Monday, April 30, 2007

Keeping Mum?

Thanks to all who played in last nights Britbloggerment game and congrats to Spid ( Mias dad) for beating me heads up to take the title!

As usual please see the links on the right for some quality write ups as the dog ate my extensive notes...

I do recall AK winning v 1010 and I also remember making a couple of decent laydowns too.When we got heads up Spid had nearly double my stack and I tried to keep plugging away to close the gap.I got lucky when I went all in on a steal with "The Doyle" 102 off and beat Spids better hand ( soz I don't remember what it was) when I spiked my 10.

That gave me the lead and when we got it all in on the next hand with my 88 v QK I'd like to say I could taste the glory, but I've been playing long enough to know that chickens should never be counted in this game, and sure enough Spid hit his King on the flop to give him a big lead again.

A few hands later I pushed with 56 ,hoping if he called I would have 2 live cards and not be totally dominated.Spid called with AK and even hit his King for good measure.( I'd rather have been all in with 56 then an A7 type hand).No complaints from me at all and a big well done again to Spid for taking it down.

I think an early dinner and the fact I'd warmed up with a $75 profit at a $50nl cash table ( my 55 made trips v slow played AA)helped get me in the right mood for the game and hopefully I can go one better someday soon.

I also bubbled in the 2nd chance game although to be fair I did sit out for a while due to the ongoing main game.Congrats to Dudley ( res evil) for taking it down.Next time though it has to be a turbo format or not all for the 2nd chance game as the play was so competitive even with just 7 players that it could have gone on all night!

Now onto todays other hot poker playing Mother! Yes that was the observer who told me "nh" at one point and who mentioned to me in the IM that the table "all seem to know each other".She also wrote that "that Milk bloke is going out soon I think" at one point which made me laugh.

Sorry to bore any non blogging readers ( errr that's you Dudley,S-man and Miami Mark)but do my fellow online ghey poker dairy writers give their blog addys to the family to read?

For the most part I'm fairly sure there's not much to be ashamed of here, but if I want to write about my feelings ( ok,so maybe that's a rare occasion)about Mrs A,Step A or my parents etc ,then I'd like to feel I'm free to do so, without having to feel constrained by knowing who is reading.

Having said that it's only a poker blog and I felt gulity about not fully explaining the connection ( which she may guess at anyway,she's not daft)and inviting her along for the fun.

Don't get me wrong as I love my Mum to bits and love the fact that she loves poker as much as I do.We didn't get on during my teens at all due to us being so alike but we get on like a house on fire these days.( 99.9% of the time anyway!)

All thoughts and comments welcome....( quick boring stats post to follow)

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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Britbloggerment 6 + 2nd chance game

Don't forget to register for tonights game.Everyone welcome!

We've also arranged a 2nd chance game with a 10.30pm start time.Unfortunately Stars don't allow the turbo format I was looking for but that doesn't mean we can't play it that way! Password is Donkament and all welcome.

Well Rangers drew 3-3 with Hibs yesterday and later on Mrs A and I rented "The Departed" and ordered in Pizza.We both really enjoyed the movie and afterwards Mrs A insisted I play poker whilst she grabbed the tv remote to watch Springer.I could hardly complain, but I think Jerry tilt kicked in during my first $15 sng as I raised with 22 and didn't lay it down to a solid player who came over the top whilst the audience were screaming some garbage about giving Jerry a kiss.I'd like to give him a Glasgow Kiss to shut him up.

Anyway after that sng I two then three tabled $50 nl 6 max at Party before adding a couple of $100 nl tables too.( max 3 at a time).The bottom line was that I finished up about $50 for the night.This included raising with JJ ,calling an all in from the maniac type who had been raising every hand and beating his AK.This was at $100 nl and he said "nh" before questioning my call.I was tempted to justify it but another player reckoned it was a good call and I just added a wee "hmmm" before watching the villain reload and tilt off another stack.( sadly not to me!)

I lost the last hand of the night with a slight case of last hand syndrome ( a leak I'm still working on) when I raised with AQ and went all the way ( $50 nl ) against AK on an Ace high flop.Silly and preventable but we all make mistakes.It was heartening to read Sbrugbys blog and note that he mentions he tilts and makes wrong reads and mistakes at times.This is a guy playing at the very highest levels and who generally kicks ( including Phil Iveys) ass.

Just read the front of the News of the World magazine where some new bint in The Bill ( tv prog) declares she wants to be a "WAG".This is the phrase that seemed to come to the fore at the last World Cup when the players partners were described as such.Surely though she doesn't want to be a Wife And Girlfriend but a Wife Or Girlfriend.Still, I can't seem 'em putting that acronym on the front page...

I'm going to update my stats on a quick post tomorrow as I plan on playing a little today first and anything could happen....

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Saturday, April 28, 2007


Just a quick post today.I managed a 2nd and a 3rd from five $15 turbo's which boosted my 'Stars roll a little before I began three tabling $100 nl 6 max at Party.Not much to report from there as I finished $30 down after a couple of hours.I did win a buy-in at one table( wheee) and lost one at another when my Aces were cracked after a villain flopped the flush.

Once again though it did strike me as a waste to be three tabling $100 nl and earning Party points I have no use for at all.If I'm going to play a lot more $100nl then I need to get my bonus/rakeback chasing head on and begin playing more smartly.I may move back to Interpoker as they seem to have a decent reload bonus at the moment or possibly Will Hill or Absolute.Hmmmm.

My Mum was watching again for a while last night and chatting on the Yahoo IM after I showed her how to download it.At one point I used the wee smiley that shows the wee character on his back laughing."What on earth is that little creature doing?" my Mum asked,which just caused me to laugh even harder.By the time she left though she was using those damn annoying audible voice things too.

Ok,back tomorrow with a reminder for the Britbloggerment game and a monthly stats update...

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Friday, April 27, 2007

Mortgage wars go on....

I called my mortgage firm today and they have said they will only pay the transfer fee ( they overpaid my remortgage amount by £5000) and not the additional £75 arrangement fee I requested.They charged me a £499 arrangement fee to set up the remortgage in the first place.

I'm looking forward to the battle.Even if I don't win, I guarantee it will cost them more than £75 in costs by the time I'm finished.I've already requested their code of practice, details of their escalation process and Ombudsman contacts.I'll also be writing to their chairman,chief exec and janitor!

I will be asking them for a full breakdown ( in writing) of their own arrangment fee, a justification for it and why they feel they shouldn't pay me a fee for arranging to give them it back.Of course I also want an explanation as to why the error occured in the first place and the steps put in place to ensure it doesn't happen again.

I reckon I'll manage to come up with another minor ( but fairly obscure) dozen points I wish addressed too.I'm going to start with asking if they feel the signage outside my local branch is sufficently clean enough for a company of their size to be satisfied with it.

Maybe their records show that when I renewed my mortgage with them previously, I complained about the arrangement fee and eventually got them to cut it in half.Anyway time to go to war!!

To the poker and I managed another 4th in the one $15 turbo I played last night before heading off to spend some time with Mrs A.

After she went to bed I hit up two Party $50nl 6 max tables.Poker Indicator doesn't work on resized tables which is a pain but I like the using the tiling effect to see both at once.I may even have a go at 4 tabling.

Anyways I didn't play long but was lucky enough to almost double my buy-in which made up for Wednesday nights debacle.

This time KK held up but I was wondering during the hand if I'd be blogging about another of my donk moves ( yeah, mostly C's in your quiz Mr Cloud!)after possibly letting the villain catch his straight on the turn.Thankfully he had 55 and my check on the K 4 3 rainbow flop allowed him to catch his 5 on the turn and the money went in at that point and my set of Kings beat his set of fives to take it down.

This was one time I was glad I'd let the villain catch up in the hand as a big post flop bet from me would probably have won a much smaller pot.

The hand is here if anyone is interested.

I'll be taking Mrs A out for a driving lesson tonight before dropping her off at friends and hitting the tables.I may not make Kats donkamanet rebuy game tonight as I need to be up tomorrow for a trip through to Edinburgh to see Rangers play Hibs.As a season ticket holder I get 3-5 away games per season and this is my last one for this year.

