Friday, February 25, 2011

Peeing Round the Bowl...

I've had another fairly uneventful week off work this week although I am just getting over a chest infection which floored me a bit for a few days and meant I couldn't take my wee nephew out as he has cystic fibrosis and was just getting over a cold too.I did take Step A for a Mc'ds though and tried to encourage her to keep up the job hunt.( inbetween dodging the spitballs of paper she was firing from her drinks straw!)

Two Pies and I were at the Piggery last Sunday to watch the Gers pathetic 3-0 defeat to our rivals which leaves us eight points behind them in the league with two games ( 3 points for a win) in hand.Last night was a far better performance as we scored in the last minute to qualify for the last 16 of the Europa Cup.If by some miracle we make the final again I hope to get a cheaper ticket than the £580 I paid for a ticket to the 2008 final in Manchester!

On the poker front my Party roll is now back over $1k which isn't bad considering it was $90 after a cashout last May/June time.I reckon I should have enough spare cash to pay for things like my council tax,Rangers season ticket and car insurance without having to touch my poker bankroll which is just as well as I really have no motivation to start grinding below the $22 sng level on Party or the $16's on Stars.I didn't play any live poker over the last couple of weeks and intend to get back to the casino after next week ( when I'm off work for a further three weeks).

The Alea in Glasgow run tourneys every night and it's funny how my mind works as I've only ever played in the £22 turbos as the rest seemed a bit expensive.Why do I feel that way about a £54 deepstack casino tourney when I'm happy to play six tables of $22's whilst watching tv and rolling a fat one? Hmmmm!

I've just done one of those Myers-Briggs personality tests and apparently I'm an INTJ ( Introverted Intuitive Thinking Judging) type which I'm pretty sure is a different result from the last one I did a few years ago.Still, I do like to pee round the toilet bowl to keep the noise down so I suppose the introverted bit could be right!

Ok,thanks for reading.Back soon...

Friday, February 18, 2011

Reg Infested $16's...

Going to and staring a blank page wondering if anything I've done over the last week is really worth writing about seems to be a more and more frequent occurrence recently.On the poker front I've been four tabling the $16's on Stars over the last week and have just about broken even over a meaningless sample size.The Party $22's have been too slow to fill after about 11pm but the Stars single table games are full of top drawer regulars like Sippin_criss,Abarone68,Premier etc.

I really should give the 45/180 player turbo's a proper shot but thanks to years of mindless net surfing I have the concentration span of a flea and can't be bothered devoting more than about 45 mins to a poker game.I'm still a member of Floattheturn ( sng training site) and have actually made the effort to watch a few vids this month as they definitely help ensure I'm not missing any push spots late in sng's.

Away from the poker I've been playing a ton of Black Ops as usual,going to Ibrox to see Rangers beat Motherwell 6-0 and draw 1-1 with Sporting Lisbon and have taken my wee nephew out too.This weekend I'll be in the Gers end at the Piggery for the Old Firm league game ( look out for me giving you a cheery one fingered salute if you're in the home end Monkey !) and next week I'm taking my wee nephew out again,going up to visit the Big Chap (who stays feckin' miles away) and taking Step A out for a Mcd's on Tues.

The S-man and I finally caught up with the rest of the world the other week and watched "The Hangover" and it's definitely up there as one of the funniest films I've ever seen.I've lent it to my Mum and Dad although they only watched half of one episode of "An Idiot Abroad" and didn't like it so I'm not sure it'll be up their street.( after all they think Michael McIntyre is hilarious!) I also watched the Justin Lee Collins special last week where he visited Steven Seagal and hung about with the movie legend.I was half expecting it to be dubbed but after watching for a short time Lee Collins strong accent became easier to understand!

Not much else going on really.Hoping to see a man ( well a woman actually!) about a dog later.I may as well enjoy a smoke while I'm off work as I'll be back full time at work soon enough and my herbal smoking days will be just about numbered.My work is stressful enough with a clear head and although I may have a wee puff on Sundays I'll be sticking to my no herb rule before work the rest of the time.

Right,for someone with nothing to say I think I've slavered on enough!Back soon....

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Update...

I was going to write a post moaning about bad beats and how I've been rogered more times than a police radio at the virtual felt over the last week but I've managed to turn things round a bit and have made a little profit since my last post.It's also just stupid to write about poker being a long-term game and then start whining about short-term results.I've deleted a few of the runner runner seemingly improbable hands I was going to post as there's nothing more boring than reading about bad beats on a poker blog.

I did gain a wee shark next to my Stars name on Sharkscope before a few early exits in the $16's saw it swim off into the sunset.The $16 single table sng's do seem to be full of regs but when they're stacking off with 77 during level 1 and shoving over early position raises with 87s then perhaps the games aren't as tough as they seem.

I've stayed off the herbs again this week and when I do that my urge to play poker seems to waiver as smoking helps me brush off the beats and focus on my game.I rejected the chance to reduce my hours at work because they couldn't guarantee I'd ever be able to increase them again and that could affect future mortgage applications etc.I'm also off for the next two weeks,back for a week and then off for three more before going back to my old fulltime hours so I can't complain too much.

Last Sunday I enjoyed the worlds greatest sporting event.Oh and after the Old Firm game I also stayed up late and watched a bit of the Superbowl too! The Old Firm game was a letdown after we went 2-1 up,they had a man sent off and we then sat back in the second half, allowing them to equalise and take the cup game to a replay.For the first time ever we play them seven times in a season and I've a ticket for the league game at the Piggery,the League Cup final next month as well as the last league home game at Ibrox.

Over the last week I've also been out on a few more dates with the same woman.We went for dinner a couple of times and to the cinema to see the 3D film "Sanctum".We were due to go for dinner tonight but I sent her a text earlier today suggesting we leave things for now.She is nice enough but she wasn't much of a kisser and I just didn't feel any real chemistry between us.I also still really like the local girl I've mentioned before and although I gave her a run into town this morning and said she was having a quiet weekend I've no idea if she's still with her boyfriend or even the slightest bit interested in an old fart like me! I'll probably just try and enjoy my upcoming annual leave and throw myself back into the online dating thing when I go back to work.

Ok,just time to say that I've finally finished reading Dr Pauly's "Lost Vegas" book on my Kindle and I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good read.The Doc paints a great picture with his words and there were plenty of genuine laugh out loud moments too.And when I say genuine I mean it and not in that fake forum speak crappy "I just spat my coffee out over my screen" way!

As I write this I've not smoked anything since Tuesday night and I only had one cig on Monday too.( hence the grumpy post probably!) I'm off work for two weeks from today so time to take Nacho out and skin up....

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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Monthly Stats

Party $872 ( + $440) Pokerstars $1249 ( + $36) Total $2121. January Profit = $476.

I suppose I should be quite pleased to have made a profit last month considering I only played 105 Sngs on Party.I had to double check my Pokertracker as I was sure I'd played at least a couple of hundred, but I did have a lot of short sessions where I banked a profit after a set or two and went and played Black Ops instead!Moving back up to the $22's has gone well so far over a tiny sample size although Party doesn't always get the traffic outside peak hours to allow the games to load quickly when six tabling.

Away from the poker I enjoyed a fine meal out last night at a local Italian place with the girl I met up with last week.We're going out again to the Cinema this Sunday.

I'm still of work on Wednesdays and my new manager is going to ask HR again about changing my contract to four days per week for the next six months.It would probably be easier if I asked for a permanent reduction in hours but it may not be so easy to increase them again if my circumstances change and I need a higher monthly income again.

Ok,thanks for reading.Back soon.


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