Sunday, October 24, 2010

3-1 to The Champions!

After playing well and creating some great chances in the draw against Valencia in the Champions League I was a bit worried about the team tiring in today's first Old Firm game of the season.Two Pies and another mate came over to watch it and after going 1-0 down just before halftime,we all just about hit the ceiling when the Gers came storming back to score three in the second half.Both teams had won their first eight league games this season and nine wins in a row is a new SPL record.My only worry is that we have a small squad and a few more injuries combined with the extra European games will still make retaining our league title a tough job.

To the poker and I played just a few sng's on Friday night,got screwed and ended up going and doing something less boring instead.( wee "Why don't you?" reference for older UK readers!)

That's been the general pattern over the last few months where a lack of table hours has greatly reduced my appetite to keep playing after a bad start to a session.Playing so much Call of Duty has also meant I've brought some of the "rage quit" mentality to my poker game which hasn't helped.If I have a crap start to an online video game either through poor play or a laggy connection it's easy to just quit that game and begin another.Applying that thought process to poker just doesn't work as it's totally standard to lose more sit and go's than I'll ever win.Having the confidence in my game and the heart to keep grinding are the keys to success.

The other key for me appears to be top quality herbs! I saw a man about a particularly pungent aromatic dog yesterday and after a few failed Call of Duty games ( I see you and I'm going to shoot...ahh bollocks I'm dead again)I felt the urge to hit the felt and I ended up tuning right into the games ,playing 27 and winning $50.I was still a bit frustrated by beats ( and too many second place finishes) but it was easy enough to brush them off and keep playing my best game.I also usually play four tables tiled on my screen however last night I played six,stacking them in two piles of three and had no bother keeping up with play.If anyone knows if it's possible to automatically use the timebank on Party without additional software let me know though as that would have been useful at times.

I enjoyed the smoke and the poker, but I do feel damn tired today ( despite the high of the Rangers result) and I'll be sticking to my no smoking before work days rule so I'm not sure I'll be increasing my poker volume by too much.( though I'm still on alternate full days and have 35 days of leave to take before the end of March!)

My date on Friday night didn't happen ( family illness on her side) and has been re-arranged for this Friday.Hopefully we'll click when we meet, but I'm quite relaxed about it and if nothing comes of it then so be it.

Ok,thanks for reading.Back soon...

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At Thursday, 28 October, 2010, Blogger dD said...

fkn great result .... and i actually watched it, lol .... our best player was the ref :)

At Friday, 29 October, 2010, Blogger Littleacornman said...

lol Don't start on the ref mate.Celtic FC:Always cheated,never defeated.... :-)


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