Thursday, April 30, 2009

Monthly Stats

Just a quick boring monthly stats post today.

Party $2917 ( + $101),Pokerstars $466* ( + $272),Full Tilt $194 ( - $290). Total $3577 ( + $83 for month).

*cashed out $1k ( £683) from Stars 29/4/09.

I'm not exactly pleased overall with only $83 profit especially as that includes bonus money cleared at Party.At least it's better than last months stats horror show!
The good news is that I've made back $474 over my last 53 games at Party and that $2917 figure seemed a million miles away when I hit a low point of $2131 earlier in the month.If only I could get a hand to hold at the FT $22's.( fish slapped again tonight hence stats edited)

Ok,I'm off to take Nacho out before it rains again.I doubt I'll be posting again until after the holiday weekend is over.

Have a good one...


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wee battle won..

I’m feeling a bit more flush today after winning a wee battle with my car insurance company over the £600 excess they wanted to charge me for the repairs to my car.( after hitting that poor fox the other week) £350 was my voluntary excess and I’d originally missed the fact that there was a £250 compulsory excess also due. Luckily I still had the original quote and confirmation of purchase and neither of those emails mentioned the £250 charge so I complained.In the end I had to pay another £57 to upgrade my policy, but they agreed to waive the compulsory £250 charge ,saving me about £200 overall.As the repair ended up costing over £1200 I suppose that was a bit of a result.

I thought my week was getting even better when an attractive young lady at my work asked if I was doing anything on Friday night. As it happens I’m going to York with the family for my cousins wedding on Saturday, but I am free next Friday...which thankfully I didn’t mention as she was only looking for someone to cover her 6pm finish!

I am looking forward to the York trip although I’ll be heading back up the road quick style on Sunday to be at Ibrox for the vital Rangers v Hearts game. I hear our rivals ground has been closed due to the swine flu outbreak.It seems it has affected most Piggery’s. Oh and I did call the swine flu helpline but couldn’t hear the operator due the crackling on the line.No more hogging this post with crap jokes …

On the poker front things have been looking up a bit over the last few days. I’ve managed a few wins at the $22 Party turbo sngs to leave me close to breaking even across all sites for the month.( including bonuses) I’ve cashed out $1k from ‘Stars and intend to stick mostly to Party from now on as I’ve made over $200 in bonus and cashed in Party points this month.

Ok,thanks for reading.Back soon….

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Monday, April 27, 2009

I Confess....

Ok,ok,it's time to own up.It's not easy writing a post like this, but I can no longer kid myself on that everything is ok and that life goes on as normal.I like to think I'm straight forward and honest with my readers so it's time to step up to the plate and confess that....Steven Segals latest film is the biggest pile of steaming horse shite I've ever seen.

Since the days of Hard to Kill and Under Seige ,avid fans have come to expect stunt doubles,the dubbing over of Stevie's actual voice,cheesy scripts and a healthy dose of mindless violence.These are accepted as the way of the Stevie and are much loved by connoisseurs of the genre.

Even by those high standards,Kill Switch was a real letdown.Sounding like a preacher from the deep South complete with "May the Lawd have mercy" type banter and using "Matrix" style camera shots, which meant repeatedly showing someone falling from a window over and over again.... were just the start of the awfulness.

Using the gun with endless bullets ( no reloads for Stevie),deciding he was going to catch not just one but two serial killers,treating the rookie female FBI agent like she was something on the bottom of his shoe and gangsters who just couldn't wait to get into a fight with or actually shoot a policeman ( Stevie's character) added to the ridiculousness of it all and I haven't even got to the best bit yet!

He actually treated the FBI girl so badly I expected that it was a set-up and she would go on to find a vital piece of evidence or prove her brilliance,leading Stevie to reconsider ( as in a million other similar films) his hasty first appraisal of her.She did happen upon some random domestic incident when leaving a murder crimescene,kicked the ass of the evil bloke who was battering his wife....and then lost the plot entirely by actually having the cheek to accuse our hero Stevie of being the serial killer!!

Most surreal of all though was a scene where Stevie's partner is telling the FBI girl about a scary arrest they made together. The FBI girl couldn't even view a dead body without spewing and here's another tale about the macho grizzled crime fighting veterans making tough arrests.

Cut to footage of Stevie and said partner creeping through an old house to arrest a cannibal serial killer dressed as a clown.The killer is eating an arm,holds it out for Stevie to take and delivers one of the oldest lines in jokebook history..."Does this taste funny to you?".

