Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sunday and Month end stats

Pokerroom $839 Inter $1120 Ladbrokes $1663 Party $215 . Total $3837 ( + $ 174 for week).

Monthly score + $ 423 Total 60 hours cash game play.

Total profit from Oct 31st '05 = $ 2499 .

With 6 months of my poker year gone so far I'm on course to match last years total profit earning aprox $7 per hour from my hobby.

Mrs A is still staying at her Dads for now.I was over yesterday and today and have just got back.They all seem to be coping well under the circumstances.

I'm off work tomorrow for the bank holiday so the plan is to walk Nacho, eat my microwave Carbonara and hit the tables....

Saturday, April 29, 2006


Mrs A's Mum passed away early this morning.The family were with her at the bedside and I was here for Mrs A when she got home.Although Mrs A and I have been together 6 1/2 yrs I never really knew her Mum very well due to her alcoholism.I just wish things could have been different.Just back from her Dads place as Mrs A is staying there tonight and I'm home looking after the dog.

I was a bit annoyed at my Mum because when I called her to tell her she said she hoped the funeral wouldn't be on Friday ( my sisters wedding day) but in hindsight my Mum is so caught up in wedding fever I can forgive her.My Mum and Dad have always been great to Mrs A and despite a few initial misgivings about me getting together with a woman 12 yrs older than me with kids,they have been brilliant in welcoming her into our family.( 1st bouquet of flowers for Mrs A was from my folks)

Mrs A is insisting that should the funeral be on Friday I go to my sisters wedding as she'll have enough support from her brothers and family.Hopefully it's a bridge we wont have to cross.

I did play some poker last night but knowing Mrs A was due home meant my heart wasn't really in it.Dropped $50 at Ladbrokes when I made a full house with the hand Juice ( thanks for comment on yesterdays post btw) named after my Mum,K10 and was beaten by a better full house.I'd read an article on cardplayer about being careful in that type of situation ( boat over boat) but couldn't lay it down despite being fairly sure I was beaten.Won back $25 at Interpoker before grabbing a couple of hours sleep until Mrs A called with the news on her Mum and then came home.

My writing skills have never been great and I hope it doesn't come across as insensitive or crass to write about poker when Mrs A and her family are suffering.

Going to grab a bite to eat just now and maybe hit up a cheap sng or two.Back across to Mrs A's Dads tomorrow afternoon with Step A who we broke the news to tonight.That was hard because a death in the family is the one event adults can't cushion or make better.She ( and her brother who stays with his Dad) were a bit tearful but it'll take a while to really hit home.

That's all for now.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Friday Update

Things are a bit up in the air today.Mrs A got a call to say her Mum is in hospital and is in bad way.I won't go into too much detail other than to say her Mum is an alcoholic and as the Doctors have asked for close family to attend it's not looking good.Mrs A has had to put up with her Mums drinking all her life and must be going through hell coping with all the conflicting emotions.She's at the hospital just now and I've dropped the wee one off at Numpties ( her dads) and I'm waiting on Mrs A's return.

On the poker/blogger front Joe Speaker is coming to Glasgow in early June and I'm hoping to meet up with him and another blogger or two when he's here.From the Playboy mansion to the Jurys hotel in Glasgow! Unfortunately Joe missed summer which occured today in Glasgow.It was a sweltering 14c and that's probably it until next year now.It'll be a pleasure to meet up with Joe and I'm really looking forward to it.Joe mentioned meeting up with Celt*c fan and fellow blogger Div and I'm looking forward to that too.This weekend I'll actually be hoping Div's team beat Hearts as there are only 3 games to go and Rangers need to overhaul Hearts and get 2nd place to get the 2nd Champions league spot.

On the poker front I didn't play on Wed night as Mark was over for a night playing Halo.Last night I started by crashing out of a few $5 turbos at Pokerroom before heading to Inter and turning £25 into £52 for a small profit over all.

I was due to be going through to Kilmarnock for Rangers away game tomorrow but I'll see how things go with Mrs A's mum.

Ok that's all for now...

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Nice night

Moved up to .50-1 nl 6 max last night for my evening session of poker.I don’t plan to to play the majority of my poker there until I build my roll to $5k but I’d been watching the table with the highest pot average and used Pokertracker and gametime to get me stats on the players and reckoned it looked juicy enough to sit down at.One player had just won $100 from another by getting all in with 1010 preflop.Unsure what the loser had but he wasn’t a happy bunny.It didn’t take long to see why as Mr 1010 was on a roll for a while and had built his stack to $200 despite 85% vip ,56 % pfr figures.Thankfully Mr 26% vip ( me) simply waited for good hands and bet them when I did and along with the rest of the table he was soon cleaned out.I did apologise to him after my QQ had beaten his Q10 for his last $32 ,hoping he would reload but it wasn’t to be.
Left with $140 profit after an hour or so.

Good times indeed though another late night ( 1am) finish meant I slept through my alarm clock this morning and strolled into work around 11am. I hate mornings anyway.I'm much more of a night owl.I do like having a job though so I'll be double checking that damn clock tonight before bed.

Ok short n sweet today.Thanks for reading...

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Aces Up and down...

Warmed up for DADI5 by playing with Juice and Mr Edge at laddys until around 1am,winning $20 at the .15-.30 tables.

Having booked a late start for today I had something to eat,made a nice cup of tea,rolled a big yin and settled down for DADI5.

At my first table I had to contend with Drizz and Easycure ( only two I recognised and have read) who soon built large stacks. I made one laydown I wasn't sure of when Drizz raised prelop,I called and then folded when he came over the top of my bet with A9 on a 9 high flop.Suspected he had at least 1010 but I'd been very tight until then so he maybe just sensed that I wouldn't put my tourney on the line with TPTK.

I'd just opened the "tv" table to have a nosey when as if by cyber magic I found myself sitting next to Wil Wheaton and at the same table as Tripjax and Doubleas. Vowed that despite being well outclassed I wouldn't get intimidated and began by calling a smallish raise with Qd10d from the button and making my flush on the turn.I raised and took the blinds with 1010 and limped/folded in another couple of hands.I was almost hoping for another table move to an easier table but looking in the lobby the competition looked fierce everywhere and besides if I was going to win it I'd have to beat 'em all anyway.

Around 3.30am pick up KK and raise to 280 only to have big stack raise me to 500.I managed to shut all fine advice about not messing with large stacks out of my mind which is daft because that one piece of advice alone should have stopped my making the move I did.

I'd watched the big stack win his last hand and considered that he was trying to find out where he was with his raise to 500. With 800 in the pot I decided I would push all in and either take the 800 or be in a great position to double through if he called.He did call instantly with AA and despite nearly sucking out a flush by the river I was out.

I don't think I could have got away from my KK if I'd just called his raise but I suppose the perfect way to play it would have been to reraise back to 1000 then be able to fold if I'd been put all in.

$28 is the most I've ever played to enter a tourney and I'd like to thank Tripjax and Jordan for their hard work in setting it up.It really was poker played with a smile.

