Friday, August 27, 2010

The Long Game

There's been good news on the poker front over the last week.Playing less seems to mean I'm more focused when I do play and I also seem to be losing my desire to lock up a winning session and stop playing if I get off to a good start.I did originally begin this post by writing that there was good and bad news ,with the bad news being that despite playing about 80 games since my last post, my Party roll has dropped to $293.Then I realised that there's no point in writing about trying to play more games regardless of results and then making a big deal about losing $100 over just 80 games!Of course if I'd stopped at 65 games.....

Away from the poker I'll be working alternate full days from next week.I can't really complain as I've been back at work since the end of May and have been getting full pay for working 15 hours per week.I have asked my boss about only working 4 days per week for about 6 months ( on reduced pay) to give my back more time to heal and he's going to let me know.I can afford to do it and using the "back to work" process will hopefully mean I can do it for the 6 months without having to change from a fulltime contract.

Not much else going on.I did manage to secure a couple of Silver tickets for the Scotland v Spain Euro qualifier on Oct 12th via my work and I'm really looking forward to seeing the World Champions live.

It may not be any good for Scotlands co-efficent but I also had a good laugh at celtc being humped 4-0 by Utrecht and crashing out of European football last night.I was disappointed that Villa couldn't beat Rapid Vienna though as this means that Rangers new signing from Rapid will not be able to play in our Champions League games.Without Jelavic it will make the task of trying to beat the Turkish champions to the 3rd place spot in the group even tougher.

The huge amount of money paid to the bigger countries for tv rights means 3rd place would be a decent achievement.I did listen with interest to 5 live on the way home and apparently there are plans to exclude debt ridden clubs ( most of the EPL,Barca,Madrid etc)from the Champions League from next season.Money talks and I can't see it happening but that's the plan apparently.Sky keep propping the EPL up but I think the bubble will burst one day ( it already has for clubs like Portsmouth) and then perhaps the playing field will be more even.

Anyways have a good weekend and run well at the tables...


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