Meantime, Stevie has been shacking up with a would be cop girl trainee who obviously hangs on his every word, despite Stevie acting like he's in an impotence advert by refusing her sexual advances due to his heavy serial killer work load.( he's been working on astrology codes to solve this one).One of the serial killers breaks in and brutally murders his poor cop girl near the end.Stevie boy takes the murder of the only woman we've seen in his life pretty well and after he's disposed of both killers,he knocks on another front door and decides to dispel the limp dick theory once and for all.

Yes,the door is opened by a hot young blonde woman and Stevies kids who are all making their first appearance of the movie.( not even a mention until now)
Of course the kids go out to play,blondie gets 'em out and Stevie gives us a knowing smile before the bedroom door closes and the film ends.Aghhhhhhhhh!

Ah well the s-man and I will never get that 93 mins back.

Not much to report on the poker front.Congrats to Pushmonkey1 on taking down the Bloggerment last night.I went out on the final table bubble...again!

Back soon...

NSFW.Segal window scene..

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

You're only....

Here to see the Rangers....

Just back from Rangers 3-0 Scottish Cup semi-final win over St Mirren.We scored early and the result was never in doubt after that.With only 5 games left in the league ( including one v the great unwashed) it's all to play for.Rangers are in a pretty poor state financially at the moment and winning the league to get into the Champions League is vital.

Stopped off at the shops and bought Resident Evil for the PS3 on the way home.A new game,some Stevie Segal justice being dealt out, a nice puff and the company of the s-man and Nacho are on the cards for tonight.

Last night I had another decent night at the felt and cashed in a few $22's on Party.I'm still down for the month there but I'm over $500 up on my lowest point which is quite pleasing.I'm hardly on a heater, but at least I don't seem to be running dreadfully until I get in the money which is progress at least!

All this running badly crap just makes me admire guys like Boku87 even more.He turned $100 into over $10k in less than 2 weeks playing low limit sngs and endured a couple of huge downswings during his challenge.I wish I had the confidence, resilience and stamina to grind it out like he does.Mind you I read some poker magazine article where the writers had to play 150 sngs in a month and they claimed the variance they suffered doing that was mind warping.

Who knows if I'm over the worst of my downswing but gaining a bit of confidence has helped me learn to trust my instincts again and play accordingly.I've called off my stack too often on these occasions recently.This time I listened to the wee voice in my head! Of course there's an arguement for raising AJ from the button preflop but I hate AJ early on in sngs and with more fishy calling stations playing at the weekend I preferred to play it this way.

Ok,thanks for reading.Back soon...

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

I won a sng!

As I've done so much moaning and whining over the last few weeks/months/years I thought I'd better post after actually having a winning night at the felt.Things began in the usual fashion when I got my opponent to commit his stack with KJ on a King high flop against my Aces only for him to river the Jack.After a few more lost races and failed pushes I managed to cash a few times and even won a sng!! I've mentioned before that Sharkscope has missed 3 wins from my Party stats.Well for once last night they missed a game I didn't cash in as I only made $82 and not the $104 Sharky has me down for.Zzzzzzzz, who cares?!

I only played 9 games in total and after winning the game I mentioned,I watched an Sngicons training video.There was still plenty of time for me to fire up more games and perhaps I should have continued as I actually ( whisper it..) ran quite well in that last game.In reality, for the sake of my poker sanity, I was just happy to go to bed having banked a winning night and restored a little confidence.

The S-man is coming over this evening for some MotorStorm ps3 action.He'll be over on Saturday night too for another ps3 sesh and to watch Steven Segal's new movie,Killswitch.I've not even checked but my guess is that Segal plays an ex CIA agent whose daughter/friend gets kidnapped and he has to come out of retirement to get her back and sort the bad guys.Hopefully it's a return to "Under Siege" and "Hard to Kill" form.I'm sure it's only a matter of time before Mr Segal gets his Lifetime achievement award from the Oscar people.In fact as the s-man suggested they could perhaps replace the existing Ocsars with wee Stevie models complete with the ponytail....

Had a bit of fun at work today,sticking up this wee sign besides the water machine.I took my break nearby and had to bite my lip to stop myself laughing at the comments it was attracting from water machine users...

Please refrain from filling multiple ** receptacles if people are queueing behind you at the water machine

** This includes bottles over 1 litre in size

Thankyou for your co-operation

That should sort the women with their trays of mugs to be filled....

