Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Snow Fun

I stay about 8 miles outside Glasgow and when the weather forecast says "snow on high ground" that usually means my area gets it first.Yesterday morning though it was raining when I left for work and only began snowing heavily as I got within a few miles of the office.As the morning wore on the snow became worse and tales of gridlock and public transport nightmares were filtering through.I left at 12pm, decided to leave the car and was lucky enough to get on a train home and only had to walk a couple of miles in horrendous conditions to get back to my flat.I actually walked in between the stuck cars on one of Scotlands busiest roundabouts which was a bit surreal.I booked the rest of the week off work and will collect my car later in the week when the roads are finally clear of the sheets of ice and snow.Loved this story from the Daily Mash about the people stuck on roads.

I did hit the poker tables last night and won a wee private tourney run by the guys on my favourite football forum.There were only 9 players in the game and it was over within 90 mins due to chips flying in all directions and nobody appearing to have a fold button!

I like to read papers online and usually stop by the Daily Mail site and the Guardian's Comment is Free section on a daily basis.I don't contribute as I tend to agree with the old cartoon about arguments on the internet.The Mail is a right wing rag and in the past has raged against everything from television to video games as causing all society's problems.Their latest crusade seems to be against Facebook and they constantly run stories about people being stalked or being sacked for comments written there.I don't use it myself for a few reasons, but The Mail's over the top scaremongering does make me laugh.

Their latest story
was about a girl who smashed up her boyfriends laptop due to his constant use of the Facebook site and as always there were plenty of daft comments from readers below the article.30 people gave the comment below a red arrow ( or a dislike in Facebook speak) and I thought it was a superb piece of trolling worth a mention.Note the deliberate spelling mistake.There's nothing Daily Mail readers hate more than a spelling mistake or any grammatical errors as Daily Mail readers never make mistakes and live their lives as perfect human beings at all times...!

"Shocing story this. I think our government should show some responsibility and ban Facebook so nothing like this can happen again"
- pedantic hamsik, bratislava, slovakia,

Made me laugh anyway.

Something that certainly hasn't made me laugh is the fact that tonights Champions League tie between Rangers and Bursaspor of Turkey is only available on Sky Sports via the red button.I'm a Virgin Media customer paying a fortune for their "XL" Tv package and despite paying a high premium for the Sky Sports channels I won't be able to see the game tonight as the red button isn't available to cable customers.I really don't care about the arguments between Sky and Virgin and I'm raging that I'm going to miss the action.Rangers have already made 3rd place in the group and as such the match is a dead rubber but I don't pay good money to not watch my team play in Europe!

Before I head out into the snow to walk Nacho I thought I'd give a quick link to the Pokerology site.I get a lot of emails asking me to link to poker/casino type sites and most of the time I don't bother as I reckon they're probably after free links.I've no clue about how site ranking etc works and I've probably ignored a few genuinely decent links in the past.The only reason I've chosen to link this site is because Jennifear posts on their forum and her articles/posts on Pocket Fives helped me beat sit and go games when I first tried them after being a mainly 6 max cash game player.

Ok,thanks for reading.Back soon....

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At Tuesday, 07 December, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well fk me ! banner and post tile .... how the fk did i miss those, ugh .... blind senility, fkn awesome

the daily mash article is a real hoot !!



ps i would log in but i canny remember my thingy and thingy :)

At Wednesday, 08 December, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

in Scotlands second highest village,and in the same LA what is snow? lol. Glad the link worked and remember NO porn on my bill. BC


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