As ever thanks for stopping by and don't forget to register for Sundays Britbloggerment game at 9pm bst on 'Stars.Password is donkament and everyone is welcome.

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Gers destroy cel*ic 5-0 to win Youth Cup

Just back from Hampden where a crowd of 11486 watched Rangers under 19's rip c*eltic to shreds in the Youth Cup final.Andrew Shinnie scored the first within 5 minutes before Stevie Lennon ( his proud Mum and Dad were sitting right next to us)scored the first of his three with a beautiful 35 yard lob.Dean Furman scored our other goal we should have had more.Great night for the wee Gers and probably the most enjoyable 90 mins of football I've seen this season.( our 1-0 win in the last Old
Firm game comes close!).

After getting back from Mother Acorns last night I found Miami Mark online ( soon to be San Jose Mark,congrats on the new job) and we played a $15 ,18 player turbo at Stars.I came 4th after running AJ ( all in preflop) into AA and MM was out in the next hand after running his A8 sooted into the same villains A10 soooted.

My mum was at the table watching again!If she looks for me on a Sunday evening around 9pm my days of keeping my blog to myself could be over.Hmmmm.Where's that "delete blog" button?!!

MM headed off and my Mum did too so I hit up Party 6 max $50 nl table and lost a buy-in when my Kings were scudded by 76 sooted.It wasn't an awfckit call at least but I did get my read completely wrong, which probably wasn't surprising, as Mrs A had arrived home and I was chatting to her and folding almost every hand until the cowboys came up.

I'd raised preflop with my KK and pushed all in for $37 ( doh) after the flush draw came in on the turn.I hadn't ruled out the villain having the flush entirely, but I had the King of clubs and reckoned that even if he had made it ( and for some reason I reckoned he hadn't) then I still had outs.

It was a daft move and I spent the next five mins carrying on my conversation with Mrs A and trying to smile like a kid with an icecream whilst my stomach churned inside at the money I'd just thrown away!

I'd been thinking earlier about picking a table with an low-ish average pot and trying out a more Loose Aggressive game and that thought may have influenced my all in.Still onwards and upwards...

Ok,here's a another wee funny from the paper before I go...

IT is pilots' week in Los Angeles, when television executives visit all the main studios to pitch their ideas for pilot programmes that may eventually become successful, money-spinning television series.

Our LA contact tells us that one British producer arrived off his flight, and perhaps not having his wits about him after the near 12-hour journey, told US immigration, when asked the purpose of his visit, that he was there "to shoot a pilot".

It was after a further six hours questioning that he was finally allowed to leave LAX.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wednesday witterings

I was sorry to read that Klopzi has finally packed up his blogging bags.Always a pleasure reading his stuff.

Don't forget to sign up for the next Britbloggerment game on Sunday at 9pm Bst on 'Stars.Pass:Donkament

Check out dD's ( Res evil) excellent league table in the comments section of my last post.A true reflection of the previous games.( and beautifully seems to disguise my 12th and 13th place finishes in recent weeks!)

I was a little saddened to read Cell 19's post on last weeks game, where he said he felt it was a bit of a clique in the chat box.Anyone and everyone is welcome to join in the chat and indeed the game.

To clarify,I've known Miami Mark ( Al Eleven) and Sookraboaby ( s-man) since school and I've known Juice,Rosie,Spid and Tan Orpheus through their blogs and poker for nearly 2 years now.I've met Juice and he is a top geezer and a total gem of a bloke.( he even let me whup him 10-0 at pool!).

I only know the others through their blogs and from the five bloggerment games we've played so far.( and Res Evil as he's my reader!)

The banter so far in these games has been great but if players don't feel like participating in that side of the game then I'm 100% fine with that too.I'm also aware that chatboxes are not like voice chat and it's far easier for meanings to get lost or misconstrued.( there must be 50 ways to leave the table!)

I'm really pleased we've managed to get nearly 20 players in each game so far, but I'm realistic enough to know that like any family or community ,there will be the odd fallout etc too.

For example, we can all post hands all day long outing donkeys we play with ,but it's only in blogger games that the donkeys answer back! One man/womans genuis move is anothers fishy donk wtf moment.Actually, to be fair, everyone has accepted their beats superbly so far and are a credit to themselves and the blogger game.

On the topic of blogger games, I read Joe Speakers rant on bloggers spewing off chips because they have to leave, and how he feels this goes against the spirit of the game.In my opinion if you have bought into a game then you can do whatever you like with your chips,however I can see that it would be frustrating to lose out in such a situation.There's not many certainties in poker and no hand is 100% to win so even if a player has stated they are leaving,it's still a judgement call how you play against them and with what.Any thoughts?

To the poker and I've played a few hours at the cash tables this week at Party,Stars and Ladbrokes.I will be looking around soon for bonus/rakeback deals at other sites, as I make the move back to making cash my main game again.Tourneys for show and cash for dough certainly seems to be a true statement.I've weaned myself off the Laddys late night crapshoot and I'm enjoying my time back at the 6 max tables.

I have stepped up to $100nl a few times although if I can find a juicy $50 nl table I still prefer sit there.I'm also getting used to the cash game swings again.I always feel I have to post every win/loss here otherwise I'm not painting a true picture of my game.I've lost about $40 in dribs and drabs but I'm well up overall for this week.These hands helped...

I was two tabling Party $50nl on Monday night when this happened....

***** Hand History for Game 5905227442 *****
0/0 Texas Hold'em Game Table (NL) - Mon Apr 23 20:01:39 EDT 2007
Table Table 128322 (Real Money) -- Seat 5 is the button
Total number of players : 5
Seat 1: Darando ( $99.95)
Seat 2: babbo444 ( $17.15)
Seat 3: antouane ( $37.52)
Seat 5: Madafu333 ( $139.04)
Seat 6: Acornmn ( $68.50)
Acornmn posts small blind (0.25)
Darando posts big blind (0.50)
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to Acornmn [ Qs, Qh ]
babbo444 calls (0.50)
antouane raises (2.50) to 2.50
Madafu333 calls (2.50)
Acornmn raises (11.75) to 12 >>It had been a fairly loose ,wild table and I thought ( wrongly) I probably had the best hand.

Darando ( had AA) calls (11.50)>> Just calls with Aces.A large reraise/all in may have won it for him here.

babbo444 folds.
antouane calls (9.50)
Madafu333 calls ( had 1010) (9.50)
** Dealing Flop ** : [ 5h, 6s, Qc ]

>> Bingo! Time to lead out and hope my bet looks weak....

Acornmn bets (10)

Darando raises (87.95) to 87.95 >>>> Yeeeeeha!

Darando is all-In.
antouane folds.

Madafu333 calls (87.95)>>>Surprised he came along for the ride

Acornmn calls (46.50)
Acornmn is all-In.
** Dealing Turn ** : [ Qd ]

>> Dem quad biatches! Ship it!

** Dealing River ** : [ 3s ]
Creating Main Pot with $216 with Acornmn
Creating Side Pot 1 with $62.90 with Darando
** Summary **
Main Pot: $216 | Side Pot 1: $62.90 | Rake: $2
Board: [ 5h 6s Qc Qd 3s ]

Darando balance $62.90, bet $99.95, collected $62.90, lost -$37.05 [ Ah As ] [ two pairs, Aces and Queens -- Ah,As,Qc,Qd,6s ]
babbo444 balance $16.65, lost $0.50 (folded)
antouane balance $25.52, lost $12 (folded)
Leather_Butt balance $50, sits out
Madafu333 balance $39.09, lost $99.95 [ Th Td ] [ two pairs, Queens and Tens -- Qc,Qd,Th,Td,6s ]
Acornmn balance $216, bet $68.50, collected $216, net +$147.50 [ Qs Qh ] [ four of a kind, Queens -- Qs,Qh,Qc,Qd,6s ]

This one is from 'Stars last night after a fairly non-descript non-eventful evening.My Mum was watching again earlier and calling me to tell me she'd used Sharky on the villains ( and yes I do too ,especially at the blogger games!)at my table and the big mouth player was actually ( shock, horror)a big loser.Sharksccope only gives tourney stats but I reckon it can be useful ( any edge welcome) to use the info at cash tables too.