I had intended using my Yahoo IM thingy to chat but decided I needed to concentrate as hard as I could ( or anyone can at 3.30am after 10 smokes) on the tough tables I was at.The Edge,Juice and I were chatting earlier on it and while it's great fun I had no time to pay any attention to the table.

I had just rolled a smoke as I crash out of DADI so moved to a Laddys .50-1 6 max table for 15 mins before going to bed.Only a few tables going at that late hour so I joined the crazy one and made a quick $35 when my Aces held up.

Off to watch the Champions league semi final 2nd leg...

Sunday, April 23, 2006


After the Old Firm game finished 0-0 my cousin and I headed to the Wabash poker club for the Sunday £5 nl rebuy + £5 entry fee.This was only my third live game there and I'm still getting used to the rebuy period of 1 hr 45mins.I did gamble it up a bit more early on though folded an 8c9c which would have made a nice straight.

I took the add-on for another £5 and rebought three times in total for a £25 outlay,though I made £5 ( £5 bounty for knocking someone out) back on a lucky suckout when I raised from late postion to steal with K9 and ended up hitting a straight v KK!

Got down to 16 from 33 starters and I was quite short stacked with about 7.5k ( 15k ave stack) when I got moved into the big blind at a new table and looked down to see AdJd.One limper and the small blind made up so I pushed in almost every chip and called the small blinds flop bet for my last 2k in chips to see he had J9 and had paired his 9 on a ragged board.Survival may be crucial but I felt I was pot comitted and if I'd folded I'd have had enough for the blinds next time and no more.

The tables tended to be 8 handed at most and were down to 6 at some points which as a 6 max player helped a little although a rebuy tourney is a totally different mindset to a cash game.I think I would rather play a £20 freezeout than have any rebuys but I'll get used to it and from a value for money angle I get at least 1 hr 45 mins play before I crash out.

They run cash games sometimes and I'd love to try out my bread and butter online game live.Back to tourneys and I'm playing in the DADI 5 WSOP event tonight at 'Stars.Kicks off at 2am and despite being around -15 hours on my flexi-sheet my boss has agreed I can start late tomorrow morning which is just aswell really because even if I go out first ( strong possibility!) it's going to be a late one.

Decided to warm up for tonights deep stack mtt by playing a couple of $5 turbo sng's at Pokerroom to try and get me in a tourney frame of mind.Placed 2nd and 3rd for $15 profit.I don't have the patience to play a $5 sng at normal speed anymore.Far too long a game for little reward when the 6 max tables are calling but the turbo's are up my street.

Don't let anyone tell you there are no tells online.I have to say I was guilty of the first one until I realised when I saw it that I could narrow the villans range to about 3 hands.While that's on my mind I'd also like to mention that The Theory of Poker has taught me to try and select a range of hands for the villan rather than just one.I love to put someone on the exact hand they have as early as possible and will try and be more open-minded in future.Bck to the tells, first tell was when I raised it up with AA in one of the $5 turbos I played in last night.It was a big bet and the next player to act took forever then reluctantly called.As soon as he did call I realised he had a monster and had been using the delay to try and pretend he was making a borderline call in order to try and sucker another caller to the hand..He had QQ.

The other one was when I bluffed at a ragged flop then slowed down as an Ace came on the turn and river.When the villan bet on the river I took a few seconds then folded at which point the villan showed his KJ for a bluff with a better hand leaving me laughing my head off.I'm sure he thought I'd connected with the flop and him representing trip aces was what eventually scared me off.

Ok one quick hand history ( goodbye half my readers!) before I go.

The villan sat down at the table and was all in a couple of times right off the bat before calming down and playing like a maniac! That's why I called his re-raise on the flop and his all in on the river.

I'm not posting to show off.Simply showing how powerful a good read can be at the table and why I don't do hand history analysis on most of the poker forums I'm a member of.Unless you were in the seat you could never say whether I played it well or not.

** Game ID 482676277 starting - 2006-04-24 00:08:58
** Barnsley [Hold 'em] (0.250.50 No Limit - Cash Game) Real Money

- Fekwit sitting in seat 2 with $25.44
- PurplePlum sitting in seat 4 with $7.92
- Natty96 sitting in seat 5 with $19.29 [Dealer]
- Acornman sitting in seat 6 with $65.99

Acornman posted the small blind - $0.25
Fekwit posted the big blind - $0.50

** Dealing card to Acornman: Queen of Spades, Ace of Hearts
PurplePlum folded
Natty96 folded
Acornman raised - $2.50
Fekwit called - $2.50

** Dealing the flop: 5 of Hearts, 3 of Diamonds, Jack of Diamonds
Acornman bet - $5.00
Fekwit raised - $10.00
Acornman called - $10.00

** Dealing the turn: 6 of Spades
Acornman checked
Fekwit went all-in - $13.44
Acornman called - $13.44

** Dealing the river: 3 of Hearts
Fekwit shows: Queen of Diamonds, Ace of Diamonds
Acornman shows: Queen of Spades, Ace of Hearts
Fekwit wins $24.94 from the main pot
Acornman wins $24.94 from the main pot

End of game 482676277

I've just seen the breaking news on the BBC reporting at least 22 dead in terrorist bomb explosions at Dahab,100k from Sharm on Eygpt's Red Sea coast.Mrs A and I went on an excursion to Dahab in Nov '04.The Blue hole as it is known is a famous diving area and whilst I only snorkelled the memories will live with me forever.

We were back in Sharm in January and this kind of attack will never put me off going my holidays there.Terrorism only works if it instills terror in people.

Ok thanks for reading and hopefully see you DADI 5,Pokerstars,2am UK time....

Sunday update

Half asleep today after another 5 am finish last night.I've had fun playing at full ring micro-limits with Juice,Rosie and Mr Edge.The table Rosie and I were at late last night was hysterical.I played 65 to hit my gutshot at one point and checked the river only to find Mr 91% Vip had the same hand.

Won about $50 at that table.I'd tightened up a lot from my previous .10-.20 excursions recently though the tables played like they were play money.6-7 players to every flop and 3-4 callers if you raised 8-10 bb pre-flop.Takes some adjustment to get used to the low standards!

Moved to a crazy 6 max table late on and got stung almost right off the bat.Small stack raises and mr reload calls.I raise all in ($48) with QQ hoping to tempt Mr Reload and not too worried about shorty.Suddenly the big stack who was still to act calls me.Hmmm.Shows KK at showdown and bang my $50 profit is gone!

Dropped another $35 when I slow-played 55 on a 4 Q Q Q 8board.I knew villan didn't have the Q.He had 10 8 and hit his 8 on the river.He'd been leading out big and I'd been calling him down.

I was pleased I was able to fightback and build a decent chip stack at another table after that before crashing out about $21 up for the night.

Weekly totals : Ladbrokes $1503 ,Interpoker $ 1092 ,Party $216 ,Pokerroom $852 ( + $16 for week). Total $3663

Nice to make a profit but looks like I'll be doing my day job for a while yet!

