Monday, September 13, 2010

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I'm still recovering from Nacho's wild birthday ( can't believe he's 6!) celebrations yesterday, but I thought I'd fire up a wee post.

I went to Bloglines to catch up on my daily reading at the weekend and discovered they are closing on Oct 1st.Looks like I'll need to join the 21st century and start "following" the blogs I read or trying out the google reader thing.Does anyone know if they work in a simlilar way to bloglines?

Anyway I have actually won a small amount of money since my last post.Two Pies was over on Sat night and after watching the brilliant US Open semi-final I fired up some tables and after a few fruitless games I finally managed to cash in a couple of $11's and win a $22 I had entered by mistake.Considering I rarely play on Stars I really should cash out my money there,put it into Party and get back to the $22's again as I find it hard to motivate myself to play $11 games.Although I only have $272 on Party now and could afford to play the $22's and reload if I busted,the thought of having to make a deposit makes me uncomfortable, despite being a winning player for over 5 years.Playing very little this year and running even more badly than usual has meant I've not made anywhere near my usual $5k -ish annual profits.Over 33 days logged of online Call of Duty play has to take some blame too!

I'll possibly hit the tables later on tonight although I also plan on watching the US Open final.Tomorrow I'm going over to my sisters to take my wee nephew out in his pram for a walk round her village.I just hope the rain clears up a bit.Driving home tonight in wet,cold conditions past the spot where I nearly killed myself was a bit freaky.I don't think I'll ever forget the loud crunch of metal as my car slammed into the lamp post that night.The weird thing is that I'm not exactly sure which lamp post it was.

I'll also be watching the Rangers game tomorrow night in the Champions League and hopefully we can avoid a drubbing.Sad to have to say that as Rangers ( and our rivals) are far bigger clubs than most in England ( with far larger fan bases than all but a few) but ( zzzzz,heard it all before) the lack of tv revenue means we're stuck in a crappy league with too little money coming in to compete effectively with English teams.I think I've still got a video somewhere of our games against Leeds United in '92 when we beat them home and away.I don't even have a video recorder to play it back on these days!

On Wednesday I'm taking Step A for a Mcd's.She's hoping to start a work placement soon and apparently her hair isn't blue anymore so that has to be good news!

Ok,time to go and decide if the microwave chillie or Domino's pizza is going to win tonights dinner coinflip.Back soon...


At Monday, 13 September, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Google reader is the way to go. imo.

Happy belated b'day Nach.

At Tuesday, 14 September, 2010, Blogger weegem said...

Zag, having used Bloglines in the past, Reader is much better.

Export your feed opml file from Bloglines and import into Reader and you're off and running.


At Tuesday, 14 September, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

now weegem, that has seriously confused the fuck out of him :)
bloglines, wtf is this archaic technology .... google reader for the ultra lazee :)
tonights game was not pretty, but a hell of a result ! re Fergie's team choice .... think he is losing it ?


beating Leeds home an away, i was there .... "hately can't shoot from there, can he ?" .... what a fucking goal !

At Wednesday, 15 September, 2010, Blogger Mr Origami said...

Yep, have to agree...Google Reader is the way to view your blogs mate!


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