Sunday, January 31, 2010

Baby Nephew/Niece!

Yeah,yeah I'm a sentimental old git! There is a poker connection though.If you download my baby nephew/nieces heartbeat and say the words "Rush Poker" aloud,the heartbeat speeds up dramatically! Click on the post title to download. Thanks again to Juice for the help with how to post it.

My only responsibility as a prospective Uncle so far is to buy a Moses basket.All good as long as it doesn't need assembling in any way as I couldn't put a nut in a monkeys mouth!

Ok,no poker to write of today so here are a couple of cracking letters sent into the Sunday Post ( average reader age aprox 74).First up is someones very own Shawshank tale complete with a plot twist...

Your story about the Fife mine disaster reminded me of when I was a lad in Yorkshire. Sweets were scarce, but every Friday the father of one of our pals called at a sweet shop and bought sweeties for his son to share out. It was the treat of the week and we so looked forward to it. However, one Friday we were all waiting outside our friend’s house when he came out crying — his father had been killed under a collapsed roof. Sweets were the last thing on our minds — we were all in tears.

R. Frost, Blackpool.

Most of the "funny story" letters sent in to the Post are so unfunny they actually raise a smile.Here's Gilberts side splitting letter..

When my grandson said he was bored, off the cuff I said, “I’m half board”. My wife then said, “I’m full board”, followed by my son who proclaimed he was sideboard. My daughter joined in next declaring she was cardboard. By this time my grandson was no longer bored and we all had a good laugh.

Gilbert Brown, Leeds

The Sunday Post letters are genuine ( though I reckon R Frost is a lying old tosser) unlike the legendary Viz letters page...

According to Nietzsche, "That which does not kill me makes me stronger". I'm sure my grandad would not agree. He suffered a series of massive strokes in the early '90s which have left him an incontinent vegetable for the past 12 years.

A Thorne, Sandbach

They say "you can't judge a book by its cover". What nonsense. The last edition of High School An@l that I bought featured a young lady stuffing a big one up her bomb-bay on the front page, and this turned out to be an excellent indication of the contents.

Mark Roberts

"One pound a week will supply water for an entire village in Tanzania" says Oxfam. So how come United Utilities charge me twenty pounds a month for my three bedroom semi? The fleecing b@st@rds!!!

Tracey Cusick, Cumbria

The 2+2 forum has a lot to answer for too.Who would have thought this song could be so addictive and who knew that horses tasted of raisins...

Back soon with another Rush poker post....

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Question Time

Aghh ,hit the publish button by mistake! Apologies if you read this post on a reader before I deleted and tried again!

Not much going on this week.I did receive a vaguely threatening letter from my workplace asking that I get in touch to arrange a meeting with the head honcho re their concerns about my fitness and "potential ability to carry out your work".I also had a call from my new manager who tried to assure me the letter was standard.I'll speak to the Union before calling the boss on Monday.I still have a painful lump at the base of my back and will probably pay for my own ultra-scan if I don't get an appointment card through from the NHS very soon.My new manager also mentioned they are offering everyone a years salary to leave again and I suppose taking that would be a last resort if I can't get fit and it looks like they're going to fire me.

To the poker and after a good start playing Rush poker my AK fell to 1010 and my JJ lost to AK to set me back a couple of $50 buy-ins.I did manage to claw most of that back late last night,playing 400 hands before bed.

Here's a quick Pokertracker Hud question for my more techie readers.On Stars if I fire up four sngs and start the HUD I have to sit in the seat Stars allocates me as the HUD stats don't move if I change seat.If I do move everyone has someone else's stats showing instead of their own.It's possible to right click and move the stats manually to the correct player but that's an awful lot of messing around when 4 tabling.Any ideas anyone?

On the subject of techie stuff the Blogger format allows videos to be posted.My Mum sent me an audio file ( amr. if that means anything) of my new nephew/nieces heartbeat and I keep getting an error message when trying to post it here.None of my family read my blog ( though I did give my sister the url a while back)and I realise it's of no interest to readers but I'd love to somehow embed the file into a post to keep.I don't do guest posts but I like the idea of giving my forthcoming relative an early start in the blogging world! Again,any ideas appreciated!

