Sunday, March 17, 2013

More Final Table Frolics

After donking out of the Micro Millions PLO Mtt yesterday afternoon I pre-rolled eight fat smokes and registered for 32 Mtt's.I learned last week that if I hit the "Ctrl" and "R" keys at the same time Stars shows which tourneys I'm in and how many.Very handy! Anyway I started at 6.30pm and finished up around 3.30 in the morning and despite getting up at 12 today I still feel pretty exhausted.I suppose that's not really a surprise after 9 hours of constant decision making with only a 5 min break every hour.The good news for my bankroll is that I made another final table,this time coming 4th for $719 in a $5 turbo ,$10 Gtd tourney with 2500 runners.

The bad news is that I probably should have taken down that tourney as I had the chiplead going into the final table.My excuse? Well a girl I'm good friends with from work who's off on long term sick at the moment decided( after a bottle of wine apparently!) that last night would be a good time to catch up and even letting her know ( seemed like a subtle hint to me) that I was playing quite a few tables including a final one didn't stop the texts coming.Next time I'm switching my phone off and explaining later!

It's all a bit of a blur looking back but I do remember getting lucky when I shoved 7h4h blind v blind when 5 handed.The villain woke up with 1010 and I made a flush to survive.With the blinds being so high there was no room to raise/fold and although I did resteal a couple of times with nothing I was card dead too and for ICM reasons I had to balance shoving all in preflop without a hand to stay in the game with hoping others would bust and I'd move up the pay ladder.

If I'd been thinking straight it would probably have made sense to try and do a deal as it was a real crapshoot towards the end with myself and the other shorter stack on 6 and 10 big blinds and even the two bigger stacks only holding 14 and 16 bb stacks.The other shorter stack shoved utg and holding KQs on the button I decided I had to call as I had 6bb,the blinds were about to hit me shortly and if I could win the other shorter stacks chips I'd just about lock up 3rd place and have a decent chance of winning the whole thing.He had 22 and flopped a set so that was that.I did twelve table the 45/180 player turbo's for a couple of hours afterwards and although I took a $7 45 one down I should probably have hit the sack earlier.These multi-table sng's do seem to rack up the frequent player points though and as I've hit the magic 3.5k mark I think I'll use them tonight to get a free ticket to the bigger $55.

I've mentioned on here that I'm not into ( well apart from having a good old fashioned online diary of course) social media, however one of my friends pointed me in the direction of a Steven Gerrard twitter Q n A session and some of the questions put to the Liverpool captain were just brilliant.#AskStevieG ...

"Ryan Giggs wife divorced him and took half of everything he owned.How does it feel knowing she has six more Premier League title medals than you do"?

Someone saying they were Ji Sung Park asked Stevie G if he "would like a photocopy of one my winners medals"?

"How does it feel to know that ( insert random member of the public's name) has the same amount of Premier league winners medals you do"?

"If you could have a forehead,whose would you pick"?

"Who would win in a foot race,Jamie Carragher or the erosion of the UK coastline"?

"Stevie,do you remember when you were better than Frank Lampard"?

"Steve,which defeat was harder to take? It's ok you can email me as I know you only have 140 characters on here"

"On a scale of Jonjo Shelvey to Jordan Henderson,how bad is Stewart Downing"?

"At least at Liverpool you can now concentrate on the Champions League,The Premier League,errr your family".

Thanks for reading.Back soon...

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

There's a Special Place in Hell....

...for Motherfuckers like you.

No real reason for the above.Step A tweeted a pic of a t-shirt with that message on it and I liked it!

On the subject of things I like, what could be better than a website where you can ask someone to paint whatever you like ( the more surreal the better) using just MS Paint.Some excellent work on there and well worth a look.

Things have gone a bit better at the virtual felt since my last post.I took 4th in a $16,$3k Gtd for $458 last weekend and last night after a slow start to the evening I came 5th for $517 in a $9.90 turbo Mtt where only the final table got paid.Frustrating exit hands in both of those games but I checked my stats at that final table last night and I'd won 11/13 hands that went to showdown so I can't really complain.( for a change eh!)

I've stuck to buying into Mtt's at $16 or below for the most part although I do like to give myself the chance to win big in at least one of the games on my schedule and regularly blow $30-$40 on the $11,$40k Gtd rebuy tourney.As per my last post I've also been firing up more 45 and 180 player turbo's and I've had a few wins a the 45's to boost my roll.I'm trying to stick to mainly the $7-$8 buy-in level as I try and grind my roll up again but I usually slip a few $15's into my sets of twelve games too.

Away from the poker I've not been up to much.Just the usual mix of work,football,video games and visiting friends and family.Life at work has certainly been a lot less stressful working with a different manager since the turn of the year.Now I'm not into self-help books or mumbo jumbo bullshit but I did read Oliver James book on Office Politics recently and it's definitely helped me adapt my thinking and helped me improve life at work too.I recognised myself instantly as the "non machiavellian" type he describes and have realised that trying to always stay "true to myself" and be brutally honest in every situation is probably not the best approach to work or life.

A few of the other attributes of a non Machiavellian are :Wears convictions on sleeve,accepts others motives at face value,makes gross assumptions about what others are thinking,assumes reciprocity,believes others ought to act in certain ways,tells it like it is,withdraws into inflexible positions on points of principle and seeks a stable environment.Yup that's me!

Ok,with Nacho staying with Step A this weekend and only my dinner break to interrupt me time to roll one up and hit the felt.Going to start by one tabling the $3.30 6 max PLO Micro Millions event 21 on Stars in a moment.Bring on the 4 card bingo! I just hope I don't end up with any top PLO sharks at my table....

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