Thursday, November 04, 2010

Very Josie Win

After arriving home last night around 11-ish I played a few Call of Duty games online with the s-man before deciding I was definitely going to play in the Very Josie game at 1am.I watched a floattheturn Mtt training vid to get me in the mood and rolled a nice big fat one just in time start of the VJ.I've not played an MTT since the Bloggerments demise a few months back and I opted for a more aggressive approach than my usual nitty sng tactics.The chat was hilarious and kept me awake as I chipped up and rolled more smokes.When someone crashed out and typed something about going out early the clock read 1.45am and I reckoned it was probably going to be a late one.

I'm struggling to recall the actual hands but I did pick up a AK a few times, Aces twice and I'm pretty sure I managed to win a few flips along the way too.As the game wore on I tried to keep the pressure up and although I did fold my way through a couple of orbits at times, I never let myself get short enough to have to make desperate shoves.I remember Josie calling me a "pain" which had to be a sign I was doing something right!

Raising to aprox 2.5bb preflop meant I could easily fold to a reraise or make a relatively small c-bet to take a lot of pots down which helped a ton especially when the antes kicked in.I don't recall sucking out on anyone too badly though, which probably means I still wasn't raising often enough!

Despite being half asleep at the final table I felt I was focusing well on the game until Josie and Waffles mentioned that PushMonkey was sitting out.It was news to me although I did spend much of the game replaying hands to see exactly how they had gone down as I was so busy laughing at the chat.Anyway with PushMonkey being absent and knowing how much Waffles was looking to finish ahead of Josie I continued to pound on his blinds and chipped up further.( which did make me feel a bit better about the bad beat Waffles put on me back in 1937!)

As the final table numbers were reduced I ended up detaching the chatbox thing to try and keep up.Josie did well to come back from a few bb near the bubble and I was lucky enough to pick up a higher pocket pair against her 33 when the bubble did come around.Once we were down to 3-4 players and the blinds were getting high ( not as high as me by that point!) it felt more like the end of a sng and I've played enough of them to feel confident enough about my end game

By the time I got heads up with HeffMike I decided to minimise the chatbox and focus on the action.I did catch BamBam wishing me well, but apologies if I missed anyone elses chat as I was too busy trying to claw back HeffMikes chip lead and stop myself drifting off to sleep! After a long-ish ( well it certainly felt that way) battle with a tough opponent my AQ held up v KJ and I'd won the Very Josie at my first attempt.( which makes a change from The Bloggerment where I won on about my 84th go)

After a quick celebratory dance round the living room ( which certainly surprised the dog at just after 3.30am!) I finally hit the sack and slept like a log until just after 12.30 today.Thanks to everyone who played last night for being so welcoming and for the generous chip donations! It will probably be a one off guest appearance for me ( especially when the US clocks change too) but it was great fun and the double stacks format certainly allows for a lot more play than I'm used to in sng's.

Back soon...


At Thursday, 04 November, 2010, Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Fun time man. Glad you won. Extra glad you KO'ed Josie! heh.

At Thursday, 04 November, 2010, Blogger Josie said...

Acorn, you were supposed to KO Waffles, NOT ME.

GG and congrats on the win!

At Thursday, 04 November, 2010, Blogger BamBam said...

Always my pleasure to run across you at the blogger games Acorn. Since the game is only once a month, hopefully we'll see you at at another VJ after all.



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