Other answers my knowledgeable readers may know? Does anyone know whatever happened to Surflexus of the DearPokerdiary blog? He's not posted since Aug '08 and I've been wondering about his absence for a while now.He played a few Brit Blogger games back in the day and used to comment regularly here and on other blogs. I nearly asked Kat ( also a Canadian blogger) at last weeks Bloggerment table, but I thought I'd look like an idiot if I'd missed any really bad news etc! ( hope not obviously)

It looks like I may have to set my alarm for an early start this Sunday to cheer on Andy Murray in his Aussie Open Final v Federer.He's in the best form of his life at the moment and although beating the greatest tennis player of all time won't be easy I reckon the wee lad from just up the road can do it! Gaun yersel Andy!

Righty I'd better get back to the poker tables and try and earn enough to let me keep up with my latest addiction.Honestly do yourself a favour reader and treat yourself to some Silver Needle white tea.I get it from Adagio and have just placed another order.The taste is a dream,it's benefits are incredible and it's guaranteed to make you run better at da pokers.

I'm off to brew up.Back soon...

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Dudley Does-Right!

Thanks to all who showed up for this weeks Bloggerment on Stars and well done to me for finally....winning a hand in that game. I managed to finish 2nd,beaten by Dudley, the man with no raise button! Here's a pic of him celebrating his fine win...

Obviously the excitement overwhelmed him in the end though...

After the fun of the Bloggerment I moved to the Rush tables on Full Tilt and decided to try some $100nl 6 max.I almost never take shots ( a $109 sng last year was my sole shot!) and fancied seeing if I could do the degen thing and build a small roll quickly.I built my $100 to $118 and just as I was about to rathole ( take the profit and buy back in for $100) I picked up QQ,got it in preflop v AK and of course the King came on the flop.I rebought ,regrouped and a short time later I managed to win nearly a full buy-in when I flopped a set of Queens v a guy with AQ.I ended up making that my last hand and hitting the sack.

Today my Silver Needles White Tea arrived and what a damn fine brew it is! It tastes fantastic and despite the price,I'll be ordering some more soon.

After brewing up I hit the $22's on Party,managed to play 12 in just over 1 1/2 hrs and made about $100.I assume I must be seen as a regular on there by some as it was quite frustrating to load up 6 tables,start playing on 3 and have nobody join me on the other three.They started yet another table and filled it instead!

Away from the poker I picked Nacho up yesterday from his weekend with Step A and all hell was breaking loose when I arrived.She was swearing and calling her Dad all sorts because he was trying to have a discussion with her mum ( the ex Mrs Acorn) about Step A missing school.It's so tough as Step A is obviously a desperately upset kid without her Mum around, but her Dad ( nice enough bloke but not the sharpest tool in the box) is struggling to stay on top of things.Her Mum is back on Thurs for a few days ( first time she'll have seen Step A since she left for England in Sept) and hopefully she'll sense and either move back here or take the wee one down South with her.I'd hate to see her go ( the wee one) but she can't go on missing school,drinking,ranting at her Dad etc.

After the initial shouting match with her Dad was over I chatted to her as she played COD:MW2 and I've arranged to take her for a Mc'ds tomorrow evening.She's a good kid and teenage stuff is hard enough to deal with as it is without your Mum buggering off to go and live with someone she met on the net.

Righty,the s-man is coming over for some more Modern Warfare tonight.I may also try and make the first Stars Blogger game of the series.

Back soon..

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

PLO Tonight,Bloggy Sunday

I won't make the PLO game tonight as the s-man is coming over for our usual COD:MW2 fest so it looks like I'll need to leave it to PLO King Dudley to take it down again! ( hope ye like the link mate) I have registered for The Bloggerment though and I'm looking forward to the usual Sunday night donkery.( usually from me!)

The back pain I'm suffering from after the accident is really starting to wear me down at times.The pills and weed help but between that and the numb bit on my knee I still don't feel in great physical shape.I'll be watching todays Gers game at this link .( it also shows live English games including todays Burnley v Reading game!)

On the poker front I've only played three turbo sngs since I started playing "Rush Poker" on Full Tilt and I found them quite slow after putting in 5k Rush hands this week.( took 15 hours) One wee tip I'd give is to check the lobby beforehand and make a note of the guys/gals playing 4 tables.If they raise..I fold! Here's how it's going so far.Great for the first 4k hands and not so good over the last 1k.

I usually play 3-4 tables at the $22 turbo sng's and I'm going to try and add a few more using the "stacking" method.The difference this time is that I'm going to keep the same seat on each table and see if that makes multi-tabling easier for me.