Anyways my Mum went off to bed and not long later my ducks made a quacking hand...( worse than a Suffolk punch joke!)

PokerStars Game #9589450350: Hold'em No Limit ($0.25/$0.50) - 2007/04/24 - 18:47:02 (ET)
Table 'Gorgo II' 6-max Seat #4 is the button
Seat 1: + to the EV! ($55 in chips)
Seat 2: 40licks ($68.50 in chips)
Seat 3: webcowboy ($50.20 in chips)
Seat 4: zagga ($45.75 in chips)
Seat 5: TheHoboKing ($50 in chips)
Seat 6: wdh2240 ($74.85 in chips)
TheHoboKing: posts small blind $0.25
wdh2240: posts big blind $0.50
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to zagga [2d 2h]
+ to the EV!: folds
40licks: folds
webcowboy: raises $1 to $1.50

zagga: calls $1.50>> webcowboy has been making a few preflop raises and seems a bit too loose.Here's hoping....

TheHoboKing: calls $1.25
wdh2240: folds
*** FLOP *** [2c 5c 3s]

>> Bingo! A4 immediately worried me and there are draws out there.I should probably lead out but if the preflop raiser has a higher pair then he'll be more worried about draws than me.TheHoboKing was also very tight and I ( correctly) didn't think he'd stay in unless he had hit.

TheHoboKing: checks
webcowboy: bets $3
zagga: calls $3
TheHoboKing: folds
*** TURN *** [2c 5c 3s] [7d]

Ok, I don't see webcowboy raising preflop with 46 ( A4 an outside possibility) but there are now too many draws to mess about.

webcowboy: bets $6

zagga: raises $7 to $13 ( no huge raise as I want to keep villain in pot)

webcowboy: calls $7
*** RIVER *** [2c 5c 3s 7d] [7c]
webcowboy: bets $32.70 and is all-in

>> Gotcha! ( I hope!)

zagga: calls $28.25 and is all-in
*** SHOW DOWN ***
webcowboy: shows [4s 3d] (two pair, Sevens and Threes)
zagga: shows [2d 2h] (a full house, Deuces full of Sevens)
zagga collected $90.50 from pot
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot $93.50 | Rake $3
Board [2c 5c 3s 7d 7c]
Seat 1: + to the EV! folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 2: 40licks folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 3: webcowboy showed [4s 3d] and lost with two pair, Sevens and Threes
Seat 4: zagga (button) showed [2d 2h] and won ($90.50) with a full house, Deuces full of Sevens
Seat 5: TheHoboKing (small blind) folded on the Flop
Seat 6: wdh2240 (big blind) folded before Flop

All that and a driving lesson with Mrs A which went like a dream!I'm heading over to my old folks place tonight for dinner and some pokery fun at the tables with my Mum.
Edit:We bombed out of three 18 player $1.75 turbo's before we won the last one.Mother Acorn is a happy lady!

It'll be car chat with my Dad as I'm now also considering trading in my Alfa for a Fiesta ST.The idea of paying off my existing loan and having a year free of payments sounds good but my car will probably lose about £1k ( only worth around £2k now) over the next year and I'd be crossing my fingers for a cheap MOT in Sept.

The Fiesta is just as fast as my Alfa ( 0-62mph 7.9 secs for fiesta) but will be cheaper to insure and run.I'd also be able to afford an almost new one instead of getting an Accord or Civic Type R with 40k miles and which is a few years old.

Going to the BP Youth Cup final between Rangers Under 19's and celt*c under 19's tomorrow night.7pm kick off and it's pay at the gate.They are exepecting a crowd of around 15000 which isn't bad for a youth game.( level below the reserves)
Go on the wee Gers!

Ok,thanks for wading through another long-winded post.( or skimming through and reading this bit!)

Here's a couple of funnies from the paper before I go...

Most bar staff are friendly characters, but one we overheard in a Glasgow bar was perhaps just a bit tired after a long shift. Asked by a customer to call for a taxi for him, he was approached by the customer 10 minutes later and asked where the taxi was.

"I only call them," the barman replied, "not drive them."

And do we believe the reader who claims he overheard a woman in a bar tell her female pals that she and her husband usually ended up in the doggie position in bed. While her friends stared at her she then added: "Yes, hubby sits up and begs. And I roll over and play dead."

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Well Done Juice!

Congrats to Juice who took down Britbloggerment 5 last night with a fine performance.I do laugh at the blogger game reports I read from both the UK and US games.The winner is usually either a total luckbox cardrack ( see Al Elevens two wins!)according to the crowd or a suckout king.Luckily for Juice he managed to be both.( just kidding mate)

Once again I was fairly card dead throughout ( a fine excuse!) and only played a few hands.Ak twice took down the pot and I folded to Rosies aggression after leading out with 76 on a scary 6 high board.Blinded down, and without any room for error, I was delighted to see Burnley Milk turn and go off ( milk eh!) out the door first before I had to stick all my chips in the middle.Nice walk of shame mate!

I didn't go out on a suckout, so going on the theory in my first paragraph ,it must have been to a total luckbox! Actually I'd just been moved a short-time beforehand so I can't confirm the luckboxery of the villain who took me out when I raised all in with AQ ( just under 1000 chips) and was well beaten by 88.I forget who it was but nice hand and no complaints from me.

Thanks to all who made it and to the first timers who I hope were made to feel very welcome.Chipper certainly seemed to enjoy himself and nearly took it down for our cousins across the water,finishing a fine 2nd overall.Anyone from the US/Canada fancy trying to go one better next week? Bring it! ( as Step A would say)

Al Eleven ( did I mention his early finish yet?!) and I hit a couple of $15 games after and I bombed while Al took one down.

I then had a blast watching Al at $200 nl 6max where he played a fine aggressive game and was also lucky enough ( told you he's a luckbox!) to run into a tilty donator.This fish lost a stack at Al's first table by calling an all in with A10 v KK.The fish left and Al followed my advice and hunted him down to his next table ( I was still in a $15 sng and wish I'd joined myself now!) and took him out when Al's 77 held up against the donkeys Q9 sooted.( all in preflop for over $200 from memory).Made for fine viewing and I'm looking forward to Al's commision cheque for the fine financial advice given.....

The lesson is table selection,table selection and more table selection.Follow the fish!

I wasn't having too much joy myself at $100 nl and felt like it may be another "one of those nights" until I won $50 with KK.I was all in on a Q 8 8 flop v AQ and my hand held up.

I left my $100 nl table up a bit too and was happy to go to bed with my 'Stars roll over the $300 mark again.

Al's play did inspire me though.Why am I pansying around at $50 nl ( cos it's safe and I'm happy with my 8bb/100 rate)when I have the roll to play $100 nl and enough to at least take a shot a little higher?For more inspiration see Ed's incredible run over at 88%.

I read Burnely Miks post the other day about feeling like he's treading water at 'Stars and to some extent I feel the same.I began with $15 there and yes I've won about $275 over 185 (aprox) turbo's but it's hardly setting the heather on fire.

I'm considering using $1k as a flexible take a shot type bankroll.I was thinking along the lines of making it flexible, using whichever account I fancied at the time and moving the money around into a virtual take a shot roll.That does seem complex though so I may just have a go without complicating things so much.I reckon I need to dig Doubleas Pressure Poker book out again as he had a fine plan taking shots.Watch this space....

If I'm going to play more cash then I also need to consider rakeback and bonus options.I've never pursued either as I've always considered the quality of the gameplay ( or lack of quality to be precise) to be my deciding factor.Party and Laddies seem to have the juciest cash tables at the moment and I have no bonus/rakeback with either.

Ok,that's more than enough for a Monday.Back later in the week...

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Britbloggerment 6

All I'll say is that I made steady progress ( ok,12th not 13th)in this weeks game.Roll on next week....

Bella Bella

Mrs A and I enjoyed an excellent night out last night at a local Italian place.The meat ba's and pasta were superb.

