Friday, September 07, 2012

Staked by Daniel Negreanu!

Well at least I'm hoping Daniel follows up on his email about the Pokerstars WCOOP with a staking offer as his email today advised that " Based on your recent tournament history, we've composed the following personalized WCOOP schedule for you ".Notice they said "we've".Wow,Daniel's sat down with his good friends at Pokerstars and come up with a schedule just for me! The "personalized" ( I'll forgive Daniel for using the US spelling when sending the email to his close personal British friend Zagga) part was in bold, but it was the recommended schedule that made me smile.Daniel must have had a few shandies at Pokerstars HQ that day. Of the 14 suggested WCOOP tourneys the lowest buy-in is $109 and the list also includes one at $530,a $1050 and the high roller $10300 entry game! Considering the highest buy-in Mtt's I play are $55 games and even then I'm taking shots on a less than $1.5k bankroll I'm just waiting on Dans staking transfer of around $13k in order that I can register for those big money tourneys.I wont hold my breath tough...

I may in fact be in jail by the time Daniel gets round to sending me that staking email offer as I had a crazy run in with the police last night.On Wednesday evening I was driving slowly up my street and had indicated to park in my usual space near my flat when a big dog shot out in front of my car.I braked hard and just clipped the dog who ran back to his owners without any injury.( or damage to my car!) The owners ( skanky looking couple) shouted something about driving too fast up the street and a neighbour who had been in the car behind me shouted back something in my defence as ( thankfully for the dog) I had slowed right up to park and had managed to apply my brakes the moment I saw the dog run out onto the road.I shouted back after the woman dog owner asking if the dog was ok ( it had vanished out of sight by then) and she ignored me so although I was a bit shaken I headed into my place and didn't think any more of the incident.

Last night after visiting my folks and playing with my wee nephew I arrived home tired and hungry and there was a police van parked on my street.What have the neighbours been up to now I thought before the officer rolled down the window and said it was me he was looking to speak to about the "accident" on Wednesday evening.It wasn't the dog owners who reported it and apparently they admitted shouting at me and said it was out of character ( which is fair enough as they probably got a shock when their dog ran out like that) but I've been charged with failing to report an accident within 24 hours which is an offence when it involves a dog.The policeman seemed quite apologetic and said it was a waste of his time and there's a 99% chance the fiscal wont proceed with any case against me but it's still hanging over me until I get that confirmation.

Still,at least my two week break from work starts now! As well as catching up with Step A,friends ,taking my nephew and sis out I also plan to play a ton of poker and watch more of my boxsets.I'm halfway through season two of the brilliant "Breaking Bad" ( season 3 has just arrived),I've watched the pilot of "Dexter" and bought season 2 today.I also have the first season of "Sons of Anarchy" and "Entourage" to watch.I only watched the first episode of "Prison Break" when my sister lent me it a couple of years back but in light of recent events perhaps I should start with that series and study it very closely.....

Back soon ( if a friendly screw lets me post from the prison library!).....

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Friends will be Friends...

Friday was great.I took Step A out for Mcd's and probably sounded like a right old git as I warned her about boys with hormones and pushed her to keep working hard at school.I was a bit unsure on the alcohol front( she came home drunk a month or so back) as I certainly don't want to encourage her, but at 15 I was drinking too and nobody had ever told her the basics such as not drinking on an empty stomach,having a glass milk before going out and trying to drink lots of water before bed when she comes home.

Anyway the place was busy and I asked her to get us a free table as I queued to save time."But then I'll have to shout to let you know where I am", Step A said.As I could sense her unease at drawing attention to herself I assured her I when I heard her call out, I'd jump on the fast food counter,swing my arms round in a windmill pointy fashion and yell,"There's Step A" at the top of my voice.That got a smile.

After dropping her off I was home in time for the visit of Al Eleven ( the San Jose Salmon aka Miami Trout) and Mrs E.We had a fine old night on da herb, although since Al is smoking less these days he had to accept the downgrade from his previous "Iron Lungs" nickname to the more realistic "Pink lungs poofter" moniker.( though to be fair I added the poofter bit just now!)

Al,Mrs Eleven and the S-man are coming over tonight ( assuming I'm not snowed in by then) and once again I'm looking forward to chewing the fat with a few of my closest friends.Apologies to the Big Chap and Dudley as we're not going to get a poker home game this time round unfortunately.

If it doesn't piss Mrs E off too much we might get some Call of Duty played tonight too.I'm really starting to get hooked on the online game and my kill/death ratio is improving slightly too.The s-man takes the run+ gun LAG ( loose aggressive) approach and I stick to my TAG ( Tight Aggressive) style of mooching around trying to sneak up and knife people.

I also finally got round to watching the first episode of Prison Break ( liked it too) and that hasn't left room for much poker recently.

After the Bloggerment last night ( congrats to Mair on winning it) I watched Barney win his first round match at the World Darts Championship and then hit up the $22's where I couldn't get a hand to hold or hit for about 10 games before I finally took one down and cashed in a couple of others for a break even session.

Oh and I listened to the Radio 1 charts for the first time since I used to tape my favourite singles from it when Bruno Brookes presented it back in the day.I have to own up to cheering loudly when it was finally announced that the X-Factor winner had been beaten to the Xmas number 1 spot by Rage against the Machine with their "Killing in the Name" song.GIRUY Cowell and co! I don't use Facespace,Mybook or have any other web presence other than this blog, but I take my hat off to those who organised the campaign and I'm look forward to next years X-Factor smasher already.( "Holidays in the Sun" perhaps?)

Righty,enough wittering for now.If I don't post before the 25th then have a Merry Xmas reader! Enjoy the vid...

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