Away from the poker Nacho had a shower yesterday ( not keen at all!)and afterwards I dropped him off to spend the weekend with Step A.She has been missing school again and although her Mum is visiting next week for a few days,I don't think she's coping that well with the separation.( and no bloody wonder,she's only 15) I've arranged to take her for a Mc'd's on Tuesday and hopefully I can persuade her to show some ambition and try and work for her upcoming exams.

I'm a huge fan of herbal teas.White tea is my favourite and I've just bitten the bullet and shelled out £5.99 for 15 Silver Needle tea bags as they are supposed to be the best in the world.At that price I hope they're being hand delivered by Billie Piper ( man she looked hot on tv last night).Wot? Pics or gtfo? I've obviously spent too long on the 2+2 forum recently..

One last question for fellow bloggers.I'm sure we all appreciate getting comments.Although I write mainly for myself, it's nice to know people actually take time out of their busy days to read what's on my mind.Originally spam comments were obvious, but I'm getting more from guys like Danny on my last post which seem genuine and actually show he's read my post, however clicking his name still links to some casino/gambling website.Genuine or just a more subtle way of spamming?

Thanks for reading.Back soon....

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rush Poker

I don't like change.My latest Tesco shopping arrived yesterday and even my Shreddies ( my fav cereal) are now being made using a "scrumptious new recipe".If I hadn't liked the old recipe I wouldn't have been buying them for the last 20 years.My workplace is the same.Centralise one week and a new broom the next week decides the local approach would be fresh and innovative in a dynamic fast changing environment.( Is there ever any other type of environment in business?) He/she gets booted out 6 months later and it's back to the previous approach which is now seen as the fresh,innovative...blah blah blah.

Where's this going? Well I read Burnley Mik's thread on RTR re the new Rush Poker game on Full Tilt and decided to give it a wee go with little expectation.Tripjax has a great post covering Rush Poker and I'd highly recommend clicking the link and having a quick read.So great in fact that I hope he doesn't mind me copy/pasting the "how it works" bit from his post!

"Rush Poker is a cash game where you are added to a queue of a ton of other players. When you start play, you have one table of action. When you fold, you are immediately moved to a new table in the same room to begin a new hand. There could be upwards of 2000+ players in one room, so there are always new hands starting. Also, there is an option to quick fold, which means even if the action has not gotten to you, you can quick fold and move on to the next hand".

As it's been years ( a couple at least) since I was a $50nl 6max regular I fired up a Rush 6 max $25nl table and finally made it to bed at 4am after completing 2270 hands in just a few hours playing one table! The format is perfect for donks like me who struggle to play more than 4 tables without losing the plot.Stats wise I played an 18 vpip/13 pfr game and finished $88 up overall.( most of that profit came in the first 500 hands)

No reads,no HUD and yet I still love it.I love not seeing when I would have flopped a monster as I'm already playing the next hand if I fold.I think the dynamic when heads up in a pot is different to standard poker because if a pot gets heads up it's only the two players left in the pot who follow the action.( those who folded move on and are already playing another hand at another table) There's no table image to worry about and I'm finding strategies like donk leading into a preflop raiser are working better because if the preflop bettor had missed the flop he knows nobody apart from the other player in the hand sees him make a "weak fold" and he also knows that with one click he's on a new table with a new hand and his ego isn't hurt knowing the rest of the table saw him "back down" to a reraise.

I did suffer a few painful beats over those 2k hands, but as a turbo sng player I'm used to losing coin flips and enduring a ton of bad beats on every session so I found it quite easy to recover mentally when I did lose a buy-in.To be fair I usually have $66-$88 on the tables at one time when 3-4 tabling the $22's so perhaps losing a $25 buy-in isn't going to hurt much anyway.

It does feel more like a video game than poker at times such is the speed and the lack of reads can frustrate occasionally.Here's a hand I should maybe have gone with as I under represented my Aces by just cold calling the initial preflop raise.Folding did feel a bit nitty but my cash game is still rusty and obviously I would have had a better idea where I stood if I had reraised preflop...