Watched EK Thistle beat Lesmahagow 2-1 yesterday to give ourselves a great chance for promotion.The Glens lost so we have it in our hands.

Rangers 0 Them 0 at half-time in Old Firm game from Lego Land.


Friday, April 21, 2006

Cowboys smoked

My sister texted me last night to say her latest cancer check has come back all clear which with only 2 weeks to go until her wedding is fantastic news.I’ve read over the speech I’ll be making ( marriage blessing) a few times and so long as I avoid hoping “your marriage brings you all the exquisite excrements” instead of “excitements” then it should go ok.

Enjoyed better nights than last night at the tables.I didn’t start until around 11.30pm.I love playing poker but I’m terrible at getting started and have been for ages now.I suppose if I play every night no matter what mood I’m in or how tired I am it can be hit or miss as to how well I play and I never really know until I sit down.I’m going to stick to my recent warm up routine of playing a $5 sng or a freeroll to get in the right frame of mind from now on.

Sngs/mtts are great fun thanks to the escalating blinds and ever changing strategies that have to be adopted but I can’t ever imagine trying to make a decent profit at them.I did come 28th from 896 in Laddys daily freeroll the other night for a $10 profit but it required a bit of luck and a longish slog for not a lot of wonga.( $$$!).

Perhaps playing $10 or $20 sngs may be worth a try.I’d like to improve my tourney play especially as I’ll be playing in the Dadi Wsop event next Monday night.

Last night I played for just over an hour and lost $60 at Interpoker.My KK ran into a flopped nut spade flush which cost me $35 moments after I’d taken my seat.I’d raised preflop and had the Ks in my hand thinking I was ahead or even if behind to a flopped flush I thought if another spade hit I had a good chance of taking the lead.Never nice protecting a made hand with outs which was beaten on every street after the flop.

Moved tables ( £25 buy in 6 max) and got involved in a silly hand when I called a raise with K9 sooted from late position as it was a family pot.Post flop there was a min bet of 50p into a £6 pot which was called all the way round on a Q 8 7 rainbow board.I had one overcard and no decent draws and someone could have been slowplaying 2 pair or trips but for 50p I decided to see the next card which was a King.No major action so far so I bet £4 hoping my K was good.( no point staying in the hand to check if I did hit). All folded to the shortstack who raised me all in for another £7.I called and he showed his Rockets to take it down.He had raised preflop and with so many players around post-flop had played it poorly with his min raise but as I should probably never been in the hand in the first place I could have no complaints.

Just finished reading The Theory of Poker and what a fine toilet read it made too.Picked up a few wee gems from it but as I’m a holdem only player a lot of it was wasted on me.I have no desire whatsoever to learn Omaha,Razz etc. I’m a creature of habit and I like my No –Limit habit!

Ok off to the 'Gow to cheer on EK Thistle tomorrow.After drawing the other night we have 2 games left and must win on Saturday to have a chance of promotion.Sunday is the Old Firm game at the Piggery and this time I don't have a ticket.My cousins coming over to watch it then hopefully we're heading out to play some live poker afterwards.

Back Sunday with figures....

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Donkey Strikes Back

Hit the tables and blew $45 with K10 like donkey when I hit paired my ten but couldn't lay it down to trips.No tilt here? Hmmm.

Feeling all dirty and ashamed I moved to a $100 buy-in 6 max table and this crazy hand happened...

** Game ID 479676138 starting - 2006-04-20 01:17:20
** Cicero [Hold 'em] (0.501.00 No Limit - Cash Game) Real Money

- lumske sitting in seat 1 with $50.55
- LiggjasJ sitting in seat 2 with $26.88
- Acornman sitting in seat 3 with $97.00 [Dealer]
- klickhick sitting in seat 4 with $141.77
- paddy83 sitting in seat 5 with $103.15
- _Silver_ sitting in seat 6 with $24.60

klickhick posted the small blind - $0.50
paddy83 posted the big blind - $1.00

** Dealing card to Acornman: Ace of Clubs, Ace of Hearts
_Silver_ folded
lumske raised - $4.00
LiggjasJ folded
Acornman called - $4.00
klickhick raised - $18.00
paddy83 folded
lumske raised - $32.00
Acornman went all-in - $93.00
klickhick went all-in - $124.27
lumske went all-in - $18.55

** Dealing the flop: Queen of Diamonds, 4 of Spades, 10 of Spades

** Dealing the turn: Jack of Clubs

** Dealing the river: 8 of Diamonds
klickhick shows: King of Diamonds, King of Spades
lumske shows: Ace of Diamonds, Ace of Spades
Acornman shows: Ace of Clubs, Ace of Hearts
lumske wins $74.83 from the main pot
Acornman wins $74.82 from the main pot
Acornman wins $167.72 from side pot 1

$35 up.Bedtime...

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sucker Snowmen

Only played for 10 minutes at Laddys last night and picked a wild table to sit down at.Bought in for the maximum $50.Table pot average $41.A maniac/loose aggressive had a $400 stack and seemed to be hitting cards left,right and centre.He'd won playing hands like A6 as if they were Aces or Kings and by raising people out of the pot whenever he detected weakness.

I folded down to $46 then picked up 88 and decided to take a stand.Not good timing as the all in maniac had JJ and took my buy-in.I left right away and let the sick kicked in the nuts feeling wash over me before getting back on the horse at Party for 5 mins then hitting the sack.

As I made my way upstairs I realised I honestly wasn't at all bothered about the $50 loss.He was a maniac and I took a stand at a bad time.Happens.I suppose after a nearly 1 1/2 yrs of real money online play if I hadn't learned to absorb losing a buy-in I'm in the wrong game.

It's a thin line between playing at a level that hurts to keep focussed and being able to put the loss of a buy-in to the back of my mind quickly.

On the subject of games the feeling is just returning to my feet after 90 mins watching EK Thistle play Rutherglen Glencairn.Finished 2-2 with EK equalising in the last 5 minutes to keep our promotion/title dreams alive.2 games to go and its tight at the top.

Time for a last smoke and some more poker...

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Wasted river bets

Poker has been reasonably kind to me over the last couple of days.Not been playing too much after Saturday nights long session , just a couple of hours per night.Played at Partys $100 nl 6 max on Monday night for a $40 profit.The $100 nl table seemed just as crazy bonkers as the $50nl.

Last night I decided to play a full ring game as a change of pace from the intensity of 6 max.Ended up two tabling and winning the few hands that I did play.When I write stuff like that I tend to give the impression I sit waiting for AA or KK all night when that's not the case.What I look for are opportunities. I remember a US motivational sales tape trying to persuade me my morning alarm clock is actually my "Opportunity clock" as its my opportunity to get up and make the most of my day.Hmmm.