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


£60 fine for going through a red light,£600 insurance excess needing paid before my car gets the £1k of fox damage repaired and I've had to fend off some sneaky wee TV Licence tosser who tried to catch me out by appearing at the front door with some meter reading device.( to look like the Gas or Leccy man)

On top of all that I've had a sore shoulder/neck for the last few days and my night at the felt began last night when my QQ was busted by 44 on the bubble.I even fell out with Nacho at the weekend when he refused to give his ball back when we got back home after a walk.( five minutes left at the front door sorted that one!)

To the poker and it looks like I'll be recording my 2nd losing month in a row.I've had yet another look back over my exit hands on Pokertracker and the good news is that unless I'm doomed forever,I can't possibly keep running as badly as I am just now.I do recall reading Doyle writing in Super System about playing more hands when on a heater ( running very hot) and despite the fact he's been playing since before even Dudley was born ( aprox 6000 BC) I scoffed at the idea that the outcome of any hand was predetermined by any heater or cold deck etc.

As I've written before I'm a logical kind of bloke and I believed that if you flipped a coin 15 times and it comes up heads,there's still the same 50/50 chance of it being heads again on the next flip.That may well be the case with coins,but however much I try and tell myself the same when it comes to poker,there's no doubt it' streaky.

I did used to be a winner at online poker and thankfully still have a reasonable bank roll I can raid at times like this.I plan on taking about $900 out of Party to cover the car insurance excess and aprox $1k from Stars to cover the cost of a trip to the Dam in June.That will still leave me about $2k online which is more than enough to continue at the $22's.

Ok,thanks for reading.Back soon..

Monday, April 20, 2009

Foxy Donations..

I'm still feeling a bit guilty about my hit and run on poor Mr Foxy last Friday night.To try and ease that guilt and restore some karma I've donated £10 to the National Fox Welfare Society.Viewing a website full of cute fox photo's didn't actually help much on the guilt front, but actions speak louder than words and hopefully my wee donation will do some good.You can help my karma too ( obviously your number 1 priority for the week ahead) by clicking the link,making a donation and smugly revelling in the knowledge that you've helped the foxes without having murdered one beforehand. ( Juice being the exception as he's so posh he must have hunted a fox at some point!)

To the poker and the game is still completely twisting my melon.Two Pies was round on Sat night to enjoy some herbs and watch the carnage.I may have grumbled in months gone by about running badly at times, but never in my 5 years of playing poker have I lost so many races and been sucked out on as often as has happened over the last couple of months.Last night after the Brit Blogger I hit up more $22's on Full Tilt and....well you know the drill by now.I did actually laugh out loud after the flop came K K 10 when I had AK v the villains QQ.Wheeeee I've won a race I thought.Maybe this is the start of a bit more normality.Maybe ...just maybe... Awww nawww,there's a Queen on the turn....

Of course it's easy to blame luck when I'm playing poorly too.One hand I'm still debating with myself was on the bubble of another $22.I have 2.9k on the button,the small blind is the shorty on 700 chips,the big blind is the bigstack with 7k and the other guy has 3k.The other guy folded and I look down to JJ.I consider folding and then remember the number of times micro-shorties have doubled and tripled their stacks.Before I know it I'm the shorty facing having to shove a wide range into loose fishy calling stations.The problem was that the bigstack was loose and I felt he would try and re-raise me off my hand if I made a small raise, despite any bet from me looking very strong due to the shorty's presence.I shoved...the shorty folded and the bigstack snap called with KK.

It wasn't long before I snapped.( right after yet another sick bubble finish) I've read the 2+2 faq on Single table tournaments and know to expect to be on the wrong end of variance which seems "sick and un-natural" at times.I didn't care for that sensible logic right at that moment.I was the Police and my pillow was a lefty tree hugging G20 protester.To use another famous quote I gave it a "bloody good hiding".

I'm not sure it did me any good but I did manage to run a little better and take a 1st and 2nd in my last two $33's to pull back some of my losses.

Ok,thanks for reading and thanks to all who played in last nights Brit Blogger game.I donked out early-ish after reshoving AJ over a button steal.I just knew he was stealing with Aces.....

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Who Killed Bambi?

"Acornman's still running like crap at the tables"....

