Monday, April 15, 2013

Twittering Teeth

For anyone wondering if I've always been a tight bastard who uses too many brackets ( who me?) in his writing I submit the note below. Noticed it on my Mum and Dad's digital photo frame and thought it might make my readers smile.

Oh and I'll probably regret this and delete the account later but after a few smokes yesterday I signed up for twitter under zaggapoker@heavysprinkles.I can't even find the hashtag key on my keyboard so I don't see me lasting long on there.Signing up for a "social media" account when I'm an anti-social git with nothing to say is another reason I probably won't be tweeting for long but I'm on now and will give it a go.The "heavy sprinkles" name comes from a story on my favourite football forum about a ned ordering fish and chips and when asked if he'd like salt n vinegar he gave the legendary reply, "Aye,heavy sprinkles man".

Got an unexpected day off work today after Nacho ran away this morning when I let him out the front.( he's back now) No long lie in or late Sunday night playing poker and a days leave wasted = one dog who can consider himself very lucky to still have his bollocks intact!

Back soon...

Sunday, April 14, 2013

4th in Stars $33 Saturday Speedway for $4k

Three hands into this tourney I lost half my stack with Kings just as I was bubbling a $3 Rebuy Sat for a $162 tourney ticket.(came 15th for $69,top 14 got a ticket)

Got lucky about 30 hands after that Kings hand ( I'm a patient nit if nothing else) when my AQs made a straight V KK. Next up a laggy big stack opened on my bb from the button and I shoved 2.5k in with A4s and held v his K5. A5d won v JQ for a big pot.Kings again and they hold! It's a goddamn mother fuckin' miracle.Behold am I actually experiencing the "H" word? Heeeeeeturrrrr! 93o/s bb special when I flop two pair v limped Aces and AJ. Money goes in on the flop and for the first time in my life I was happy not to see a fine pair....on the board.1010 beating AJ took me to 350k in chips.AK beating 55 doubled that plus a few steals meant I was hanging around 8-12th place.

It was already $456 for 12th so I took a slug of Cola out of a bottle in the fridge around 2am to stop my brain completely fuzzing over and hung on for the final table.Once there I raised the first hand after the break but probably took it too easy after that.I was pretty card dead though, and didn't have a big enough stack to raise/fold or make many moves.

With the blinds rising fast I nursed my stack along, managed to steal a few more pots and watched the rest of the table destroy each other until we got 4 handed.Pretty standard as the shortstack to shove my last 400k in with KQ and run into AJ. Hit my King on the flop,had a quick glance to see it was a 779k pot and to begin to dream of pushing on from 2nd or 3rd place.... just before the Stars 14 Ace deck duly delivered that pocket rocket right up ma poker rectum.Roond Ye!

Ding Dong.....Ship the $4111.96 though!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

2nd in Stars $3 Rebuy MTT for $2935

I had a half written post about the pain of crashing out the Stars $11 Rebuy $40k Gtd in 11th place after getting KK in v AQ,the flop coming K 8 8 and the villain hitting runner runner Aces to make a better full house, but now I have a wee score to write about instead I don't need tell that bad beat story...

Last Friday night I gave up on Mtt's and 14 tabled 45/180 player turbo sng's instead.On Saturday evening I gave up giving up Mtt's and registered for my usual 25-30 games.I'm glad I did!

The $3 Rebuy ( $20k Gtd)lasted over 9 hours,finishing around 5am and as I didn't have the lobby open and I have Stars set to close tables when I crash out I don't even have a screenshot to show my 2nd place.

I scored some fine herb earlier that day so most of the game itself is a bit of a blur.I do recall checking my stats at the final table and I'd won 13/15 hands that went to showdown and 50 pots without any showdown.One thing I didn't do was load up more tables when my other tourneys finished which meant I was able to focus as fully as is possible after about 15 fat smelly blue cheese smokes!

As usual the decent money payouts didn't start until the final table and to be honest I had a fairly easy ride of it when I did get there due to one player with a huge stack running over the table and when he didn't raise I did.He knocked out the 3rd and 4th place in one hand and had a big lead when we got heads up.I doubled up once before losing with Aces.The extra $1k for first would have been nice but after my recent run I'm happy with 2nd and a $3k score.

I also played enough poker on Stars last month to hit "goldstar" which isn't too bad for a weekend warrior.( as the pro sharks like to call us part-time fish!)

Ok,thanks for reading.Back soon...

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