Anyway its waking up to the opportunities at the table that seem to have made me my small profits recently.This time a villan was raising preflop almost everytime and I was duly folding.I watched as he ran over the table and had to admire his style.This time he min raised and I called with 45 sooted from late postion and again when I got odds for my flush draw on the flop.My flush hit when an Ace clubs fell on the turn and with 3 others in the pot I bet right out and took it down.

I think I took it down as I'd hardly played a hand until that point and could even have been ahead having paired the Ace ( in the villans minds) judging by the quality of hands being shown down due to the continual preflop raising by the aforementioned villan.Of course low sooted connectors can vunerable to a higher flush when all the cards are out which is also partly why I was happy to take it there and then.

A couple of observations from the tables recently.If someone checks to you on the river ( your on button) why would you make a min bet only to fold to a raise? Example. Board A 7 7 blank,blank at a 6 max $50nl table. A few limpers means the pot is around $2.50.Checked round to Player A post-flop who bets 50c.Why? If you have the Ace you want to find out if the 7 is out there bet the pot and if you get a caller it's time to slow down.The 50c was called by Player B and after everyone else folded this pattern was repeated until the river when Player A again bet 50 c when it was checked to them.Player A has no idea what Player B holds so why the bet? It was raised to $9 by B and Player A folded.

I saw another almost identical scenario when a player led out for 50c post-flop ( button again) and continued to bet the same no matter what came on the turn and river.Do people not realise that betting patterns tell stories? On that occasion the min -raiser was reraised to $15 on the river and folded.I don't write much strategy stuff as I don't feel qualified to do so but even at the low levels I play at you need to ensure your bets in nl tell the story you want the villan to hear.

Ok wee sis has arrived for dinner followed by AC Milan v Barcelona in the first leg of the Champions league semi-finals.

Should be a cracker...

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Gametime Magic

Just called the local poker club and it rang out.Must be closed.It's only Easter Sunday! Mrs A is working today which is why I was free to play.Hmmmm.My E-tardness knows no bounds.I thought gametime plus worked by me manually filling in the names of the players at your table and if you had previous stats available they would show.

Juice talked me through opening it up properly and having it running as a live overlay.I didn't know you could import hands whilst playing.I always did my hand imports after playing! It's a very helpful piece of software.I already have my auto-ratings adjusted for 6 max and while I've usually got a general idea of how most of the table is playing ,its great to have the actual Vpip/pf raise stats right in front of my eyes!

Juice made me think when he told me he has 600 hands on me at -27bb! I think I got a bit defensive and suggested I had 50k hands which said otherwise.On reflection though I usually play with Juice at .10-.20 or .15-.30 and I wonder if I'm loosening up my game too much at that level.Last night I think I was down $30 or so whilst playing with him but when he left I moved up to my usual .25-.50 and won $60 over the next few hours.I was fairly cold decked last night early on however I have definitely noticed a tendency to relax a little too much when playing with my friends at the table and while it's only a small leak, it has to be plugged.

Nice of Juice to name the K10 hand the "Mother Acorn" after my post the other day about my Mum playing it from UTG at a full ring table.Had fun playing it a few times last night...

To the figures: Party $172 ,Ladbrokes $1454, Pokerroom $863,Interpoker $1158. Total $3647 ( + $81 for week)

Busy week ahead.My sister and fiancee are coming over for dinner on Tuesday night.Going to EK Thistles game on Wed evening before Mark comes over then probably up to my Mum and Dads on Thursday,going to see the Thistle again on Sat,watching the Old Firm game on Sunday and then playing some live poker.( followed by Dadi WSOP on the Monday!)

Working for five hours tomorrow.Triple time.Not going in till 12pm so at least I get a long lie.After playing till 6 am this morning I need it.

Happy Easter!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Son of a fish

Mrs A ended up working last night so I stopped off to visit my Mum and Dad on the way home from work.After a fine plate of mince and tatties my Mum told me she had deposited another $50 at Party and was down to her last $5.We bought into a .02c-.04c beginners table and within ½ hour our Hilton sisters had sucked out on a pair of cowboys and we’d doubled Mums buy-in.

My dear Mother is unfortunately though still very much of the guppy variety when it comes to poker.If anyone ever wondered what a fish is thinking while playing let me give you an insight.K10 under the gun at a full ring table becomes playable until the flop dictates otherwise.I gently tried to discuss the idea of “dominated hands” as I hit the fold button on her behalf.She wishes to have no discussion whatever on pot odds.Her pot odds mouse mat was upside down! She says she is just playing for fun.I pointed out that winning other players money makes the game much more fun but she’s too stubborn to explore the game in even a tiny bit more depth.

I think sadly she’s decided she can afford to spend a little money on her poker hobby every month and wont push herself to learn more,play more patiently and start winning! I suppose the bottom line for anyone play recreationally is that it’s enjoyable and that we all enjoy the game for our own reasons and at our own level.

Some of her thinking must have crept into my game last night.I logged on but didn’t really feel like playing.I registered for a $5 sng then left before railbirding the fearless Rosie at an mtt at Laddys for a while.

Later I found Juice,Rosie and Mr Edge at a full ring .15-.30 table.I’ve not played much outside 6 max recently and never tightened up accordingly which meant I was soon the reloading King of table.Gave some away to Mr Edge when his KQ outkicked my KJ on a King high board.Ok it wasn’t K10 utg but it wasn’t too far off it! I think I was certainly chatting too much to pick up much at the table but I did notice that what started as a juicy loose table had changed into the opposite just before we all left around 1am.I’d dropped $38 due to slackness,poor plays and lack of concentration so moved to a $50nl 6 max table for 10 minutes and immediately felt at home.Won $10 back quite quickly and called it a night.

Working 5 hours overtime on Monday for triple time and off to see the Rangers tomorrow.On Sunday my cousin and I are going to the Wabash club in Glasgow for some live poker.Its only a £5 nl rebuy tourney so no high stakes stuff for me.Only played live a few times now and really enjoyed the experience.Looking forward to it.

Finally booked up a holiday for Mrs A,Step A and me.We’re off to sunny Majorca on May 27th for a weeks all inclusive fun staying near Puerto Pollensa.Its 4 star,gets great reviews and has air con.

Going for a chippy now.Can’t beat a sausage supper ( 2 sausages covered in thick batter,deep fried with fries) to start the weekend.Not the healthiest but certainly hits the spot!

Have a great Easter weekend and remember only to put all your eggs in one basket if you have the nuts...

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Cry Cry Cry

Never mock the poker gods! Lost a $65 pot at Party when my AK was beaten by K9 with the 9 coming on the turn after we got our money in on the flop.This time instead of hardly blinking I cried for hours.Great big wailing sobs.( honest I did poker gods).

Moved up to a $100 nl table and was down to $65 within 15 minutes.Stayed patient and gradually eked out a few pots and left that table $13 down which almost felt like a victory.So I dropped $45 for the night overall.Nothing much to worry about.Can't win 'em all.

