Friday, September 24, 2010

Ice Ice Baby

My obsession with playing online poker shows no sign of returning.I've played about 20 Sng's in total since my last post and my Party roll has now shrunk to $229.I feel that I'm still running really badly and if I'm not going to make money at the felt then there's no point in playing.The annual big bills like Council Tax,car insurance,season ticket etc for this year have all been paid for with poker winnings and are not due again until well into next year.

Although extra cash is always useful, my hunger to grind my way through downswings isn't what it was.In truth I've felt this way since my car accident last November and although I do still enjoy poker ,perhaps that hunger will never return.Maybe as big bill time approaches I'll feel more inclined to grit my teeth and play on through the standard bad beats and swings.

With Rangers not playing until Sunday I'm going to head to the Alea casino tomorrow afternoon and play in the £22 turbo tourney.The blinds go up rapidly and it is a bit of a luckfest, but it's good fun and push/fold suits me after spending the last few years playing sit n go's.

I'm still enjoying a smoke when I'm off work the next day, but I've gone a step further and I've started having some completely smoke free days ( still using nicotine gum) .Maybe one day I'll quit altogether.

Not much else going on.I do have a date arranged for next week, although once again I felt older than Dudley when the lady in question sent me a text asking if I wanted to go and see the latest Ryhs Ifans film as I had no clue who he was! The film is "Mr Nice" and I'm on firmer ground there having read the Howard Marks book the film is about.

Of course I may have the brain of an old codger, but thankfully I still have my youthful good looks, or at least that's what I thought when I ordered a a Bacardi and coke last night at the pub.I'm not a regular there and when the landlady paused and looked right at me I thought I was about to get asked for ID....and tried not to look too upset when she simply asked if I wanted ice.Baaaaaa!


At Sunday, 26 September, 2010, Anonymous Benjy said...

Mr Nice is a great book, and i'm excited to see the film also. First date at the movies though? Not sure about that... would somewhere you can talk not be better?


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