"Laugh and the world laughs with you.Cry and you cry alone", is something I've always believed and is why I haven't bored you with any posts this week.It's been the usual sit down at the tables,get my money in good and wait to be screwed over
scenario again and again.I've stepped up and played some more $33's and $55's and despite a couple of 2nd places at $55,things haven't changed on the luck front.See my previous bad beat post and multiply for an idea of how it's been going.Only bonuses have been helping keep me afloat at Party ( still down about $200 ) this month,I'm about $200 up on Stars and up a few $ at Full Tilt after a couple of wins late last night.

Thanks to Short-Stack Shamus's post from April 14th I realised I was actually playing in a kind of passive tilt mode.AK facing a raise? Hmm well I'm in the blinds and out of position so I'll just call and see a flop.Bad poker.Running like this has hit my confidence at the felt and it really annoys me that it has had that effect.I've always said to myself that even if I'll never be the most skillful ,I can make up for it by being stronger mentally than other players.Got to walk the walk on that one.

Negative thoughts that some players have to be in the bottom 5% when it comes to running badly and maybe that's just my permanent destiny invade my mind and probably don't help my play.I'm not going to fall into the trap of pushing the self destruct button and passively tilting my way to a bust bankroll just to prove to myself that it's true that I am just unluckier than most.

The games are streaky and I know that.Break even for 200 sngs and then win say 4/5 and suddenly it's a $400-$500 winning month.That's just the nature of it.In terms of volume, poker does reward hard work overall.Over the short-term though, it's hard to get my head round playing 30-40 games over 8 hours and losing one night and playing 2 games the next night and being profitable after cashing in both.Seems so unfair but then who said life/poker is fair?!

I think I need a holiday too.I've taken a couple of days away from the poker recently but if my bad run goes on,it may be time for a longer break.( 3 days?!)
It is affecting my general mood at times and that's not a good place to be for a hobby player.I suppose it's human nature that the feelings of happiness when winning are less than the feelings of sadness and despair when losing,especially when I've become used to winning almost every month.

I'm not the only one to run badly.Driving back from the s-mans last night after a fine evening, there was a rabbit in my headlights for about 1/2 mile on a country road.When I slowed down,he did too and it was ages before he finally left the road I was on and I could get on my way at a decent speed.It got me thinking that if I'd left a minute earlier or later perhaps I wouldn't have seen him and he'd be one dead wabbit.Ten minutes later I'm heading off a motorway slip road at about 70mph,glance down at the road and see a poor fox caught in my headlights right in front of me.I recall being taught not to try and avoid animals when driving at high speeds, but I think it's only natural to try and swerve or take evading action.( dangerous too which is why it's best not to swerve)Sadly for Mr Fox and the plastic bit at the front of my car I had no time to react and Mr Fox met an instant ul Mr F.

Off to watch the FA cup football,walk Nacho and hit the tables...

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Brit Blogger Game Tonight

I think I need to work out how to place the Brit Blogger banner down the side of my blog to avoid me having to post on a Sunday to pimp it.

I'm in a decent Easter mood today after watching Rangers close the gap at the top of the league to just one point after we beat Motherwell and the mutants could only draw away to Hearts.Sadly the young lad in his 20's next to me informed me the usual seat holder,his Great Uncle,had passed away last week.As a season ticket holder for over a decade ( since I stopped working weekends)it's the same bunch of lads around me for every game and I wouldn't want to sit anywhere else in the ground.I don't believe in the afterlife or any of that stuff ( now seems as good a day as any to mention that!), but I'd still like to think auld Jimmy was looking down as the Gers goals hit the net yesterday.

I picked up Nacho after the game and took him for a long walk round the pitches before arriving home and enjoying a fine late night PS3 session with the s-man.The Party tables were quiet when he left at 2am-ish so I decided to hit up Full Tilt for a change,firing up a $33 to start with.I bubbled when I reraised a button raiser with AQ and Mr A8 sooted called and flopped a flush.As I was only playing one table I stepped up and finished the night with a $55+$5 turbo.I shoved over a button steal with 99 only find the button wasn't stealing and had QQ.There must have been a blue moon as a beautiful 9 came on the flop and despite my certainty that a Queen would follow,it never did and I had a healthy stack.Someone even said they folded J9 and I'd hit the case 9.I felt like typing "Lucky? Did you see my last bubble exit?!".I ended up coming 3rd ( for $99) when I shoved 73h from the button and ran into A9.

Playing 3-4 tables of $22's using pretty much the same technique every time does get a little repetitive after a while and it was nice to just focus on one table and actually feel like I was playing poker rather than just bashing moles.