Mrs A asked me to drop her off at her work afterwards so she could gossip with her pal, which left me free to hit the tables when I got home.It's all a bit blurry, though Sharky says I managed a 3rd and 4th again at 'Stars, aswell as a donk out there and one at Full Tilt.I won a little cash at FT and lost a buy-in at Party when my KK fell to AhQh.Actually, that last one felt like a bad beat, but although I'd called the villains preflop raise and managed to get the money all in on the flop ,he did have 9 flush cards and three Aces to hit,meaning I was only just ahead.It just felt like a suckout when the river delivered a stinky wee 2h.

A laddys 6max $50 nl table with a $48 average pot and an apparent maniac on tilt were my next stop.I never managed to get a hand against the maniac and when he left the table became ultra-tight.Later I found the same player at a $300 nl 6 max table.I couldn't resist joining but after winning a couple of smallish pots I never really got going and with an average pot of $100 ,I was staying out the way unless I really had something to go to war with.

My super tilt run at Stars( 8 games without a cash) and losing a couple of buy-ins at Party mean I reckon I'm down about $170 for the week which aint good but I'm still up about $250 for the month so far and the luck factor involved in this game makes sure it's very rarely a constant upwards path every single week.

I am going to try and do less mindless net surfing next week and play more some more poker.If I'm feeling tired or out of sorts then it's time to switch off all together and go and do something more constructive.

I may try and get along to watch EK Thistle tomorrow night and on Thursday night I'm going to watch Rangers v celt*c in the Youth Cup final at hampden.( 7 pm ko,pay at the gate).

We've also just received an extremely large gas bill through the door.( over £300!)
I've not mentioned it to Mrs A yet but ( it's always a crowd pleaser) I'm toying with the idea of taking $600 from my hardly used Pokerroom account to pay for it.I'm already in the good books this weekend after buying her flowers ( the last driving lesson with me didn't go well!)and taking her for dinner.

Righty that's enough nonsense for this Sunday.Don't forget to register and play in tonights Britbloggerment game on Stars.9pm bst.Password:donkament.

Oh and for all those hairy gymnast enthusiasts out there,here's one for you.

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Britbloggerment game tomorow!

Hope to see everyone who can make it ,play in Sundays Britbloggerment game.It's only $5.50 and not to be taken too seriously ( unless I win!).Find it under the Tourney/private tab.Absolutely everyone is welcome to play.Don't be shy!

Just a quick post today as Mrs A and I are off out for an Italian meal shortly.( we're saving the comedy night until we use our Hilton vouchers)

I had a great time last night at the tables.Only managed a 4th and 2nd from three $15 turbos but it was nice to get back on track there.

I also played Kat's rebuy donkament mtt at Full Tilt with Miami Mark and the half cut s-man.Managed 5th overall after playing fairly well and sucking out once or twice too!It was a little frustrating getting my Aces busted when the eventual winner ( Ringo) rivered a 2 outer but I'd hit a fairly similar one myself to make the final table so no complaints from me.( the dogs still bruised though hehe)

Great to play with the US crew again and I thoroughly enjoyed the table chat too.

I'd managed to win a few $$ at Ladbrokes earlier when I flopped a flush against slow played Kings.The way I've been running over the last week,I half expected the higher flopped flush from the villain but I suppose there aren't always monsters under the bed.

Righty ,shower time then off out....

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Weekend is here...

Thanks to Miami Mark for the wise words in his comment on yesterdays post.

I did jump back on the horse last night ,starting with three Stars $15 turbos.I was suckered again in the first one which led to semi-tilt donkery in the next one.I was playing quite poorly in the next one too ,when my Mum said hello in the chat box.I bucked up my ideas after that and had built a decent stack until I clashed with the fishy chip leader who had played 67% of flops....

I'd raised with AK,he put me all in,I called,he showed 8d9d and rivered his flush.By this time thoughts of a few days off were at the front of my mind so....I moved to a Party $50nl 6 max table and AA and QQ holding up against some donkey won me just over a buy-in, and put a smile back on my face.The table broke leaving me on my own which is always a nice feeling.

I moved to 'Stars with renewed confidence and within 20 minutes lost a buy-in ( $50nl) to a rivered flush.I'd called a preflop raise with QQ at a loose table and bet big on the flop and turn after no scary Ace or King fell.When the villain bet out on the river after I'd shown major strength all the way through, I should have folded but I simply didn't put him on the flush draw after his preflop raise and it smelled like a lower pocket pair than mine.

I stayed at the table a while longer and calmed down enough to appreciate just how poor some of the play I witnessed was, and that sticking to a solid game plan will win the money over the long term.

I should be around to kick the variance biatches ass tonight,out with Mrs A tomorrow night and then back for the Britbloggerment 5 game at Stars on Sunday at 9pm BST.Password donkmanent.

So until next time..make up yer own ghey tagline. ( aint that right Kat!)

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Stars n Party,yer avin' a laugh!

Mrs A and I are heading to a comedy club on Saturday night but it felt like the comedians last night were the Pokerstars and Party poker virtual dealers.

Hey,have you heard the one about the player who bubbled for the 3rd time in two days after some donk hit his lucky river card yet again?

Of course if you play poker, then you've most probably been on the end of much worse scenarios, but hey I'm on a roll now so bear with me.

Actually,I'll keep it short.KK v J3.3 on flop,money in,J on turn.
22 v K2 clubs.2 on flop,one club,money in,runner clubs for flush.

Two buy-ins down at Party and I join a new table.A few hands in and I raise from utg ( 1st to act) with AK and the next to act raises to $7.I call and fold to his bet on the low ragged flop.

That was the low point and while there was no high point ,I did managed to pull a few dollars back, meaning I was grateful to go to bed only $100 down at Party.( + the $15 tourney buy-in at Stars)

On the plus side at least I didn't feel there was any donkery on my part and it helped confirm to me just how juicy the Party cash tables are just now.
I'm also pleased I managed to give myself a shake ( thanks to Miami Mark for listening to my self pitying rant at the time) and continued to play decent poker.

Half the battle with this wonderful game is with myself and not the fishy villains and their donk moves.I wasn't even tempted to ask why they played their hand in the way they did.It's entirely their choice and I respect their right to do whatever they like with their hands at the table.

It's the old poker tale of knowing the suckouts are worse at the juicy tables because the play is so poor, yet seeking out those tables because most of my overall profits come from there.

I'm trying to get back into the mindset of seeing my bankroll total as a fluid figure that is not set in stone.Afterall the whole point of bankroll management is to allow swings to be absorbed without going broke and to ultimately keep it growing over the long term.

So it was a crappy night but poker life goes on.No more bleating.Time to let it go.

On a brighter note I booked an 9 night break in Ibiza for Mrs A and me,leaving on June 8h.We stayed here with Step A in '04 and it was a decent hotel and good value for money.Roll on!

Of course we'll only be going on holiday if I make it through tonights driving lesson with Mrs A.I loved The Clouds story from a couple of posts ago re teaching mummy to park.I've not got as far as that with Mrs A yet.I'm still teaching her to steer and avoid those unwanted head on collisions at speed.....

Quiz Answer

Thanks to Juice ( good shout on the busted flush draw) and OPU for their comments..

Here's a quick recap...

The villain was 26% vpip and raising 16% of hands preflop.I was running at 20% vpip/9.6% pfr.I'd also been giving up my blinds fairly easily ( I don't go mad defending them at cash tables)and that's why I called with K10 here.The clue is that I feel I should have reraised the villains flop bet with a far larger bet or even reraised preflop.The villain was all in for his last $71 on the river and I folded.I'll give my reasoning later.What would you put the villain on and would you make the call?Here's the hand.

see below for outcome...

The villain showed 6d7d and was bluffing.
My instinct said he was bluffing but I was too wary of throwing away chips with only my King paired and a crappy 10 kicker.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Leaky Leaky

It's been a leaky couple of days at the tables with no real bankroll progress made.I played a couple more $15 turbos last night and bubbled in the first one when I pushed with 66 and two callers checked it down and one rivered his Ace.I was a bit annoyed because one was a total donk and had got lucky by rivering a straight v the big stacks AA in the previous hand.