Thanks to Klopzi for the comment left re moving up and bankroll management.If/when I reach $5k then moving up to $100 nl 6max with stop/gaps in place is probably the way I'll go.I've actually played $100 nl fullring at Pokerroom and been quite successful over several thousand hands but 6 max is an entirely different beast and I will be treading carefully before moving up permanently.( though I will take the odd wee pop at it like last night).

I work for a very large company dealing with complaints.Found out today I'm going to be dealing with "letters to the directors" from now on which I'm not too happy about as most want replies in writing and I hate writing letters.This career path was not what I discussed with my school careers officer just a few short ( ahem) years ago! I wish I'd worked harder in school and become a teacher.I got a conditional acceptance to college to do Primary school teaching but my wild youth meant I never quite got the grades needed.I probably earn more than a teacher but that's not the point.

Mark will be over soon for our weekly ps2 session.Looking forward to tackling "Black" again.

Ok thats all for now...

Monday, April 10, 2006

Usual ramble + new blogs linked

Began last nights play at Pokerrooms lucky $1 turbo mtt.Came 33rd from 890 for a whopping $4.21 payout.Blinds were up every 1-2 minutes so it really was a bit of a luckfest..

Took 2nd in a $5 turbo sng after that and really enjoyed the experience.I find it hard to play my best game at a normal speed $5 sng when I know that I could be making much more $ at a ring game.

For example I didn’t want to go to bed last night.I was at a Party $50 6 max nl table which had an average pot size of $41! It was crackers! I almost had to double check it wasn’t play money as one player would raise $6 and most of the table would call or reraise.Took my $50 down to $35 before a sweet set grew my stack to $85 and a bad beat knocked me back to $55.More bad beats are expected at that type of table and I hardly blinked despite getting it all in post flop with K5 ( from bb in about the only unraised pot I’d seen) on a k J 5 board and watching the villan take the pot with K6 when a 6 hit on the turn.I actually cracked a huge smile at that one and just wish it had been earlier in the evening and not 1.10am as I’d loved to have stayed longer.Yes the variance may be high but overall these tables are goldmines.Forget the fancy stuff.Wait for the nuts and get paid!

Party was my late night fun after I’d played for an hour or so at Interpoker first.I’d managed to increase my £25 buy-in to £37 and had been playing a solid game before the table broke and I moved to another table.Once again I committed the cardinal sin of playing on when my concentration was slipping.At least I can recognise it I suppose but I must force myself to take a break more often or even finish playing when I get that feeling.No point in playing profitably for an hour then throwing most of it away with a couple of rash moves.

Overall I made $32 for 1 hr ¾ play so no complaints.I do wonder how I would do if I had the discipline to put in more actual table hours.I don’t like playing unless I feel ready for it.My recent warm-up routine has been to play a $5 sng first to get me into the right frame of mind.Seems to work better than just jumping into a 6 max nl game cold and usually too eager for action.

Still trying to resist a bankroll raid.$1500 would help me out immensely just now and still leave me enough to cope with the swings at $50nl and below.It would however leave me even further away from my current $5k goal.Part of the beauty of having a decent sized roll for the level I’m at is that it works as an excellent tilt stopper.I had a winning night last Sat but only after taking a few hits first.I’d actually left Inter with my stack down to $988 feeling cheesed off with the beats I was getting.I went back to my Sunday stats post and reminded myself I can play this game and that’s how I’ve built my roll.I also reminded myself that its these situations that separate the winners from losers in this game.Feel sorry for myself and donk off a few hundred out of anger/self pity or get my head straight,play my best game and get back to winning or if the cards really aren’t falling my way I want to minimize any losses.Should be a no contest everytime.

Moved to Party with the right attitude and won before moving back to Inter and making up my losses plus some more.

Part of this is down to confidence.My poker confidence is a strange beast.If I’m ahead at the table I can ride almost any beat but if I’m down ,fold and watch the flop match my folded hand my confidence in my judgement can waiver and my play suffers.To some extent that’s when I wonder if all this blogging introspection is good for me or whether it encourages endless pondering of the unponderable.The Nike slogan “Just do it” springs to mind.

Been working long hours at work to make up some of the flexi-time I owe.One of my workmates is a definite elevator fiend.We work on the 3rd floor and every time someone gets in from another floor he tries to start some kind of rumour by asking us ( within earshot of victim) if we’d heard that the 1st/ 2nd floor staff are all going to be fired/downgraded/moved to India/made to eat worms.Maybe you’d have to be there!

Added a few new links to new blogs today. Klopzi is a good read ( I'm at end of Jan so far).Just checked his blog and he's been kind enough to link me too.Liked the old Scottish adage too.Very true!

Humanuat's blog is also bookmarked for a thorough read through.Thanks to Iggy for pimping these guys today and also for banging on and on about the joys of Party.( bonus code:Iggy).

One last thought before I go.Why would anyone fold when offered a free card? Even if I had 23 o/s on a board with 2 high pairs with the river to come there may still be a bluffing opportunity if nothing else is on.Sign of an ego ( and usually poor player) at work.

Back later in the week...

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Stats update

Inter $1088,Ladbrokes $1422 Pokerroom $845,Party $211 total $3566 ( + $152 for week)

Been having a much better time at the tables since my week long break.It should have been a more profitable week but after a late night playing on Sat night I let tiredness affect my decision making last night and blew off a few $$ with poor plays.Calling a min raise with 67,seeing a flop of 6 7 3,getting the preflop raiser all in with 88 and then watching runner runner Aces give the villan a better two pairs than me didn't help my mood.It has to be said that those beats seem a lot tougher when your tired and feeling done in.On Saturday night I was brushing similar stuff aside.

Also had fun on Sat night when my friend Sandy phoned.He's just starting out on the poker path and I think he's got the makings of a fine player.I persuaded him to play his first ever sng ( 100 play chips entry) and I entered it too for a bit of fun.No collusion as his AA knocked me out holding QQ.Enjoyed talking him through a few hands and although it was only for play chips I think he enjoyed his first taste of sng's.

Not much else happening in Acorn land just now.I did have a paranoid silly stoned moment when a player at Party asked if I'd be harvesting any acorns.I thought he's googled my name and found the blog and felt a bit creeped out until about 10 minutes later I realised I was playing at Party under the name Acornmn.Doh!! Told you I was tired last night...

I don't gamble much apart from at poker.I did however have a punt on "Jack High" for the Grand National on Saturday.I think its still running...

Ok here's a quick hammer hand before I go.Feel the power....

Texas Hold'em $0.25-$0.25 NL (real money), hand #345,477,134
Table Bottrop, 9 Apr 2006 09:39 PM
View Previous hand for this table.
Seat 1: Eclipse77777 ($24.25 in chips)
Seat 2: Ma Botchit ($6.95 in chips)
Seat 3: fuddy256 ($9 in chips)
Seat 4: Irishbull Ed ($9.60 in chips)
Seat 5: Internutte ($16.85 in chips)
Seat 6: Melcavic ($32.25 in chips)
Seat 7: Pokerbabe07 ($14.75 in chips)
Seat 8: Billly88 ($21.65 in chips)
Seat 9: Zagga [7H,2S] ($36.10 in chips)
Seat 10: joecarver ($49.10 in chips)
ANTES/BLINDSfuddy256 posts blind ($0.15), Irishbull Ed posts blind ($0.25), Eclipse77777 posts blind ($0.25), Eclipse77777 posts small blind ($0.15).