Full Tilt Poker Game #17725334368: Table Warp Speed (6 max) - $0.10/$0.25 - No Limit Hold'em - 11:58:50 ET - 2010/01/19
Seat 1: Acornman ($59.11)
Seat 2: dardai784 ($83.95)
Seat 3: mapouille68 ($31.39)
Seat 4: uPayMyHyundai ($66.30)
Seat 5: Whos Da Pro ($51.17)
Seat 6: sfc21 ($33.64)
mapouille68 posts the small blind of $0.10
uPayMyHyundai posts the big blind of $0.25
The button is in seat #2
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Acornman [As Ah]
Whos Da Pro has 8 seconds left to act
Whos Da Pro raises to $0.85
sfc21 folds
Acornman calls $0.85
dardai784 calls $0.85
mapouille68 folds
uPayMyHyundai folds
*** FLOP *** [6d Js 9d]
Whos Da Pro bets $2.75
Acornman raises to $6
dardai784 raises to $16.50
Whos Da Pro has 15 seconds left to act
Whos Da Pro folds
Acornman folds

Ok,I'm too tired to write anymore! Just time to say thanks to all who played in Sundays Bloggerment.It was good to see some more new faces too.I've linked up TheWookieWay as promised and if anyone else would like to swap links just let me know.

Back soon...

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bloggerment + PLO game tonight...

I've also registered for the RaisetheRiver PLO game at 8pm on Stars ( pass:snowing) although I'm going for a pub dinner with my family at 6pm so I may be a little late for that one.

After playing very little poker in Nov and Dec I have stepped it up a wee bit over the last week or so and ending last night with a couple of wins at $22 and $33 meant things are looking a bit rosier on the bankroll front.

For any readers not familiar with poker it's a game played against other people where the house make their profits from the rake paid when entering a game.The $22 games I play at Party are actually $20 games with additional $2 rake going to Party Poker.I don't often give the rake much thought ( some sites offer a % of rakeback as an incentive)but if I'm making aprox $2 per game at a 10% Roi ( return on investment)it strikes me there's a big difference between paying $2 to enter a $22 on Party and the $1 fee Pokerstars charge for their $15+$1 sit and go's.I have looked at other sites with rakeback but very few seem to have the SNG player traffic required to be able to play sngs over $20 without waiting hours for the tables to fill.

On the football front I was delighted to see Rangers go 9 points clear at the top of the league yesterday.Monkeyheid's team still have a game in hand and there's a long way to go yet but it's quite amusing that for all our rivals gloating about my teams financial worries,we're still Champions and are looking good for title number 53.

I finally got round to buying a bluetooth headset for my PS3.From now on any 10 yr old squeaking about what a "noob" I am after blasting me in the head wont get away without a resounding lecture on respecting their elders.I expect my PS3 message box to be flooded by apologies from such kiddies....

Using the headset did make me wonder why poker sites don't use any kind of voice chat.It would certainly liven up the games a bit to hear people going ape after bad beats and as with the PS3 there would always be the option to mute any other player.

Back soon...

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Are you Neville in disguise?

I was back at the Docs yesterday for a further 3 week sick line and a referral to get an ultra-sound scan done on my back.This means I'm going to miss the upcoming RTR meet which is annoying, especially as I would have had tons of spending money after remortgaging my flat and placing all the money on Gary Neville to become Burnley manager.Gary certainly looks a little older,fatter and seems to have changed his name to Brian, but I have faith in Bullmeisters tips and I'm sure the Neviller will remove his Brian mask in time for the bookies to pay out...

On the poker front I've been on a 15-20 buy-in downswing over the last few days and this has left me up only a couple of hundred dollars since the start of November.Running horribly isn't nice but I've been playing long enough now to be able to pretty much take it in my stride and not get too deflated.

To help relieve some of the frustration ( I'm not going to pretend losing 20 buy-ins doesn't affect me at all) I played a $6 turb and tried out a looser more aggressive early game strategy.For stats geeks I ran at 45 vpip/25 pfr over 24 hands and quickly built up a stack, only to lose it when my JJ fell to A8 V the other big stack donkey.Good fun though!

The s-man was round the other night and was on the phone to his sister who has just had a baby.The s-man asked if BA had visited her yet.I found it funny to think his Mum would have been about the same age as we are now when she gained that nickname for her futile efforts to tame the S-man.I blame Al Eleven although for some reason I'm sure she thought I was the main bad influence! Even funnier that the s-man and his sis still call her by her A-Team name instead of Mum! ( well I think so anyway!)

How bad an influence was I? SWIM ( Someone who isn't me!) recalls SWITSM ( Someone who isn't the s-man) visiting their workplace ,Texas Homecare ( now Homebase),and running amok,taking drinks from the pantry,playing pool in the canteen and making daft tannoy announcements all whilst so high on speed their jaws were locked for about a month.

Between daft episodes like that and SWIM driving over the cats eyes in the middle of a dual carriageway to try and keep a straight line as SWIM had taken some fine double dip strawberry acid tabs and was yelling about how this is just like scalextrixs...