There was added pressure as my poker playing mother said hello in the chatbox.I got right back on the horse for another and this time my flopped set of fives were beaten by another donk who stayed in the hand until the turn whereupon he hit his 2 outer to give him a set of sixes.

Leaked a further $10 at a juicy Party table where it took me five minutes to work out that the big betting Loose Aggressive player was a donkey and not the Gus Hansen type I'm sure he thought he was.He gave his stack to someone else ( who had just joined the table) and left straight afterwards.

Who said poker is fair?! Nobody with any sense!

I enjoyed Hoyazos latest post on cash game betting tricks.He mentions that a player who waits until the last possible second before firing out a raise is usually holding a strong hand and that he made the same move with a weak hand for deception.I like the idea against a thinking player, but I think the long delay move works well with a monster because the longer the wait,the more the other villain in the hand expects the delayer to fold.( I'd say 90% of the time when someone takes a long time to decide ,they usually fold) By the time the bet comes the villain has already won the hand in his head with what he has by now convinced himself is the best hand and that's why he makes the call more often than not and is why the move works in it's original form.I hope that makes sense!

Hoyazo also mentioned bluff bets of $7.95 etc made because he feels at certain site that adding the .95 makes the virtual chipstack bigger ( and therefore more intimidating I assume).It was great reading his take on it because I agree that .95 or .50 etc on the end of the betting amount is more likely to be a bluff but for a different reason.My theory is that the bluffer simply wants to make it look like he has put more thought into the price of his bet because he is trying to say he "has something".

Ok I have something.Two and a half hours until Mrs A gets home from work so time to hit the tables...

Monday, April 16, 2007

When Rottweilers Attack....

Big thanks to all who turned out for Britbloggerment 4 last night on 'Stars.Congrats to Sir Fortune for holding off Pokermunky and taking it down.Special mention to Stephenrhall too for finally putting a sock in Al Elevens rather large and boastful gob by scudding Als Aces with his Kings.

As ever, see the links on the right for proper blow by blow accounts.I'm far too lazy to take notes, despite cleverly putting myself in a great position to do so, by hitting the rail fairly early on after being thoroughly rottied by my blogger friend,Rosie.

My 77 was no good postflop after Rosies AQ connected and in the very next hand she limped with 78 in the small blind and slow played her flopped straight until the river ,giving me just enough rope to hang myself after rivering top pair.Well played Rosie and if you hadn't kept running into Sir Fortunes "pairs" ( AA and KK from memory) then I'm sure you would have made the money.

I played a couple more $15 turbo's afterwards,didn't cash and finished by winning a whopping $3 over 1/2hr at a Laddys 6 max $50 nl table.

I liked this from todays paper...reminded me of a conversation at the table last night!

A READER saw a couple of male student-types queuing at a west end supermarket with a basket-load of cleaning products. When they got to the checkout, the woman ringing up their purchases cheerily asked the inevitable question: "Cleaning the flat, then?"

One of them must have been waiting for that as he replied: "No. It's the girlfriend's birthday."

Well it gave me a chuckle!

Righty thanks for reading and remember to start working now on your milk puns for next weeks game.Apparently Burnley Milk was optimistic he'd heard the end of those jokes, but then he's a glass half full kind of guy......

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Britbloggerment 5

Motoring + Stats

I was up early today at 12pm as I've not slept well the past two Sunday nights after far longer lies.I'm not a big F1 fan as it's been fairly unexciting over the last few years.I am however enjoying watching young Brit,Lewis Hamilton,in his first F1 season and exceeding most expectations.Gaun yersel son!

On the subject of cars I'm thinking of trading in my beloved Alfa for a Honda Accord Type r.I was more interested in the Civic Type R but the S-man recommended the Accord and it may be the better option.I'm going to try and resist the lure of the Honda a little longer.A test drive may just convince me!

To the poker and after last nights late night post, I joined a Party $50 6 max nl table and lost $20 over 1/2 hr, as not much seemed to hold up,hit or work generally.I moved to a $100nl 6 max table and left $185 up at 4.30am.My vpip was 21.5%,Pfr 11%.

I don't usually post "What would you do?" type posts, as poker is a very situational game.( as I tried to show with last weeks "thin lines" post).I thought I'd put this hand out there and see what feedback I get.The villain was 26% vpip and raising 16% of hands preflop.I was running at 20% vpip/9.6% pfr.I'd also been giving up my blinds fairly easily ( I don't go mad defending them at cash tables)and that's why I called with K10 here.The clue is that I feel I should have reraised the villains flop bet with a far larger bet or even reraised preflop.The villain was all in for his last $71 on the river and I folded.I'll give my reasoning later.What would you put the villain on and would you make the call?Here's the hand.

This wee hand against the big stack didn't quite work out but was partly why I feel the big stack made the call later on in this hand .He had been running over the table and I'm sure he felt I was taking a stand against him ( 26% vpip,17% pfr) after folding a lot of my blinds to his apparent steals.

The hand above also reminded me why I love poker sometimes as much as I detest it at other times.The $15 turbo's etc are fun and Sharky says I average $2 profit both at Full Tilt ( $11 turbos) and 'Stars ( $15 ,18 plyr) but they do not get my heart beating out of my chest like cash table games, especially ones above $50nl.What a buzz, although when he called my $156 all in bet I was bricking it!

Other notable hands from the session were this one where I felt that after being blinded down from my starting stack and getting pushed off a couple of hands,that it was time to take a stand with my Ace and nut flush draw on the turn.This hand came after I'd built my stack a little and felt confident enough to play my best game and represent what I didn't have.( although I probably won with the best hand)

Righty, time for my fortnightly stats update.( includes $20 transferred from Full Tilt to Stars via Miami Mark).

Ladbrokes $1422,'Stars $423,Party $798,Full Tilt $1218,Pokerroom $772.Total $4633.( + $415 since 31/3)

Ok,thanks for reading and don't forget to register for tonights Britbloggerment game.Only 6 in so far!

Oh and before I go ,if you want to read how an Amsterdam trip report should be written up,then visit here.It brought back some happy memories of my own recent visit and is how a proper trip report should be done.

Until next time make mine an awfuckit call....

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After Midnight

Won one $15 turbo and my 1010 fell to AKs in another.Out the late night crap shoot and 3rd in an $11 turbo at Full Tilt.I'm also up bit ( don't wanna tempt fate) at the cash tables so far...

Don't forget to register for Britbloggerment 4 ,Sun 9pm BST on Pokerstars.Find it under Tournament/Private.Password:Donkament.All Welcome!

Ok,I hereby make up for the short crapness of this post with these two fine music clips..enjoy!

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Brit Bloggerment on Sunday

Thanks to Juice for this excellent banner.

Played a few turbo sng's ( 18 player) early on in the evening and bubbled twice and failed to make the money in the others.Had my Aces busted by JJ for a buy-in at Laddies before moving to Full Tilt with the S-man ( yerawbawbag) and Miami Mark ( Al Eleven) for Kats $1 rebuy donkament fun.With the start time being 2am I'm not sure I'll make it every week but a fine time was had by all ( especially with Alf trying to tilt waffles with his luckbox suckout powers) and I managed 7th and Alf Eleven 6th for a decent showing by the Brits.

Ok,The Grand National starts in 1/2hr and I'm on Billy Voddan ( thanks for tip BM),Euro trek ,mckelvey and each way on Gallant Approach and Slim pickings,the latter being a fine description of last night at the tables for me!

I'm not sure on Mrs A's plans for tonight ( I doubt they involve me playing poker)but I'll be around tomorrow for certain and ready to ensure Al Elevens luckboxery comes to a swift and ( hopefully!) brutal end!

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Fri Update

Well my mortgage co called today to see about getting their £5k back.Interesting call!I decided to be reasonable and only ask for a £75 arrangement fee.I think the girl nearly fell off her seat.She asked me to put it in writing to her complaints department which is a standard fob off.( complaints are my job!)

