Friday, September 30, 2011

Monthly Stats and Little Flo....

Pokerstars $2917 ( + $542) Party $604 ( + $112) Total Profit for September $654 Total Bankroll $3521

Thanks for the comments on my last post although I'm not sure I'll be putting up any more videos of Nacho after he got himself an agent and is now demanding image rights! We're in negotiations as I've threatened to reduce his pigeon chasing rights and send him to the back of the peeing queue if he doesn't back down...

The Jared Tendler thread I linked to on my last post was an excellent read and although I didn't ask any questions myself, that was mainly because any poker mental game problems I have were already covered by other posters.I'm quite lucky that sng's rarely tilt me and I think part of that is down to having played so many of them and part of it's down to the fact that they're so robotic it's quite easy for me to stay self aware enough to know if I'm not playing my usual game. >

I did get annoyed at myself for a spot of over confidence tilt during a wee heads up hyper turbo game I played last weekend.I felt like I was on top of my game after making a soul reading river call and then spewed off my whole stack on the next hand after making an stupid fancy play.

I stopped posting monthly stats for a while because they felt too short term and if I'd made a good profit as the month was ending I'd play less to make sure any downswing wouldn't impact on my figures.Being about $1k up for September and still multi-tabling the very high variance 180 turbo's last weekend was hopefully a step towards banishing that mentality and was at least something positive to take from what turned out to be a brutal session of bad beats.

My "gulp" limit ( the amount I can lose in one session without losing sleep over it) also seems to have increased after last weekends 180 turbo bankroll battering which I suppose is also good news.There's never usually too much danger of me incurring a big loss as I always play well within my roll.The downside of that is I'm so wary of running badly I very rarely take shots and probably don't have enough gamble in me to try and get lucky on a spin up.

At work today we were having a laugh about daft teenage stuff and the girls I work with liked my favourite poem from my teens.Romantic,touching and even a little biblical I'd say...

Oh Little Flo,
I love you so,
Especially in your nightie,
When the moon flits across your tits,
Oh Jesus Christ almighty!

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At Sunday, 02 October, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ha ha nice picture

At Monday, 03 October, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love that picture! Brilliant! I am going to have to google that poem, it made laugh out loud :-D.

At Thursday, 06 October, 2011, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Thanks PNWT and GND.

Nice to see your blog open to all again too GND.Last time I looked it was invite only.

I actually googled the little flo poem myself after reading your comment and was upset to discover my friend on a caravan holiday when we were 13 didn't make it up himself! I'm not even going to google the one I posted today to check!


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