Ok,thanks for reading and don't forget to register for this weeks Bloggerment on Stars at 9PM and for the RaisetheRiver PLO game kicking off at 8pm.( password:snowing)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Playing with the Pro's

I played two private tourneys on Stars last night.The first was The Bloggerment and it was good to see my mate Al Eleven taking stacks with rags as usual! ( though I do recall running a fine hammer bluff on him) He messaged me later to say he'd won and I wasn't surprised!

About 1/2hr in I also began the Float the Turn league game and had one hell of a tough table to contend with.John Dayton,Hot Jenny,Party Hair and other Super Nova 5 Star guys who talked of polyphasic sleep cycles to ensure they are sharp enough for 16 hour online poker sessions were my competition.Party Hair was chatting about 50 tabling ( yes that's playing 50 games at the same time!) and playing 130 $38-$60 games in one session which I found pretty mind blowing.He also mentioned he'd dropped $2k over the last hour and lol'd at his chances of winning a coin flip.Made me feel better about donking out the $5 blogger game! Other guys at my table were playing 24 tables alongside the league game.Yeah just the 24 tables.Pussies!

I reraised a couple of blind steals early on to try and send the message that I wasn't going to be pushed around and I felt I managed to hold my own most of the time.After the break I had just under 2k and had folded instead of pushing when folded to me a couple of times to try and keep up a tight image in order to steal when required.With the blinds at 75/150 and just over 10bb left I shoved J8d from the small blind and ran into the big blinds KK.Baaaa!

Reading their chat about real grinding made me realise once again just what a small fish I am in a huge pond.What also struck me is that even when at the PCA ( Pokerstars tourney in the Bahamas)these guys are still grinding the tables for hours and hours.( I'd be on the beach!)

Anyways I fired up six $22's on Party and won about $50 before bed.I did go to bed feeling inspired by the pro's and intended getting up today and trying to grind solidly for 4-5 hours instead of surfing the net and watching crappy day-time tv.I've not started yet...but I will!

There's a thread on Raisetheriver re making The Bloggerment a PLO game one week and I'd be interested to read any comments on that.I mentioned it to Mr Cloud in the chat last night and we both feel the PLO format just wouldn't attract enough players.( we've averaged about 13 over the last few weeks playing No Limit)

Back soon...

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Register for Sunday's Bloggerment!

Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker! The WBCOOP is a free online Poker tournament open to all Bloggers, so register on WBCOOP to play.

Registration code: 655839

I thought I'd write a quick post today as I'm tired of clicking on peoples blogs to read their latest post and being hit with only the Pokerstars ad for the blogger game! Yeah,I'm tired,angry ( ok,not really!)and want to read a real post before I crack and call someone a sick disgusting raping beast on Pocket 5's! ( yeah that's actually a compliment in todays kiddie forum speak!)

Last night I'd arranged a sweat session with one of my poker playing mates and we used Teamviewer to allow me to watch him playing on Pokerstars and vice versa.We were both pretty clueless when it came to getting the remote viewing thing working, although I think I missed a trick when asking for his password ( I meant for the teamviewer thing) and he offered his Stars password! I recall then asking for his bank account + pin number but it wasn't forthcoming...

Anyway with our laptops running slower than a week in the jail we found it worked better if he watched me play and I hit up the $16, 9 man turbo games on Stars and the donkery began.I did run into a few beats/coolers as expected, but managed to win three from the ten games played to finish the night in profit.Playing ultra-tight early/aggro loose late on and the joys of Pokertracker 3 + HUD were probably the main talking points.

My mate couldn't believe PT3 was actually legal to use and not banned by the poker sites.The trick is to use PT3 as additional help and not to rely soley on the stats it produces.In all honesty though Sngs ( certainly up to the $33 level I've played) are quite simple games and as bad as it sounds I can watch tv,surf the net and still make money just shoving/folding at the right times late in the game,using mainly the HUD ( Heads up Display) for my reads.

Perhaps that's partly why I don't put in enough volume.Most of my sng decisions are automatic and it's not often I really have to think very deeply about my moves.It's really only when battling other regular players that I need to mix it up on occasion to help balance the ranges they're putting me on.( yeah spite calls are great!)

I hope that doesn't come across as arrogant and certainly I obviously win more paying 100% attention to everything going on at the table, but the winning formula for Sng's just isn't very exciting and as a hobby player I do find motivation hard to come by at times.

Ok,thanks for reading and don't forget to register for tomorrows Bloggerment on Stars...