PRE-FLOP Billly88 calls $0.25,
Zagga bets $2.50, , Eclipse77777 calls $2.25, .

FLOP [board cards 10H,4S,9H ]

Zagga bets $4, Eclipse77777 folds.

SHOWDOWNZagga shows [ 7H,2S ]

Zagga wins $9.55.

SUMMARYDealer: Ma BotchitPot: $9.80, (including rake: $0.25)Eclipse77777, loses $2.65Ma Botchit, loses $0fuddy256, loses $0.15Irishbull Ed, loses $0.25Internutte, loses $0Melcavic, loses $0Pokerbabe07, loses $0Billly88, loses $0.2 Zagga, bets $6.50, collects $9.55, net $3.05

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Weekend Latest

First thanks to Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo for the comment yesterday.I've sent you a contact thingy on Yahoo IM.I don't play many sngs/mtts but I do enjoy playing them especially with other bloggers.It would be nice if there wasn't such a big time difference between here and the US and I'd be able to join in more often.I've signed up for the Dadi WSOP game and I'm trying to work lots of hours at work to pay off the 14 hours flexi I owe the company and be able to at least take the morning after Dadi off because if I do manage not to donk out quickly it could be a late one.

Had a good night last night out on the swally.A ban on smoking in all public places came into effect on March 26th and it was very strange and annoying not to be able to have a cig with my beer and having to go outside for one.I voted no to the devolved Scottish parliament as I thought it would bring more nanny state interfering laws and I was right.By all means have smoking areas that must be well ventilated but a complete ban is wrong.Lets ban fatty foods,alcohol,cars and ingrown toenails while we're at it.

I didn't get back too late last night so despite telling myself never to play for real money when pished ( drunk) I rolled a smoke and opened a Laddys table.It certainly helped me play a more aggressive game thats for sure.I dropped about $5 when I realised that and calmed down a bit.A villan raised $2 and I folded my K8 telling myself I don't play that kind of hand in a raised pot.Two eights on the flop and a King on the turn, three of the 6 at the table all in and an eventual $124 pot meant I was slightly cheesed off at myself for choosing that moment to get sensible even though it was probably the right fold.

Maybe when all my folded cards start hitting the board like that I should throw logic out the window and start playing the rush! Maybe not...

That kind of thing happening can often be my worst tilt trigger.I sit and stew thinking about how I should be up at least $50 and Mr Fish with the big stack after calling a raise with 85 should be broke and how its just not fair and just and if thats the way it works I'm gonna call raises with junk from any positon but I didn't do that last night.

I checked this morning and for about 1/2 hrs play I actually made $7 profit which considering by the time Mrs A arrived home ( from her bingo night) I could barely hold my head up wasn't too bad.

Drank a pint of water before hitting the sack at 1.25am.Probably the earliest I've been to bed on a Friday night for months.

Feeling a bit tired today but not too bad considering.I wasn't quite at the singing football songs stage last night ( always a sign I'm very drunk) but I wasn't a kick in the arse off it.

Heading off to the Rangers v Motherwell game in a minute.Looking forward to squeezing in some poker later.

May all your pots be big and juicy! ( it may have been fake but I'm gonna miss the Champ!)

ps Where's Rosie? I'm getting "page not found" messages.Hope its just a blogspot blip and you've not pulled the plug!

Added my email addy and Yahoo id to my profile page.Not sure for how long as I can't seem to change my yahoo id to acorn man.( or e-tard).hmmm.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Short n Sweet

Not played ver much poker at all over the last couple of nights hence the lack of anything decent ( ok semi decent) to post.

Mark was over last night for our weekly PS2 fest and his team did indeed beat Hearts last night to leave us 3 points behind and clinch our league title on loan for a season.I watched a bit of their game and it was very very weird to be wanting our rivals to win.Never to be repeated until they play Hearts again before the league ends.

To the poker and I lost $8 at Party for 15 mins play when I was on an amazing rush but just didn't realise it! It was a full ring table for a change but some of the play ( even in just 15 mins) was astoundingly bad.My missed rush started when I folded to a $10 all in only to see one fish with 77 and the other with QJ.My 86 sooooted would have made a pair of eights and won.Almost everything else I folded in my short time playing would have ended up as a nut hand and of course the 2 hands I did play ended up landing me in the Brad Pitt.

Easy to sit and tell myself that there are long term reasons not to play some of the junk hands I folded but it does have to be said that some of the biggest pots I've won are with quirky wee hands I've been allowed to see a cheap flop with.Thin line between being a fish playing garbage hands all the time and mixing up my game and seeing the occasional flop from late position and at not much cost.Mixing it up requires a lot of caution with marginal hands.I got caught the other night for a few $$ by playing Kings with poor kickers.Great to see a King on the flop but then where am I when my bet/raise is called on a ragged board?( behind was the answer!).

My bankroll is probably safe for just now but I've got our next holiday,new car exhaust,car insurance,sisters wedding,Car parking space and my Rangers season ticket all to find money for in the next few months.I'm determinded not to run up my credit card so the poker bankroll is the next in line for a raid.If I don't hit $5k and move up successfully I may be as well leaving myself $1.5-$2k online and using the rest for some of the above.I don't think I'm being flippant if I say I don't see me losing $3.5k at the levels I'm at even if I do get an extended run of bad beats.

Taking the bus to work and heading out to the pub after work for a night out.The workmate I wrote about being in trouble for taking an unauthorised day off has been downgraded for 18 months and is moving department till he moves back up again so we're all heading out on the swally.Should be a good night.

9.30pm. Time for a shower,a shave and some poker.Back Sat or after the weekend if my hangovers killing me...

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Oh did I mention...

I am Poker Champ!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Turbo Cash

I had another decent night at the virtual felt last night but first its hats off to Garyc for battling his way to 3rd ( bubble sadly) in Iggys Wsop satellite tourney and to Sir Waffles for winning over $1k in another tourney with the last of his bankroll.( after a cashout)

I was feeling excited about writing up my 2nd place in a 20 player $10 turbo at Pokerroom but it seems a bit lame now!

There were two tables and at the first table there was one player ( said he had pc problems) who disconnected/reconnected on every hand and managed to piss the whole table off.He actually came around 8th in the end!

I wont go into a big write up however I will say I thought I should have won the damn thing.I had the villan all in heads up with my 55 v his A5 and then on the last hand with 44 v K9. I was a 66% v31% favourite on the first and slightly ahead on the 2nd.

$60 payday for just under 40 minutes work.

Moved to Inter and won $17 before losing $5 at Ladbrokes for a $62 profit overall for less than 2 hours play.Nothing major to write about other than getting punished for playing a poor kicker with a King a couple of times.

