Saturday, May 11, 2013

Cold Fact

The monthly VIP points statement from Stars shows I played 514 Sngs in April and 252 Mtt's.Not bad for a weekend warrior! I mentioned before my poker goal of achieving the $100k in cashes badge on Pocket Fives and I'm over half way there now at $58,419 in total tourney cashes.Of course as they say in the business world about turnover and profit, in poker it's cashes for show and profits for dough too and that can't be forgotten.

I also played in the @RFCfanspoker play money game again last Sunday and took it down this time.The funny thing about that was that I was also playing 7-8 real money tourneys at the same time but found myself mainly focussing on the free game.So much for only playing for the money.Looking forward to including it again as part of my Sunday grind and hopefully The Big Chap will get himself on Stars in time to play too.Info below from the guy who runs the game if fellow bluenoses are interested in playing...

No money needed as games will be free.

~~Next FREE tournament is Sunday night at 8pm~~

You can invite friends and family to join but they must be Bears... NO TIMS ALLOWED!!

- If you don't already have it, download the free PokerStars software from
- Open the main poker lobby, then click on the Home Games tab
- Click the 'Join a Poker Club' button
- Enter my Club ID number: 739960
- Enter my Invitation Code: wearethepeople1872

That's it! Once I've approved your membership request, we'll be ready to start playing Home Games online together.

On the real money front I cashed out enough the other day to pay a few bills including the annual council tax,car tax,car insurance and my Rangers season ticket.It means I only have about $2k left on Stars now and won't be playing many $27's and $33 tourneys.That's the downside but it's also nice to feel like all the hours I put in playing poker actually have a real life benefit too.

Last nights grind at the virtual felt actually started quite well as big hands held up and I won a few flips.In the end though I only managed a few small Mtt cashes including coming 22nd from 2647 runners in a wee $5,$10k Gtd Turbo for $40.What cash out curse? Ahh that one! Later on a second place in a $8 180 Turbo Sng for $264 and a couple of other 45 player turbo final tables covered most of the evenings buy-ins.

Away from the poker I'm looking forward to going to see Pink Floyd tribute band "Pond Floyd" at the Glasgow Classic Grand next week.Managed to persuade the S-man to drive and I've already warned him he'd better buy some damn effective air fresheners! I can't believe it's nearly 20 years since I went to Paris in '94 with an ex to see the real Floyd.The tribute band have tweeted that Dark Side of the Moon is going to be in the spotlight for their gig and I'm one lunatic looking forward to being on the grass next weekend.

On the subject of weed and good music Two Pies and I watched the "Searching for Sugarman" documentary last weekend and I'd highly recommend it.It's about an American musician who makes a couple of superb albums in the 70's ( sounds a bit like Dylan only with a better voice).The albums don't sell and he's not heard of again....except in South Africa where a bootleg copy of his first release becomes a huge hit.The less you actually know about this amazing story before seeing it the better so just buy the dvd and don't google it.

Ok,thanks for reading.Back soon...

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Thursday, May 02, 2013


If only blogging was like twitter and I could simply pick somebody else's clever witty blog post and repost it instead of having to come up with my own not so witty or clever bollocks to write about.

To my surprise I'm actually quite liking the twitter thing ( @Heavysprinkles) so far.One day I may even get the hang of all the lingo and all the hashtag trending stuff.I can also make the confident prediction that many of the twittering teenage girls of today will be able to set a world record for the "largest group cringe in history" if they all get together in 10 years and read their "Oh Justin I'm so proud of you" tweets from 2013! I'm just glad twitter wasn't around when my walls and ceiling were covered in Madonna posters 25 yrs ago. "I'd just stay in and play with my titties all day" #IfIwasMadonna

The @RFCfanspoker play money game last Sunday was good fun too although I did feel a bit tongue tied when someone mentioned they'd read my blog ( link is on my twitter page).At least I've cured another case of insomnia.My only gripe was that I came 3rd and when the top 3 result was tweeted later someone else was credited with 3rd place! I've not seen it mentioned as breaking news yet but perhaps the words media are waiting for the outcome of the judicial review I've demanded on the basis of good old "sporting integrity"! Not that I'm being over competitive or taking a play money game too seriously...

Not much to shout about over the last few weeks at the real money poker.I did make gold star on Stars for the second month running and will hopefully earn enough vpp's to take another shot at the big $55 again soon.It's probably just variance but I'm also doing far better at the 45 player turbo's ( $7 and $15) than I am at the 180's, but I suppose it only takes a couple of 180 wins to make up for an awful lot of nasty exits.

I did have one moment of Deja vu at the tables last weekend when I happened to notice someone saying hello in the chat as I was playing a load of tables.Yes it was just like old Bloggerment times as Mair38 and I stole each others blinds on a regular basis! The Bloggerment numbers dropped near the end of its run but we did get 40 runners at one point and I wonder if it would be worth bringing it back as a one off game to see if we could get a few old faces back round the virtual table.I suppose with social media moving on and hardly anyone blogging about poker these days it may need to be renamed the Twitterment Tourney!

Not much else going on.Had a bit of a shit week at work and looking forward to the long weekend and being part of the biggest football crowd in the UK on Saturday to watch us play Berwick and get presented with the 3rd Division League Trophy.For me it's more of a first step on the long road back to our rightful place at the top of Scottish football than being about a big celebration but Two Pies ( cousin) and I are certainly going to enjoy the day.

Thanks for reading.Back soon..

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