The $55 table only had a few winners too according to Sharky and the way the first few hands went it was hard to believe it wasn't a play money game.I actually suspected chip dumping until I realised Mr 910 and Mr A4 had gotten it all in preflop ( first hand).

Back to munching Easter Eggs....

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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Cheerio Tae F**K

I'm still on a blogging break, which makes sense as I've spent more time playing MotorStorm on the PS3 than playing poker over the last couple of nights.I watched the Gers game last night ( 2-1 v St Mirren) and the S-man popped over later for more PS3 action.When he left at midnight I watched "The Apprentice" ( why didn't that twat Ben get fired?!) before bed so I'll probably be too tired to have a real go at the poker tonight.( up at 6.30 this morning)

Anyway the point of this post is to relate a wee tale from work.Yesterday afternoon a wee "Get well" card did the rounds for Sue,a no nonsense, outgoing woman in her early 50's who has a bad skin complaint affecting her hands and feet.We've all worked with her for a few years and know she enjoys a laugh and a joke.She loves to shout "Cheerio tae fuck" as she departs every night and I duly wrote that on her card,adding a standard get well message too.Her other friends in the office wrote stuff like "Don't hurry back" and one of the older guys wrote a couple of lines and signed it off with a few kisses.

It had been round everyone and the card organiser was about to pop it into an envelope ready for posting when Dour Face ( looks like a bulldog chewing a wasp) announced she hadn't signed it yet.She was handed the card and questioned the tone of a few of the scribblings written by us all.This was met with a few raised eyebrows and general mutterings about how this was typical Dour Face behaviour.It was explained to her that as we all know Sue pretty well the tone of the card was just fine.

At this point we noticed a look of growing horror on organisers face as it dawned on her just what was going on.The card was not intended for Sue at all, but was meant for Bill, a homeworker we all deal with on a daily basis who has unfortunately been diagnosed with kidney cancer....

Needless to say the card with it's "cheerio tae fuck" and "Don't rush back" sentiments was quickly binned.

Thanks for reading.Back to my blogging break...

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Monday, April 06, 2009

Chill Pill

Elwood: It's 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses.
Jake: Hit it.

Always good to start with a Blues Brothers quote on a Monday..

I owe a big thanks to Mr Cloud and Gavin for leaving comments on my last post.If I was a footballer I reckon I'd be the type that would be motivated by the "Come on son,you know you've got it" style of management rather than responding to a bollocking.( although feel free to bollock me in the comments next time to see if that works) Perhaps it was the comments,maybe the poker gods read my last post and took pity, or maybe, if I didn't want to tempt fate, I may speculate that the worst run since I began playing sng's could finally have peaked...

Of course if Carslberg wrote blog posts I'd have taken my redundancy offer the other week,stuck the lot on Mon Mome to win the Grand National at 100-1 and be sitting back with several million pounds in the bank,ready to wipe the floor with that young whippersnapper Durrr in his challenge...

Mentioning the above scenario to a few colleagues today,I also told them I'd make sure they were well taken care of too...there would be £50 behind the bar for them all to enjoy a drink on me! They were bowled over by my kindness.

To the weekend and on Saturday evening the s-man ( yerabawbag on Full Tilt) was over for some Farcry 2 and poker action.I played nearly 30 $16's and finished up winning a couple of hundred dollars.On Sunday Two Pies was round to watch the Gers win 1-0 at Falkirk and I briefly hit the Party $22's afterwards and ( whisper it) ran really well and won three from four games to give me a decent start to the month.We played Motor-Storm on the Ps3 for the rest of the evening and in between I managed to donk out of the bloggerment.

I was going to fire up another set of sng's when Two Pies left about midnight, but decided to bank the earlier wins and go to bed actually feeling good about poker for a change.

A wee blogging break is still the plan for a week or so but I thought it would be better to sign off on a happier note.Thanks for reading.
Back soon...

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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Pokered Out

I've never been as pissed off with poker as I feel just now.I open a table,I get shafted.I start again the next night with a postive outlook and get shafted again.I bubbled four times in 16 games ( all 18 player $16 turbos) last night and I'm beginning to hate the game I once loved.Perhaps I'm just being mentally weak about it but I think I've just about had enough of dealing with it all.I've been running like I did in my recent bad beat post for over 500 games now and there doesn't seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel.