Typical I suppose that the day after I post about my love for Party I can't get connected to it!
I'll maybe have a go later tonight.Mrs A is working tomorrow so Marks coming over and I've a work night out on Friday when we're going for a few bevvies so probably wont play too much more poker this week.

On the football front I'm in a strange situation tomorrow night.Rangers ( whilst we had a great run in the Champs league) have been dreadful in the Scottish league this season and have all but handed our title to our hated rivals.We are in 3rd place and the top two qualify for next seasons Champs league.The dilemma is that our rivals play Hearts who are currently in 2nd place and if our rivals win they win the league and Hearts remain only 3 points ahead of us.( 6 games to go)Champions league football is a must for a big club like Rangers so while I won't exactly be cheering our rivals on for the first time in my life ( and last) I'll be happy to hear they've won.( if they do).Hmmm.

I see The Poker Champ has made his last post and outed his blog as a spoof.Not the biggest shock in the world but congrats to whoever was behind it for the clever writing.Was fun while it lasted.Now somebody tell me my other favourite quirky blog Redpill is a spoof and really ruin my day!

Congrats to Villareal.The team that knocked Rangers out in the last round ( on away goals rule) have also beaten Inter Milan to qualify for the semi-finals of the Champ league.AC Milan beat Lyon in the other quarter final played tonight.

Good luck and Play like a Champ today.LOL

Falling in love

I think I'm falling in love with Party Poker and I just can't help myself.I played another 1.5hours there last night at the $50nl 6 max tables and made $50.I did write "made an easy $50" but I don't want to tempt fate too much.

The players at $50 nl are so ego/emotions driven its unreal.They lose a big pot and the plot follows soon after.There seem to be at least one or two like that at most of my recent tables and I love it.Every raise I make seems to translate as an insult to the villans manhood ( pretty sure its only men that play this way most of the time) and result in all out war or me getting called down at least.

After having a great November-Dec 24th last year when I made my money by seeking out the highest pot average/flop seen tables and playing with the maniacs/drunks/Good Loose Aggressive type players I lost my poker bottle after a nasty piece of variance/play around Xmas.

Since then I've dabbled at those tables but more often than not I've sat down at any table available and have been learning how to play depending on the style of that table.All good experience though nothing close to as lucrative or as stressful as playing with the crazies.Not sure I'm ready for the craziest of tables yet but I'm getting there!

I started playing last night in a slightly pissed off mood after deciding to step up to an $11 sng at Party but stupidly signing up for a fixed limit one.( not the first time I've done that).I was thinking it was nl heaven with a load of min raises until I sussed what a donkey I'd been.Thankfully it was a turbo and I managed to avoid the sleepy nauseous feeling I usually get playing fixed limit.I did try and play well at first but I'd brought my Z game to the table and wasn't too upset to finally go out 6th.

All in all a fine weekend at the tables.Maybe the lesson is that if you are feeling a bit jaded and burned out after endless play day after day ,week after week then don't just write about taking a break.Do it!

Makes the game seem more fun and less of a grind after returning.Afterall whats the point in having a hobby if its just seems like more work.Scurvydog wrote about not really enjoying even a winning night as he just sees it as more padding for his bankroll against downswings and I'd kind of reached that point a little myself.I've still got a goal in my head of reaching $5 k and moving up and Iggys recent post urging people to occasionally take a shot is rattling round my head.I just feel even if I did take a shot and actually held my own at higher levels than $100-$200 nl I can't be sure I'd want to come home from work and play for those kind of stakes.

Do you just keep grinding away until you find a level you can't beat and lose your roll trying? I still want to try.If I do and fail then I'll be happy to keep a $2-£2.5k roll online for the levels I'm at and cashout everytime I go over $2.5k.

Ok a couple clips from the paper today and I'm done...

The New York Times reports that sports channel ESPN is planning to bring dominoes to the telly. Sadly, they are not visiting a pub in Whitburn where four pensioners nurse half-pints of heavy before occasionally shouting "chappin". Instead, they want Latino players from New York where the doms are slammed down with much shouting, bragging and bluffing.

Joan Johnston in Wishaw took a holidaying American friend to Edinburgh for a couple of days of culture – we know, hard to believe there is not enough of it in Wishaw – and after visiting the museums her friend asked her which one was it that she saw Dali in. Joan could recall Rembrandts, Renoirs and Raeburns but no Salvador Dali."It was the one near Greyfriars Bobby," said her friend. Definitely no Dali in the National Museum, insisted Joan."Yes, there is," insisted the American. "Dally the sheep."

Reader Donald Macdonald tells us of a T-shirt on sale in Belfast commemorating the ill-fated Titanic which was built there which has emblazoned across it: "It was all right when it left here."

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sunday Stats + Monthly Update

Watched EK Thistle draw 2-2 at home to Lanark yesterday.Probably a fair result overall.Mrs A was out last night so I enjoyed watching El Classico on Sky sports. Barcelona drew 1-1 with Real Madrid though they really should have won it after Robero Carlos was sent off leaving Real with 10 men.

My poker night began quietly before I played in my first WSOP qualifier tourney at Pokerroom.I qualified free with Player points.There were 670 entrants and only the top ten got a ticket to another qualifier so I decided that I'd try and take a few chances to build a stack.Managed to double up when my KJ made a full house to beat the villans straight before crashing out after taking a a real kick in the stones when I got all in preflop with AK only to be up against another AK.He had the Ad,2 diamonds came on the flop then runner runner to knock me out.Before I left he had the decency to type "that was wrong" in the chat.Not his fault but fair play to him.

With a shake of my head I hit Ladbrokes 6 max tables determined not to repeat my tilty behaviour of the night before.Called a $1 raise with AK from a loose player along with one other player.Flop came Ac 7c Kc .He bet $1 ,I raised it to $4 which was called in two places.I'd lost a $20 pot on Party with AQ on a similar board when the villan had flopped a flush so I was delighted to see an As fall on the turn.The loose player led out for $4 which I called hoping to keep the other player in.It worked and three of us saw the 2s on the river.This time the loose guy bet $4.50 and called my $18 raise and lose with his AJ.

Sometimes you just feel you have someones number and it wasn't long before I'd cleaned him out.I'd left a table earlier when I felt I was in that situation myself.Slightly overstayed my welcome due to my poker ego not liking feeling 2nd best but thankfully saw sense and moved to a new table shortly afterwards.Too many bad players out there to be playing with good ones especially late on at the weekend on sites with lots of Euro players.

With the exception of my mini-tilt on laddys I'm more than happy with my first weeks figures after my holiday.According to Pokertracker I only played for 8 hours this week in total at the cash tables.I did play a few sng's more than I usually do so my overall playing time was probably closer to 10-12 hours.

Weekly figures update: Interpoker $1044 ,Ladbrokes $1410,Pokerroom $782,Party $175. Total $3414 ( + $212 for week).

Monthly figure from 1st March-31st March: - $249 47 hours play.

