Friday, August 13, 2010

We No Speak Americano

Pud's comment on my last post reminded me of the incredible sight I witnessed last week when walking Nacho.I'd just reached the top of the path at the back of my place when I had to do a double-take and rub my eyes to be sure I wasn't hallucinating.Yes,hanging on a washing line ( leading me to believe it had actually been in a washing machine) was the green and grey hooped top of Rangers title rivals.( no name checks here!) Bookies are already offering long odds on the rare chance of another such sighting before Halley's Comet is due to appear again in 2061!

Ahh the weekend is nearly here and after another herb free evening last night,I'm feeling quite springy again today.I wish I'd cut back years ago, but the stress of my job,the split from the ex Mrs A a few years back and the boredom I suffered being off sick for nearly seven months made it hard to contemplate until recently.

Smoking so much and a couple of failed relationships had also affected my confidence and in truth left me feeling like a bit of an empty vessel with not much to say for myself.To be fair on most of the failed internet dates I've been on so far all I've really wanted to say for myself is "bye,please don't call again!".

I heard some bloke on the radio the other day saying he'd sent 753 individually tailored emails to ladies on dating sites and had 3 replies so I suppose I should be happy that my profile continues to attract plenty of visits,winks and emails.( even if many of the ladies do look like they reside under their local bridge!)

After my last date in May with another of Moby Dick's ugly sisters I haven't bothered replying to any contacts as I have major doubts that it's possible to meet anyone and really find some attraction and chemistry via these sites.
I also really like a local girl at the moment, but she has a boyfriend ( says it's not serious though!) and my flirting skills aren't up to much so it probably won't come to anything.

To the poker and apologies to anyone wondering where the Sunday "Bloggerment" game has gone.After a few weeks where it was cancelled due to a lack of numbers I haven't bothered setting it up at all recently.It only works if people want to play and perhaps it will be worth giving it another go in September when the nights are darker and the World Cup summer seems like a distant memory.

My own online poker roll stands at a total of $1279 at the moment with $512 on Party and $767 on Stars.I really fancied playing a $55 Mtt on Party the other night,( despite the presence of fellow blogger and top pro mtt player Liquid Eyes!) but even although I'm only a hobby player I feel I don't have much bankroll leeway at the moment and gave it a miss.Hopefully not having the roll for the games I want to play will motivate me to want stop hunting down 12yr olds for revenge kills on Modern Warfare 2 and into getting back into grinding out at least 300-400 sng's per month again!

Music wise I'm still listening to Eminem's "Recovery" a ton and I'm also seriously addicted to the catchy wee tune below.Enjoy your weekend.Back soon..

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At Saturday, 14 August, 2010, Blogger Juice said...

I hear beatie is the new messi....

At Saturday, 14 August, 2010, Blogger Juice said...

p.s Happy birthday!

At Sunday, 15 August, 2010, Blogger Monkey said...

Lol at yer dog being called Nacho.

Good luck with the poker and 'mon the hoops! :)

At Monday, 16 August, 2010, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Cheers Juice.The new Messi? I'll be happy if he scores as many goals as Boyd!

Monkey: Well he was called Lennon when we first got him and obviously that had to be changed!


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