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Friday, January 08, 2010

You're still a...

I thought poker players were egotistical until I read a blog post from a World of Warcraft player. What a complete tool.Writing about being overwhelmed by fans in an internet cafe he says ,"but all of them had one thing in common: they were complete scrubs in-game. I don't really mean that in a negative way, either. They all seemed pretty nice and funny, but their characters all seemed like they had just freshly dinged 80, yet they've been playing since the release of Wrath." He seems stunned that these "scrubs" are actually nice people in real life and probably a lot more rounded than he is.

I suppose when it comes to COD:Modern Warfare 2 I'm a bit of a scrub,a tard or a newbie.Yeah it's more fun killing than being killed but hey,it's only a video game and as long as I'm enjoying it I'm going to play.Best not to take it too seriously.....

On the subject of taking things too seriously I thought I'd share the narrative from a high level intellectual debate I had with a fellow Motorstorm player on the PS3 via the message system.

Villain: "Don't attempt to punch me again,I will always win in those situations"

Me: Cock

Villain: You threw the punch,and I still won the race....I'm pretty sure that makes you the cock.

Me: You're still a cock.

End of correspondence!

From the tone of his messages I thought I'd probably insulted a 12yr old kid and felt a bit guilty, but I googled his name and he's actually 24!

To the poker and I played six $22's one Wednesday night without cashing before winning a couple and breaking even overall.Last night I moved to Stars for a change and went 0/3 at the $16's before bed.

I did finally finish the Victoria Coren
book and I'd highly recommend it.I'm going to lend it to my Mum next and hopefully it will inspire her to not be so scared to play live!

Back soon...

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Tuesday, January 05, 2010


I swapped Playstation3 usernames with Step A a while ago and finally got round to sending her a "friend invite".She accepted and yesterday I sent a "hello COD noob" message on the PS3 network and received the reply " and u r?".( good news that she wasn't willing to start chatting freely to just anyone!) " Ldo,Nacho's Dad" got a "lol Hi" reply.I was trying to be cool with the "ldo" which I discovered this week is forum speak for "Like,Duh,Obvious".I think I blew any semblance of cool though, when I noticed her name tag online included the word "Legendery" and couldn't resist messaging her the correct spelling and the instruction to pay more attention to English at school!

My conjunctivitis was so bad last night I could barely see out of my left eye and that's my excuse for running badly at Call of Duty when the s-man was round.I managed three $22's after he left before deciding it was just stupid to play with only one good eye.

My leg does feel much better at least and although I can't quite sleep on my right side it no longer hurts too much during the day.The main problem I have left is the feckin lump at the base of my back on the right side as it still hurts and seems to flare up even more when I do too much.My latest sick line runs out next week and I'm really hoping this painful lump will go down or be better by then.I'm going to call for a Docs appointment tomorrow and hopefully she can refer me for some physio to sort it if required.My Mum bought me a "Tens Machine" but in truth I find using it sore and as it's supposed to relieve pain I've given up on it for now.

Righty I've used the eyedrops and I'm off to find out if my UAV is online....!

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Monday, January 04, 2010

He Dives to the Left...

I did make it to the Old Firm game yesterday and despite hurting like hell today it was worth it to see the Scottish Champions pick up a point and retain our 7 point lead at the top of the league.( especially as we were missing several key players)

Here's a taste of the Worlds biggest football derby game ( not my vid) showing our equaliser and our keeper Alan "Big Shagger" Mcgregor's amazing save which kept us in it.Probably not safe for work.

I did seem to pick up a touch of conjunctivitis again ( both eyes this time) so apart from watching a couple of Ken Burton COD Vids I hit the tables instead of COD.I had played around 30 sngs on Saturday,ran like crap and began to wonder if I'd ever win money again at poker!

Last night at the virtual felt was a lot better.I made a few hundred dollars and have also nearly earned enough points to clear another bonus.After I took this screenshot I played three more sngs and of course got screwed in them all.

I also played The Bloggerment last night but having just played a few $22 turbos I wasn't really in the mood for a $5 standard speed game and ended up donking out just after Kronsdat took the monkey home for coming last.I've just checked just now and congrats to Hammerheid on taking it down.

After the bloggy I watched Taylor lift the World Darts Championship for the 15th time and then hit the $22's again for a while before bed.

Back soon...

Edit: Ahhh who says the games are getting tougher? ( and yeah I was only completing the sb for pot odds and to try and hit two pair/straight etc.)

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