Sunday, August 19, 2012

Deeps runs and Boogie Nights.

First up I do like the new Boom poker hand replayer on Stars but apologies to readers who find it annoying that hands automatically start to play when you visit my blog.Almost as annoying as the special effects on Lightnings blog No good at all when trying to grab a sneaky read at work or somewhere quiet!

Not much to write about on the poker front.I was out on Friday night and played last night while nursing my Peroni induced hangover with Two Pies over for company.I made a few deep runs,a few small cashes and got unlucky in a couple of spots late on that would have made a real difference.

I also spewed off a ton of chips when I had a big stack in one game.I had QQ and the flop came King high.I told myself I'd call one street and ended up calling all the way to the river only to see the villain show AK.I was annoyed at myself for that one as it was obvious I was beaten.

Explaining what I was doing to Two Pies ( my cousin)actually helped me focus and think more deeply about the game and it was quite satisfying to be able to put my opponents accurately on a hand or narrow hand range just from watching the action unfold.It was a bit of a confidence booster too as I'm very much a feel player and when I read hands people post on forums I struggle to see things as clearly as I do when a hand is actually playing out in front of me.

It was actually interesting to hear top cash game player Danielle "dmoongirl" Anderson say the same thing about being a feel player in a recent 2+2 Pokercast interview.While I'm nowhere near her level it was reassuring to know some players like her who play much higher stakes than I do also play a more feel based game.

I was nursing a hangover yesterday after going out to a leaving night an old friend had in a Glasgow pub on Friday evening.It started at 5.30 but by the time I got home from work,sorted Nacho out and got ready it was nearer 8pm when my bus arrived in the city centre.I've been friends with L who is heading down to Liverpool to work as a lecturer since we were 12, although I hadn't actually seen her for 7 years.( she blamed a jealous ex boyfriend for that).We've also had a few snogs in the past but nothing more.

Anyway, her friends were very welcoming and I was getting on very well with a girl that joined me for regular smoke breaks outside.L told me her friend D really liked me and that if I liked her she would arrange for us to swap email/numbers etc.D also tried ( and failed!) to persuade me to open a Facebook account and get in touch that way.

There is a club upstairs from the pub ( The Butterfly and the Pig in Glasgow) and at some point the remaining four girls and I headed up for some more drink and a bit of dancing.I thought trendy clubs still played dance music ( like the excellent recent Pacha podcasts)but I ended up dancing like a Grandpa to 70's stuff like "Yes Sir,I can boogie" ( err no I can't!).

The next part is why I'll never understand women.L went from setting me up with her pal to snogging me and eventually telling me to follow her out to a taxi rank where we headed straight back to my place.Good times all round.She heads down South in a couple of weeks but we've talked about meeting up again before she goes.Perhaps just as she's leaving would a good time to remind her she was going to give me her hot friends phone number....

Hungover or not I was at Ibrox yesterday for the first home game of the season and was part of a world record crowd for a 4th tier professional football game ( just under 50,000).The company behind Rangers may have been liquidated but our history carries on and after all the financial strife it was just great to be watching football again, even if we've had to start again in Scotlands lowest division.The atmosphere was fantastic and after a ropey start we won 5-1 v East Stirlingshire.After a poor 2-2 draw away at Peterhead last week it feels like our journey back to taking our rightful place as Scottish Champions ( 54 time winners!)has truly begun.

Thanks for reading.Back soon...

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