I've tried everything from cutting down the number of tables I'm playing to taking breaks for a few days and it's not working.Hand histories have been looked at,more training vids have been watched and I've even tried to make sure I'm getting more sleep and not playing like a tired zombie.

I take my hat off to the sng pro grinder kiddies who can play through thousand game downswing/breakeven runs without breaking sweat.I suppose I am playing through it too but if I'm only playing a few hundred games per month I seriously doubt I'll keep playing if I have to go through this crap every night for any more months.

I usually don't cash out too often and when I do it's to pay off bigger bills/loans etc.I've got my Rangers season ticket renewal,car insurance/mot service and a holiday to pay for over the next few months and I've been saving the money I used to put aside for the car loan I paid off in Jan with poker winnings.

Maybe I should use my current roll to pay for some of those upcoming cash eaters and have more of my wages to myself every month or perhaps I should be happy with a $4k roll and simply cash out anything above that each month.I need to do something to remind myself why I put myself through the current poker pain I'm going through.Withdrawing the whole damn lot before the variance Gods take it has also crossed my mind, but despite the relentless nature of this downswing,I need to keep the faith that it will end.I've always been more into logic than faith and can't help feeling that logic says if I keep running like this my roll will dwindle to nothing.

Anyways I'm sure I'll get back on track eventually and you're as bored reading about my poker troubles as I am writing about them.I'm also starting to feel I'm repeating myself a bit here and not coming up with much that's new.End of the line? I don't know.

Back in a week or two or when my poker mojo returns...

Friday, April 03, 2009

Monthly Stats + Thoughts on Losing

I wrote the post below a few weeks back and after a crappy losing month it seemed appropriate to post it now.

Stats for March: Party $2816 ( - $94 ) ,Stars $ 1194 ( - $366 ) Full Tilt $484 ( -$19)

Total $4491 ( - $479 for month)

I noticed Rosie includes a Stu Ungar quote at the top of her blog which says " I never want to be called a 'good loser'.Show me a good loser and I'll just show you a loser".It's a quote often used in sport and my first thought upon seeing it in a poker context was that Stu Ungar obviously never multi-tabled sngs! For me, being a good loser doesn't mean accepting long term losses and just carrying on regardless.It means being able to combine being highly competitive and totally focussed on winning, with the reality of dealing with the losing hands/sessions which are unavoidable due to the very nature of poker.You can't will yourself to win at poker, but you can will yourself to remain as unaffected as possible by the cruel ( and totally standard) variance we all endure on the virtual felt.

Being a bad loser in sporting terms usually means throwing temper tantrums,letting anger and frustration show and not being courteous to opponents.The main benefit of being a bad loser is that the loser shows that they care deeply about the a result or performance and act accordingly.Personally I don't think the traits of a bad loser are helpful to many players.I don't doubt that for some it probably helps to behave in this manner, ( to release steam) but in general I think being a good poker loser some of the time is essential to being a long term overall winner.

I notice when watching sng poker training vids that the pro's will usually mention they have another couple of games going in the background for when they go out of one of the games they are currently discussing.( they're usually 4 tabling).They're not being negative or defeatist by doing that.It's simply realistic to expect to crash out of 1 or 2 games when playing 4 at a time.

I wrote the paragraphs above before I attended the recent cup final against our rivals.In football there's a gentlemans agreement that if your player goes down injured ,the ball gets kicked out of play and returned to the team in possession after the injured player is dealt with.At the game a Rangers player was injured in the first half when we had the ball and our rivals failed to return the ball in the usual fashion after we put it out of play to allow treatment.

Fast forward to the last minute of extra time,we're 1-0 down,their diving Greek goes down like he'd been shot and their keeper kicks the ball out of play in line with their penalty box.Our so called Captain chose to give it straight back to them instead of taking the throw-in to a Gers player and trying to equalise.( of course they went up the park and got a penalty to end any hope of a comeback)

Some fans on the Gers forum I read reckon we're a team of sporting integrity and don't need to resort to bending unwritten rules.Personally when play them I think there should be no quarter given or asked and I felt so angry with Ferguson ( our captain) I could have killed another penguin!

Back to last night and my Stars doomswitch operator must have had an evening off.I only played 3 games ( 18 player $16's) and managed a 1st,2nd and a bubble finish.One 3rd place from 4 games at Party ( $22's) wasn't so good, but I didn't feel I was at my best there so I'll take it.

Pokey tonight and the s-man is visiting tomorrow night....

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