I've faxed them a few lines with my invoice and a warning that £75 is my fee based on a speedy resolution and will be revised rapidly upwards should I need to spend much more of my time on the issue.Watch this space.....

I played a couple of $15 turbo's last night and after getting rivered in the first one I came 2nd to some lucky trout from the Miami area in the other one.

Actually Mark wasn't lucky when we were headsup as I sold the jerseys by over commiting with a crappy flopped bottom pair, but boy was he lucky to get past the bubble at all,mainly thanks to the sheer stupidity of a total donk.

Mark was automatically all in with his shortstack on the bubble with Jack high.Two others were in the hand and it was checked down to the turn.A harmless river card fell and Mr Total Donkey bet out,forced the other player to fold and proudly showed his ten high hand.I've seen many daft moves at the table ( I've made plenty myself) but that takes the biscuit!

I played a little Laddys full ring $50 nl later dropping $5 when I gambled with JJ against a shortstack with QQ.Not much else to report and hit the sack happy to be in profit.

Righty I've finally found something green in life I actually like.( celt*c play in green)I'm not long back from the Chinese supermarket where I bought more genuine green tea.I hate fruit,don't eat much veg so it makes a change for me to actually like something that's good for me.

Gee that was interesting...

Right until next time make mine an awfuckit call....

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thin Lines

Not a reference to the hairlines of my good friends Miami Mark or the S-man, but just a post title to sum up my last couple of nights at the virtual felt.Thankfully on most occasions I seem to have been on the right side of the line.

For example I called a raise and reraise in a $15 turbo with JJ and beat the 1010 the reraiser held.If he'd shown QQ/KK/AA there then my call goes from good to bad in an instant.The only reason I called was because he'd shown down a few less than premium hands and I suspected he wasn't as strong as he wished to appear.

I've been 3rd twice,lost with the best hand three times,bubbled once and donked out of a couple more $15 turbos since my last post.Damn I hate the bubble!I'd rather be first out....!

I have resisted the Late night Crapshoot this week and focussed on finding juicy cash tables late on at night.When selecting my table I like a high average pot and usually don't like to sit at tables where most players have well over the initial buy-in.If it's $50nl 6 max then four or five players around the $40 mark is usually ideal.However, recently I've noticed that when most of the table have much larger stacks than the buy-in, then this can be down to one generous fish.

I love the fact that the Loose aggressive style seems to be in fashion at the moment.Not many people like playing a great LA type but there are so many poor LA wannabees ( almost maniacs) out there at my levels that ( cards willing) it is very profitable to sit with them.

Here a couple of examples of hands against a player who raised almost every pot to $5 preflop.I've changed the fishies name in case he googles himself and never darkens laddies door again!I hope these examples also show it's not just a case of waiting for AA/KK.It's more about waiting for the right opportunities.

** Game ID 727710939 starting - 2007-04-11 23:49:17
** Ganton [Hold 'em] (0.25|0.50 No Limit - Cash Game) Real Money

- Loose fish sitting in seat 1 with $50.00
- dj_brutal sitting in seat 2 with $117.69
- thescbird sitting in seat 3 with $50.50 [Dealer]
- iamafish sitting in seat 4 with $108.51
- Acornman sitting in seat 5 with $48.00
- dawwwas sitting in seat 6 with $186.91

iamafish posted the small blind - $0.25
Acornman posted the big blind - $0.50

** Dealing card to Acornman: 6 of Clubs, 10 of Diamonds

dawwwas called - $0.50
Loose Fish raised - $1.00
dj_brutal called - $1.00
thescbird folded
iamafish folded

>> Ok, I have a crap hand and no position but the LAG/Maniac has raised every pot so far and as I've not played a hand I'm gonna to go with the massive implied odds v the fish who has just rebought.

Acornman called - $1.00
dawwwas called - $1.00

** Dealing the flop: 7 of Hearts, 10 of Spades, 8 of Clubs

Ok,I've flopped top pair and a gutshot straight.I was tempted to bet out but I'll let the fish do the work.

Acornman checked
dawwwas checked
Loose Fish bet - $5.00
dj_brutal folded
Acornman called - $5.00
dawwwas folded

** Dealing the turn: 3 of Clubs

No help for my gutshot but I still reckon my top pair is good.Frankly putting the villain on a range here is nearly impossible.

Acornman checked
Loose Fish bet - $10.00

Beginning to worry about my kicker.Could he have AJ,J10 or even a nightmare ( for me) 96?

Acornman called - $10.00

** Dealing the river: 3 of Hearts

I don't think the 3 improved his hand and feel mine is probably still ahead but I don't want to face an all in .I'll bet the price I would be willing to call.

Acornman bet - $12.00
Loose Fish called - $12.00
Acornman shows: 6 of Clubs, 10 of Diamonds
Loose Fish mucks:
Acornman wins $55.35 from the main pot

The second hand ( below)is posted to show just how weak the fish was and maybe helps put the hand above in some perspective.I didn't bet the river because he was so loose n fishy I expected he'd call me down with anything and almost anything beat me.

** Game ID 727725068 starting - 2007-04-12 00:08:34
** Ganton [Hold 'em] (0.25|0.50 No Limit - Cash Game) Real Money

- Loose Fish sitting in seat 1 with $30.80
- dj_brutal sitting in seat 2 with $103.69
- thescbird sitting in seat 3 with $37.50 [Dealer]
- iamafish sitting in seat 4 with $184.09
- Acornman sitting in seat 5 with $73.67
- dawwwas sitting in seat 6 with $207.20

iamafish posted the small blind - $0.25
Acornman posted the big blind - $0.50
dj_brutal posted to play - $0.50

** Dealing card to Acornman: 10 of Diamonds, Jack of Hearts

>>> I'm not sure any book would recommend calling a raise with J10 from the big blind but with huge implied odds and a tight image I think it's ev +.

dawwwas folded
Loose fish raised - $1.50
dj_brutal folded
thescbird called - $1.50
iamafish folded
Acornman called - $1.50

** Dealing the flop: King of Diamonds, 2 of Hearts, 9 of Clubs

I've flopped a gutshot and possibly have two overcards to the the villains hand.Rather than let him dictate with a raise I can't call,I decide to set the price I'm willing to pay to hit the golden Queen and hope my tight image means he'll respect my bet enough to just call.

Acornman bet - $1.00
Loose Fish called - $1.00
thescbird called - $1.00

** Dealing the turn: Ace of Clubs

No queen for the straight but betting after a scarey Ace may just take it or at least build the pot if the Queen falls on the river.

Acornman bet - $1.50
Loose Fish called - $1.50
thescbird folded

** Dealing the river: 4 of Spades

>> My hand doesn't look so pretty now and although I'm tempted to fire the 3rd bullet he's just the type of player to call me down.

Acornman checked
Loose fish checked

Acornman shows: 10 of Diamonds, Jack of Hearts
Loose fish mucks:
Acornman wins $10.95 from the main pot

>>cue loud laughter and guffawing from me.What the feck did he have?!!

The fish left and I moved to another table soon after and lost $20 chasing after I accidentally raised to $1 with 83s.It was reraised and when I called the flop gave me a spade flush draw and a straight draw,neither of which came in by the river.

I won a nice pot against another loosey goosey, when I raised with JJ and called a reraise.The flop came 7s7c4c and when he led out ,I made a huge reraise and won at showdown when he called.( his hand was mucked but I'd guess at 88/99.)

Ok,that's all for today.Don't forget everyone is welcome to play in the Britbloggerment game this Sunday 'Stars at 9pm BST.It's gonna be bigger than the Grand National!

Find it under the tourney and private tab.Password is Donkament.There are only five in so far so please get registering....

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Monday, April 09, 2007

A Trouts Tale....

Here is the write up by Al Eleven ( Miami Trout,Miami Mark),the two time champion of the Britbloggerment game.To be fair to Mark he may have got lucky on occasion ( who doesn't to win a tourney?) but his game has come on a ton recently and he thoroughly deserved ( hold on till I stop choking) both his victories.Maybe now he can pay off the 3 card brag debt he still owes me from our school days!
Thanks for the write up mate.

