Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Black Ops Arrives

A huge first prize,celebrations long into the night,signing autographs for strangers and being the envy of poker players everywhere after a victory most of the community can only dream of.Yeah,it's been a busy week for the current Very Josie Champion and of course I'd like to pass on my congrats to Jon Duhamel for winning some wee tourney out in Vegas this week too....

I've had a decent run at the tables since my last post and now have $288 on Party and nearly $1k on Stars.The plan is to withdraw $600 from Stars and deposit it on Party as this would allow me to move back to the $22 turbo's with a 40 buy-in cushion.

Call of Duty:Black Ops was finally released yesterday and with the day off work I headed out to HMV and traded in Medal of Honor to secure my copy.I'm still unsure if I like it as much as Modern Warfare 2.It definitely has a different feel to it and although I like the lack of noob tubes and commando lunges it's not completely won me over yet.Perhaps as I get to know the new maps and weapons better that will change.

I've not heard back from the girl I was texting previously and I've not sent her another text either.( although if she looked like Isla Fisher or my favourite danger shag Foxy Knoxy I'd need a loan to pay my phone bill!) I'm actually quite happy being single and despite being on dating sites for a while now I've made very little effort to give it a real go.Even before the crash I only replied to a few of the ladies who emailed me and I've only ever made the first contact a couple of times.I'll need to throw myself into it next year though before I stop getting the "Your profile is proving popular today" emails and become the fat baldy git I'm no doubt destined to end up as in my 40's.( no offence to any fat baldy gits reading this!)

I can honestly say that although I live by myself ( Nacho would dispute that!) I rarely feel lonely and I'm actually quiet enjoying life at the moment.Although that's a good thing, it's also made me wonder if I'm actually a bit of a loner.To be fair to myself I was just getting into the swing of dating again before my car accident and it has taken me almost a full year to recover.I'm also very choosy indeed and probably still need to get rid of the old fashioned notion that it's only right to chat to one lady at a time.

Part of the reason for not bothering much at the moment is that I was expecting to be back working fulltime ages ago and have a plan to take three weeks off work when my current "back to work plan" does end.Playing Call of Duty,hitting the tables and enjoying a smoke will be my main holiday activities.Does that make me an anti-social saddo? I dunno!

Righty I'm off to watch the Gers tonight with Two Pies ( my cousin) and have a trip to the dentists to look forward to tomorrow.Thanks for reading.Back soon....



At Thursday, 11 November, 2010, Blogger dD said...

i bet you wished you'd "not bothered much" about last nights game !
fucking rubbish !



ps how's TheBigChap ?

At Monday, 15 November, 2010, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Aye it was pish Dudley.Back on track with a win at the weekend though and I've got a ticket for the Killie away game this weekend.Just caught up with the Big Chap today and he's doing fine.Needs a new laptop though so he may not be online for a while!


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