the right direction.We had a laugh singing along to Eminem on the way home, although I had to be honest and say that I tried listening to her favourite band "Brokencyde" on youtube and they were awful!

I managed to resist the urge to play COD last night and had a decent night at the virtual felt instead.I started out with a mix of $11 and $22 sngs on Party and when the traffic died down there I moved to Stars where the Sngs always fill up rapidly.

The $16,18 player turbo's were where I learned to play Sit and Go's and I fired up a set of four,managed to take down two of them and boosted my overall Stars and Party roll to just over the $1k mark.Not very interesting really, but after all my run bad moaning over the last 6 months I thought it would make a change to post something positive about poker!

Today's exciting plan is to avoid the boring golf on tv and play plenty of COD and poker.Now that the World Cup is over I reckon I'll be playing in The Bloggerment and RTR games tomorrow night.

Back soon...


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