"Before I gloat about the win I should point out that in this tourney I’m not really bothered about the money but want to give a good account of myself and not make any donk moves (hmm lets see how that strategy went then)………

First off it was an enjoyable game and there was lots of hilarious banter, nobody gets an easy ride in this tourney.

So after 58 hands, and everyone is pretty tight as expected, I decide to make a wee steal (yes I know the blinds aren’t worth it but it’s a boredom thing). I get Kd7d with the blinds at 25/50 and raise to 200 and zagga calls on the big blind. Flop comes 5h5d9d. I have another stab and bet 250, which zagga raises to 600 (hmmm pocket pair? If they were 10’s or higher I’d have expected zagga to re-raise me pre flop). There’s a flush draw out there with 2 cards to come so I call the extra 350 (I later checked the odds 40/60), Ac hits the river and we both check (now odds are 25/75), with the free card I get the Qd and make my flush, out goes zagga no doubt shouting K7 yah trout..

By hand 132 I caught pocket A’s (third time in the game) and Qixote8 re-raised me to go all in and couldn’t crack them and the $5 bounty from BurnleyMik found its way into my account (cheers BM)

A few hands later and I get 4th A’s of the game and re-raise cloud who folds, my stack is now over 4k.

Then comes the first grand suck out of the night, I go for a steal with A10, get re-raised by sookraboaby then cadmunkey who are both all in and it’s only 600 for me to call a 3.5k pot. Up against AJ and AK, I’m 80% to lose and what do you know the 10 comes on the flop.

I finally get the hammer after 180 hands (in the whole tournament I had 6 pocket rockets but one hammer what’s that all about?), blinds are 100/200 and cloud raises to 800 I put him all in and he calls with AQ spades, what a suck out somehow the hammer didn’t win!!

Not long after that move and another trying to steal I was on the short stack and back to 12/1 odds, this is when (I think) I played my best poker, really aggressive as everyone was nervous about the bubble.

After the bubble burst I had a stack of 6k, cloud chip leader with 7k and munkey on 5.6k… here comes second grand suck out of the night. Blinds are 200/400 with 25 ante and I get Jh2c, and go for a wee steal raising it up to 1600, munkey calls and I hit a 2 on the flop, now I’m hoping (without much conviction) that munkey hasn’t got a pair or hit the flop and bet 3200, monkey goes all in and it’s only 800 to call. He had 7s8s with two spades on the flop, no 7’s 8’s or spades on turn or river and I scoop the pot.

By This point I’ve had 4 vodkas and opened a bottle of wine at the break for my first glass of the evening (I thought this might sound like an excuse, but those that know me, know this is just tickling my toes – another bottle to go before any real impact)…… Cloud and I played about 20 hands HU before I decide to call a weakish raise with J3 (yeh I know), the flop gave me a J and I think I’m good so bet 3k, cloud goes over the top and all in, insta call by me because instead of the alarm bells going off I think he wanted to see a cheap flop, missed it and is trying to push me off a big pot… Cloud shows QQ and I’m going to be the short stack thanks to some very nice play by cloud and a heap of donkery from my good self. BOOM J on the river… and the howls of derision start flying – All I can say is I’m still standing in the corner of the room thinking about what I just did.. and counting my winnings at the same time!!

I believe there’s a bounty on my head next week so you’d better join up now, before the rush to get a part of that action!! "

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Al Eleven/Miami Trout Does it again!

Congrats to my mate Al Eleven ( Miami Mark) ,the Miami Trout,for taking down his 2nd Britbloggerment title with a fine display of skill,aggression and incredible luckboxery.Here's some live footage from the game itself of the actual moment The Trout hit his flush on the river v my 88 and took me out ( where's the tiny font button?) in 13th.( nice to have made the top 15 though!)

I did place a bounty on his head but I'm such a tight git I had calmed down by the time Mark won and was actually happy to keep my $5!

Despite his troutery a fine time was had by all and a big thanks to all who made it to the game,especially as it was Easter Sunday.Next weeks game is at 9pm BST,Password is donkament and hopefully some of the usual suspects ( dD,The Rottie and co ) will return!

As usual head over to Burnley Milk and The Cloud to read a couple of the best write ups, although I do wish Mr Cloud had been a lot less gracious in his.QQ v j3!! Tear him a new one ;-)

I played five 18 player $6 turbo's afterwards with the s-man ( sookraboaby),Miami Trout and the Milkman and managed a 4th,3rd and one win ,before crashing out of two $15 games,saying cheerio to the lads, and hitting the cash tables.

Thankfully the fish slapping was over and I managed to get hands to hold up and left with a tidy profit.I began at a $100 nl 6 max table with this hand against the loose aggressive ( not quite a full blown maniac but not far off)player.I think actively seeking out loose tables with large pots over the last couple of years has led me to overplay top pair/top kicker on occasion but I only really feared the villain was holding a 6 and after the third six fell on the turn I reckoned I was home and dry.

With my confidence up and with a good idea of his game plan here was my next wee battle with him.I had expected him to lead on the flop which is why I checked on the flop.

After a few more hands like that the table broke and I searched my poker sites for a juicy table.I may not chase bonuses and I probably have lost out on a fortune by being lazy that way but it does mean at 4.30am at the weekend I can pick the juicy table to play at and not bother which site it's at.

A Party $50nl table took my fancy and I was fortunate enough to run into another big fishy there ( deseptor was the name I think).Just as I arrived the fish had won a pot and had typed "you don't hate me do you?" to the loser in the hand who left the table.I think those were my parting words in the chatbox after I nearly doubled my buy-in with 99 after being all in preflop.( that's how fishy he was!)Edit:I forgot I asked Party to email me the hand.The villain had kh10h.

No,on reflection,my last words were a request that he add me to his buddy list....

Ok,that's all for now.Rangers won with a Nacho Novo goal,I had a nice run at the cash tables ,I survived another driving lesson with Mrs A and we're about to go get our sausage supper.All that and with my terrible short term memory I've even managed to forget how that wee blogger game finished last night.....

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Stars Rescued + Britbloggerment Tonight!

Happy Easter! I'd forgotten it was Easter Sunday when arranging the Britbloggerment game with Burnley Mik but hopefully we'll still get a big enough turnout to make a decent game of it.8.30 pm ,'Stars under Private,Pass:Donkament.

Just a quick post today as the Rangers game is about to kickoff shortly.Played a load more turbo sng's last night and thankfully a 1st and 2nd in amongst the suckouts and dross meaning I'm only $10 down on last Sundays total.Miami Mark and I made the last one of the night a $25 game and I was running well at the final table until my Kings were beaten by AQ.Grrrr.

I did win just over a buy-in at a Party cash table with a set of sixes and a few steals although I'm about $90 down at Ladbrokes after a few crazy cash table swings.

I've added another fine blog to my roll so pop over and have a read.Ok,this post was really just an excuse to pimp the tourney tonight on 'Stars and Short Stack Shamus's blog!

I'm off work tomorrow and the Mrs and I are hoping the sun will stay out for a trip to Largs to sample some fine fish n chips.She was out last night and did ask if I was playing poker again tonight.Errrrr yes! Luckily there's still plenty of goodwill there after buying her Chloe the fiesta last week but unlike the car ( hopefully!) I'd better not push it too far.

Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend and I'll hopefully see you at tonights Britbloggerment game....

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Poker Hero Complex

The post title just about covers my night at the tables on Friday.I must be on mega fish super tilt now according to Sharkscope after playing a ton of $15 ( 18 player) turbo's and failing to place in any of them through a combination of riverstars specials and some weak play of my own.After saying cheerio to Miami Mark and the S-man I headed to a loose Laddys full ring table and lost a buy-in when some lucky donk called my all in on the flop with his flush draw against my set and hit on the river.I'd take that situation all day long but after my beating at the turbo sng's it just felt like another kick in the junk.