" " 1st Feb-28th Feb : + $455 45 hours play

" "1st Jan-31st Jan: + $248 74 hours play

Nov1st-Dec28th : + $1652

Dec 28th -30th: -$30

Total since Oct 31st '05 : + $2076 profit. ( Oct 31st is start of my 2nd year of real money play)

Obviously not happy with last months figures.At least I'm off to a decent start this month and I'm on target to equal last years profit figure with 5 month of my poker playing year gone.

Rangers are beating Dundee Utd 3-0 just now.I'm off to watch the rest of the game.Step A is staying at numpties tonight as she's off school tomorrow so its an Indian Carryout and a dvd rental for Mrs A and I tonight.

Enjoyed reading Jordans latest post on his adventures in Bumblefuck.Sure sounds like a swell kinda place!

Brilliant name.I want to be Mayor....

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Bullets Busted?

Been at the table around 20mins.El Weasel seems a solid player.Folded to my semi bluff continuation bet with QK on a ragged board a couple of hands earlier.Not afraid to get his money in the pot though.

My table image is fairly loose.Lots of limping and raising from late position.Bought in for £25.
I should probably have reraised his post flop bet.The more I think about it the more I put him on 1010-QQ.I always wonder if unconsiously Hmmmmm..

------HAND 5------
Game #1866833444: Hold'em NL (£0.15/£0.25) - 2006/03/31 - 18:52:08 (ET)
Table "Lilian" Seat 3 is the button.
Seat 1: El Weasel (£61.17 in chips)
Seat 2: Zagga (£36.75 in chips)
Seat 3: Pablo_j (£6.55 in chips)
Seat 4: Gazillion (£21.46 in chips)
Seat 5: Izzard001 (£18.10 in chips)
Seat 6: Dikcheese (£12.05 in chips)
Gazillion: posts small blind £0.15
Izzard001: posts big blind £0.25
Dikcheese: posts big blind £0.25
----- HOLE CARDS -----
dealt to Zagga [As Ah]
Dikcheese: checks
El Weasel: raises to £0.50
Zagga: raises to £3
Pablo_j: folds
Gazillion: folds
Izzard001: folds
Dikcheese: folds
El Weasel: calls £2.50
----- FLOP ----- [9c Th 8s]
El Weasel: bets £5
Zagga: calls £5
----- TURN ----- [9c Th 8s][6c]
El Weasel: bets £10
Zagga: folds
Returned uncalled bets £10 to El Weasel
El Weasel: doesn't show hand
El Weasel collects £15.85 from Main pot
----- SUMMARY -----
Total pot £16.65 Main pot £15.85 Rake £0.80
Board [9c Th 8s 6c]
Seat 1: El Weasel collected £15.85
Seat 2: Zagga folded on the Turn
Seat 3: Pablo_j (button) folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 4: Gazillion (small blind) folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 5: Izzard001 (big blind) folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 6: Dikcheese (big blind) folded before Flop (didn't be

Played a $6 Party sng.Came 2nd after a 45 minute battle,moved to Laddys feeling good about my game only to crash and burn on the 2nd hand when my KK was busted by K10.Straight for the villan and straight oot the sng for me..

Currently down £3 at the above £.15-.30 6 max nl table.Time to go table hunting...

2.02am. Having fun tonight.Proud to be the 2nd player to sign up for the Dadi event ( more than a tourney!) on April 24th.

I deposited $25 at 'Stars initially to play the ROW v USA + Dadi games.Placed a couple of times and had $33 left before buying into Dadi.

Started at a .10-.20 table with $3.80 and so far my hands have held up.My mini Stars roll is at $45. I'm not thinking of it as part of my bankroll really.Which probably means I'll blow it shortly after posting this.hmmm.Think I'm gonna take a wee shot at a $2nl table with my shortstack.I'm up over $100 for a few hours play this week so it'll be nice to just roll with the $45.

Man its late and I'm rambling.Trying to get myself in the right frame of mind to get jiggy with da dosh...

$5 left.A bit loose chasing the flush with 2 possible overcards.Had to love his preflop raise with 26 soooted.He'd just lost a big pot a few hands earlier but I should have waited for a better spot.If I was going to play it I should have bet out postflop and tried to control the betting and not pay over the odds for my draw.( or try and take it with a preflop reraise ). I was trying to represent the straight with my all in move hoping he had top pair or 99-JJ.Silly because the way he had been playing was slightly tilty.He was never going to fold and with a jammy two pair who can blame him! Nh sir!

PokerStars Game: Hold'em No Limit ($1/$2) - 2006/03/31 - 21:01:04 (ET)Table 'Doris IV' 6-max

Seat #4 is the button

Seat 1: AJ21871 ($38.15 in chips)
Seat 3: Tossis ($77.15 in chips)
Seat 4: BmwNip ($274.75 in chips)
Seat 5: zagga ($58.55 in chips)
Seat 6: Pryderi ($191.95 in chips)
zagga: posts small blind $1
Pryderi: posts big blind $2

*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to zagga [As Qs]

AJ21871: folds , Tossis: raises $8 to $10 BmwNip: folds zagga: calls $9 Pryderi: calls $8***

FLOP *** [8s 6h 2s]

zagga: checks Pryderi: checks Tossis: bets $18zagga: calls $18Pryderi: folds

*** TURN *** [8s 6h 2s] [7h]

zagga: bets $30.55 and is all-inTossis: calls $30.55

*** RIVER *** [8s 6h 2s 7h] [2d]

*** SHOW DOWN ***zagga: shows [As Qs] (a pair of Deuces)

Tossis: shows [2c 6c] (a full house, Deuces full of Sixes)Tossis collected $125.10 from pot***

SUMMARY ***Total pot $127.10 Rake $2 Board [8s 6h 2s 7h 2d]Seat 1: AJ21871 folded before Flop (didn't bet)Seat 3: Tossis showed [2c 6c] and won ($125.10) with a full house, Deuces full of SixesSeat 4: BmwNip (button) folded before Flop (didn't bet)Seat 5: zagga (small blind) showed [As Qs] and lost with a pair of DeucesSeat 6: Pryderi (big blind) folded on the Flop

Dems is da breaks.

3.15am. Back to the tables.Always time for one last smoke...

Oh how I wish I'd gone to bed.Moved to Laddies and tilted/semi-bluffed away $50 on a failed nut straight draw then blew another $20 before laughing at myself and my stupidity,getting a grip and pulling back $10 before going to bed.From hero to zero in about 20 minutes! On a positive note I think I'm still up about $50 for aprox 8-10 hours play over the week.

I signed up for the Donkeys always draw tourney and spent the rest of the night playing like one!

In my defence I will say that I was barely able to keep my eyes open by 3am last night.Poor defence really as its up to me to recognise that and take a break or switch off.Seems to be a slightly worrying leak that I can play well for a few hours then let my concentration slip badly.

Ahhh well its done now.Enjoy whats left of the weekend...

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