By this time I only had around $150 left at 'Stars ( from $317 last Sunday) and this is where my poker hero complex kicked in.This is where I don't go on tilt, but move up to a much higher limit and really focus hard on the table and my game and cards willing I make back some/all ( some in this case) of my losses.Somtimes it's as if I need to be kicked in the junk and down in the poker gutter, before my best game comes to the fore.That may seem to contradict my last post about winning bringing confidence, and losing getting me down, but it's almost like my mental state goes beyond simply being downcast and upset and changes into a steely determination to play my very best game and hope the poker gods are on my side.

I opened a $2-$4 nl 6 max table ,bought in for $150 and paid more attention to the table than I have done in a long time.Perhaps my $4k bankroll means I've been a little complacent at my usual levels recently.

Anyway I built my $150 to $180 with a fine river bluff representing a flush before I picked up AK in early position.I called a $12 raise and I checked to the raiser on an A 6 Q rainbow flop and was surprised the other two players also checked.The turn brought the 9s and this time I led out for $20 and after the original raiser folded the pot was raised to $60 by the remaining villain.The 9s put the flush draw out there and I was tempted to raise but scared of trips and going broke with my single pair so when the 8c fell on the river I led out with a blocking bet of $36,hoping the villain wouldn't raise if he had me beaten.He called with A6 and his flopped two pairs took the $225 pot leaving me with about $70 left in my roll.

I contemplated going to bed ( it was 4am by now) for a nano-second before settling back down and winning a $118 pot with A10 v AJ on a 10 high board against the loose big stack.I tangled with him again a few hands later when I called his $12 raise from the button with 1010.He led out for $16 on a Q Q 3 rainbow flop ,I flat called and he folded when I bet $32 on the turn after he'd shown weakness and checked to me.

That table broke up and I moved to another $2-$4 table and began by raising to $16 with A8 on the button and getting one caller.The flop came 8c 6c 5s and I led out for $28 when checked to me.When the turn brought the 5h I moved all in for $94 when checked to me due to the weakness I felt the villian had showed.He folded and I was happy to take the pot.

A short time later I called a $13 raise with 55 and reraised the villains flop bet of $15 to $36 on a 10 7 3 board to take another pot.I was enjoying myself now although one hand about 5 minutes later made me stop and think.Does anyone know how Pokerstars random shuffler works?Are the hands preset like Ladbrokes after the hole cards are dealt or does it continously virtually shuffle?

Regardless ,I was dealt 33 in the smal blind and went against all my usual instincts and folded to a $14 raise.This was $2-$4 and if I want to ever play these levels regularly then calling with small pocket pairs out of position is not supposed to be good for the roll.Assuming the hands at 'Stars are predetermined ( I mean if I had called then the flop would have been the same as if I'd folded) then I would have flopped my set and to rub it in another villain would have made his set of twos on the turn.From now on to hell with what the books say,I'm going to continue to play any pocket pair from any position to any raise in the hope of hitting my set and breaking my opponent!

I'm still down about $150 for the week since last Sunday ,mainly due to my dreadful recent run at 'Stars turbo's.I never usually panic though because one win there ( $108 for first) and a couple of placings will hopefully see me turn that around.I've just got to pay my best game,get a few breaks and hopefully I can get the Stars turbo disaster monkey off my back.Tomorrow's Britbloggerment game would be a good place to start...( 8.30 pm bst 'Stars under private tourneys,password:donkament).

Enjoy the holiday weekend and pop by Bluescouses 88% blog and welcome him back.Thanks for stopping by....

Friday, April 06, 2007

Friday musings...

I’ve had a fairly poor poker week so far apart from placing a couple of times in Laddys Crap shoot.I managed to run QQ into AA preflop at $50 NL full ring table which cost me a buy-in.Once again I hadn’t been at the table too long and didn’t have any real read on my opponents play before committing my chips which was silly.I doubt I’d do the same at $100 nl but in my defence my table was quite fishy and at least I was the aggressor and not the caller.

A few failed $15 turbo’s at ‘Stars also combined to take a minor chunk out of my bankroll with donk play by me causing one of my losses and losing two races where I was ahead preflop costing me the others.I did at least manage a 2nd place in a Full Tilt $11 turbo last night and I think I would have managed the win if Mrs A hadn’t arrived home just as we got heads up.

I moved to a Laddys cash table and basically began to tread water for ¾ hour.In fact when I left I asked myself why the hell I hadn’t moved to another table as the whole table seemed to be fairly solid.There are so many fish online there just isn’t a need to sit and waste time at tables where nobody stands out as a complete donk.Mind you they say if you can't spot the donk....

I think one of my major leaks as a player is that I’’m very much a confidence player.A few suckouts or donk plays by myself and I sink into a more passive mode where I become scared to take the opportunities that come my way and I slow play too often.On the other hand if I make a good start to the night then the confidence flows and so does the cash.

I may begin my poker nights by warming up at a lower buy-in than my usual game from now on.I'm also vowing to stop being such a lazy bassa and go for some bonuses for a change.I like the variety of playing on different sites and maybe deep down ( for some daft reason) I want to know that my profits are due to poker skill but it's bonkers to ignore the bonuses out there completely.

Ok,Don't forget to register for the Britbloggerment 3 tourney at 'Stars on Sunday at 8.30 pm BST.( 3.30 pm est).

Roll on...

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Watch and Learn

Why bother paying for top quality instructional poker videos, when you can learn to play like a pro for nothing?!!

Enjoy ;-)


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Viva Las Vegas....

I think I need a lawyer! I took an extra £5k in equity out of the value of my flat when remortgaging recently and the Mortgage company have made a mistake and paid it in twice.Now £5k is almost exactly $10k which just happens to be the entry fee for the WSOP which must mean my mortgage company reckon I’m ready to challenge for the title and this is their way of encouraging me to go for it.

Actually I’m fairly sure the onus is on me to tell them and I’ll probably get done for fraud ( even though it is entirely their error) if I don’t inform them.They did however charge me a £400 arrangement fee to do the remortgage and I need to know if I’m legally allowed to charge them £400 in order that I “arrange” to give them back the overpayment.My bank and mortgage co are separate so they can’t just come back into my bank account and take it.Any suggestions ( and I don’t mean a $10k prize pool for this weeks bloggerment tourney ) welcome.

I was paying so little attention I didn’t do very much in the $50k freeroll last night and my lax attitude carried on into the Late night Laddys $10 crapshoot.I played at a very fishy Pokerroom $50 nl full ring game for about ½ hr much later and left $8 down after chasing a few sets with pocket pairs preflop.

I should probably have taken the s-mans ( sookraboaby) advice and just taken a wee break last night and not played at all.I’ll see how I feel tonight before just logging on and playing just because it’s there.

I also took Mrs A out for a wee driving lesson in her new car last night and she did really well.She wanted an automatic but I insisted she pass in a car with gears that way she can drive either when she passes her test.She is now the proud owner of Chloe the fiesta.

Ok,dinner calls.Until next time make mine an awfuckit call....

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Monday, April 02, 2007

Britbloggerment 3

Burnley Mik and I are delighted to announce another fine joint production! Thanks again to all who played last night and Congrats to Tan Orpheus on winning it with the hammer and to The Cloud for making such a great match of it ,especially heads up.

Sadly I was the bubble boy on this occasion after I reraised my only confirmed non-blogger reader ( dD:Resdentevil) all in with AK and he called with J10 and sent me packing.I'd already knocked Juice out when my AK sucked out on his KK and The Cloud and I both got a bit lucky with AJ in the same hand v 1010 when we hit our Ace ,so I'm not going to grumble.It was a fine game and a joy to play in.Great to see Sir Al ,Mookie and Kat ( ok Kat didn't quite make it but she was there!) at the table too.Hopefully we can more of our cousins across the pond playing next week.

Check out the links on the right for some far better writeups of last nights game and feel free to steal the above banner ( or Mr Clouds top drawer one at his blog) and get pimping!

Just picked up Mrs A's new ( ish!) fiesta and in the middle of the $50k freeroll I qualified for on Sat night so no time for more of a tourney recap other than to say I bubbled in the blogger game and just beat the bubble ( 29th ) in the Laddys Late night crapshoot for a small profit.Level 5 and I have just above my starting stack and no idea how my table is playing!
Back to work....

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